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Course Code   :  CISC215
Course Title   :  Database Design and Application Development
Ref style  :  APA

Part 1 – Understanding the dataIn this assignment, you are given a set of data encoded in some file format. The objectives are:1) Understand the data using the file descriptions and the knowledge graph in this document. 2) Design the schemas for data storing and manipulation in two database management systems (DBMS): Oracle SQL and MongoDB (NoSQL).3) Insert the data into the DBMSs.4) Write queries to answer specific questions.5) Observe t...

Course Code   :  COMP1230
Course Title   :  advanced web programming
Ref style  :  Footnotes and bibliography

ObjectiveObjective:The objective of this assignment is to create a simple PHP application to perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations using a flat-file (no database). This will enable students to practice using arrays, iterations, conditional statements, and user-defined functions. Students will also have the opportunity to use Bootstrap in their application to present their content/pages responsively.Operations:Implement a user-fr...

Course Code   :  SOFT40091
Course Title   :  system analysis
Ref style  :  Not Selected

Late Work Policy1) Work handed in up to five working days late will be given a maximum Grade of Low Third whilst work that arrives more than five working days will be given a mark of zero.  Work will only be accepted beyond the five working day deadline if satisfactory evidence, for example, an NEC is provided. Any issues requiring NEC 2) The University vie...

Course Code   :  SOFT40091
Course Title   :  System Analysis and Design
Ref style  :  Harvard

Tasks Read the scenario in Section II, which is a description of the current system, excerpts from the business plan. Your aim as a system analyst is to propose your analysing of a new to-be information system, based on (but not necessarily limited to) the described manual or semi-automated processes. You are encouraged to suggest improvements (including justifications). Using the provided template, deliver a report based on the following deli...

Course Code   :  COSC6336
Course Title   :  database systems development
Ref style  :  MLA

Identifying Main Entities TypesAssignment Domain Description Read the following case study, which describes the data requirements for a video rental company. The video rental company has several branches throughout the USA. The data held on each branch is branch address made up of street, city, state, and zip code, and the telephone number. Each branch is given a branch number, which is unique throughout the company. Each branch is allocated s...

Course Code   :  AD699
Course Title   :  data mining for business analytics
Ref style  :  Open

Illustrating Information from Tables using Plots Who are the users? To answer this question, you will need to compile a user profile table (Table 1) with information about users including Overall practice volume and performance ( of questions answered, % of questions answered correctly) Learning activity (e.g. # lectures watched, # explanation read) Add three additional metrics you would like to compute to describe users Create a ...

Course Code   :  IST 603
Course Title   :  systems analysis methods
Ref style  :  APA

Current Parking System at Cleveland State UniversityThe Parking Department of Cleveland State University has contacted you to develop an electronic parking monitoring system. Currently, the system is pen and paper based.  When a motorist arrives at a parking garage, the attendant (yes, each garage is manned by an attendant) takes the driver’s money and gives him/her a parking receipt. The exit from the garage does...

Course Code   :  CIDM 6350
Course Title   :  data and information management
Ref style  :  Open

Skills neededSkills needed: given a system description, you'll need to Know how to create conceptual data model by:1- Identifying the main entities of the system and their attributes2- Identifying the relationships between the system entities 3- Identifying the cardinality and ordinality of relationships4- Creating ER diagrams for the system to show how the Entities interact 5- Creating ERDs using Chen and Crowâ&#...

Course Code   :  CIS0106
Ref style  :  APA

Question 1 (Concepts) Explain the entity integrity ruleand the referential integrity rule within the relational model. Provide and explain brief example(s) of your choice that show a violation of both rules. Briefly explain what redundant datameans in the context of databases. Explain one problem redundant data causes (please provide an example). Discuss what we can do erase redundancy and solve this problem? Question 2 (ER Model) Cons...

Course Code   :  IT526
Course Title   :  database concepts
Ref style  :  APA

Sales Order DatabaseUse the Sales Order Database Provide a result set of the customers’ first and last name and their phone number for all customers who have ordered clothing. Make sure duplicate values are not included in the result set. Provide a result set of the product’s name and quantity on hand for all products that have not been ordered. Provide a result set of the employees’ first and las name for all employees that ha...

Course Code   :  COM4003
Course Title   :  database design
Ref style  :  Harvard

Task 1 – Logical Data Model (ERD)Task 1 – Logical Data Model (ERD) Develop a logical data model for the music data in the form of an entity-relationship diagram (ERD). This should detail the cardinality of relationships, attributes of each entity, be normalised to 3NF and keys for each entity should be defined with the type of key appropriately identified. Document this in your report. Task 2 – Physical Data Model (ERD) D...

Course Code   :  INFO620
Course Title   :  enterprise database systems
Ref style  :  Open

Create an EER Diagram for the Company DatabaseYou are to chose a database of your choice (the labs use MySQL, but you can use MS Access or other database) and complete the following: 1. Complete an EER diagram of the company database described in chapter 4. You may use Visio, PowerPoint, MySQL Workbench, or 2. Create the database based on your design. Write the Create table statements (even if you create the tables in MS Access, y...

Ref style  :  IEEE

Engagement with Literature SkillsResearch how data centre relates to the wider field of cloud computing and critically evaluate current advancements in this field including sustainability. NOTE: The guidance offered below is linked to the five generic assessment criteria overleaf. Engagement with Literature Skills Your work must be informed and supported by scholarly material that is relevant to and focused on the task(s) set; you s...

Ref style  :  Harvard

Question: 1.Exhibit a balanced and systematic understanding and knowledge of data modelling and management theory and data governance practice (including querying languages). 2.Apply knowledge of data modelling and management concepts to design, develop and critically evaluate an information system within a chosen field of interest. What am I required to do in this assignment? You are required to design (use-case diagram and Entity Relation...

Ref style  :  Harvard

Exhibit a balanced and systematic understanding and knowledge of data modelling and management theory and data governance practice (including querying languages). Apply knowledge of data modelling and management concepts to design, develop and critically evaluate an information system within a chosen field of interest What am I required to do in this assignment? You are required to design (use-case diagram and Entity Relationship Model (E...

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