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  • Course Code: ASMAJ2575
  • Course Title: global health
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Global Burden of Disease Study Compare ToolThe purpose of this assignment is to become familiar with the online Global Burden of Disease Study Compare Tool. Through this exercise, students will become familiar and be able to describe differences in causes of mortality by 2 important determinants of health: by age in Canada, and by sociodemographic status between a country with a low sociodemographic index (SDI) and a country with a high SDI (C...

  • Course Code: AC0782
  • Course Title: public health fundamentals
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

Assessment Structure -Prepare a 4000 word essay demonstrating your understanding and critical evaluation of a key public health topic of your choice and its relationship to policy and practice.  Start by thinking about the question (or questions) you are trying to answer. Your entire essay will be a response to this question.  Your introduction should set the scene and start to answer the question posed in your assignmen...

  • Course Code: TO5203
  • Course Title: Hospitality and Gastronomy
  • Referencing Styles : APA

InstructionsAligned subject learning outcomes critically evaluate multidisciplinary perspectives of hospitality and gastronomy synthesise subject concepts in the provision, consumption and management of hospitality and gastronomy experiences compare and contrast hospitality and gastronomy practices across different cultures to design sustainable and effective experiences. The aim of this two-fold assessment is to provide students with an op...

  • Course Code: B90075
  • Course Title: applied health studies
  • Referencing Styles : Vancouver

Question: Pediatric Population Published papers assessed with data on asymptomatic among the general population The Proportion Of Asymptomatic Covid-19 Patients Systematic Review  Aim: -Synthesize the available published literature on the proportion of the pediatric population who have remained asymptomatic despite the positive test on severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection in the form of a systemati...

  • Course Code: NURS6053
  • Course Title: Interprofessional Organizational and Systems Leadership
  • Referencing Styles : APA

How to Enjoy Close Relationships with Others?"Our personality is strongly correlated with our professional life and achievement. Thus, it is important to know our strengths, core values and weaknesses. Rath (2007) stated that we cannot be anything we want to be, but we can be lot more of what we already are. The following are my results of the assessment of the Clifton StrengthsFinder: Relator, Focus, Learner, Achiever and Futuristic. From the d...

  • Course Code: HLTH7001
  • Course Title: professional practice and legislation
  • Referencing Styles : Not Selected

This assessment relates to the following learning outcomes:1. Articulate the essence of Public Health Legislation and services and explain the importance of ethical practice in healthcare.2. Differentiate the roles and responsibilities of Public Health care.3. Compare and Contrast the scope of practice of Public Health care. 1.IntroductionIt will include:a)An overview of the reportb)A brief overview of what each sub-section of the report wi...

  • Course Code: IMED661
  • Course Title: endocrinology
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Question 11) The transcription factor Pit-1 underlies how growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) regulates the function of somatotrophs. How?    2) If you were to engineer a vertebrate that exhibited slowed, or attenuated, post-natal somatic growth, how would you go about it? More specifically, please describe three specific molecular components of the somatotropic axis that you would target and why you chose them. ...

  • Course Code: CSL6837
  • Course Title: strategies for behavioral intervention
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Social Assessment of the ProblemThis section focuses on the describing the target population in depth and contextualizing the health problem through providing: 1. A description of the target population’s demographics (population size, geographic boundaries, age and gender distribution, racial/ethnic makeup, etc.), and population characteristics that are particularly relevant to the health problem (i.e., income, poverty rate, occupation, u...

  • Course Code: AHM250
  • Course Title: healthcare management
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Plan for Better Health departmentYou are to prepare, using the role of a Director that you have been using throughout our course, ( Finance Director). This should be a professional presentation about your plan. 1. Prepare a professional presentation about your overall plan for your department at Better Health. ( Attached ) Prepare as if you were going to pitch the plan to Charles and the board. In addition to speaker notes and pacing, mak...

  • Course Code: 5HW003
  • Course Title: understanding public health approach
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

Task: Learning outcomes1: To understand key areas of public health practice 2: Apply research and evaluation skills to a public health problem 3: Develop knowledge of determinants of public health (psycho, social, economic) 4: Demonstrate knowledge of public health policy and strategy Assessment -2,500 words plus your 500 word plan from the formative assessment Part 1. Choose one public health issue from either Obesity, Smoking, HIV/Aids ...

  • Course Code: HS450M2
  • Course Title: team building and strategic planning in health care
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Part 1: Building Effective Teams for Selecting an EHR SystemDemonstrate how effective team building optimizes the implementation of strategic planning. You are the administrator of a clinic with 50 employees. You have been tasked with facilitating discussion with other health professionals in your clinic to select a new EHR system, Make judgments in support of established criteria and/or standards, and help the team decide which will be implem...

  • Course Code: HSC-102-601
  • Course Title: bioethics & law
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Florence Nightingale's Contributions to HealthcareSummary: Using at least 4 credible sources, submit an analysis of a person or group who has had a major impact on healthcare law. The paper should include background information about the person or group, what they did, how they did it, and what they are currently doing (if applicable). The length of the paper should be 4-6 pages. You must cite sources for all quotes and data within the body of t...

  • Course Code: MOS639
  • Course Title: occupational safety and health
  • Referencing Styles : APA

On the morning of December 3, 1984, over 40 tons of methyl isocyanate (MIC) and other lethal gases, including hydrogen cyanide, leaked into the northern end of Bhopal, killing more than 3,000 people in its aftermath. After the accident, it was discovered that the protective equipment that could have halted the impending disaster was not in full working order. The refrigeration system that should have cooled the storage tank was shut down, the ...

  • Course Code: NURS6541
  • Course Title: primary care of adolescents and children
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Photo Credit: PexelsFocused Notes are a way to reflect on your practicum experiences and connect the experiences to the learning you gain from your weekly Learning Resources. Focused Notes, such as the ones required in this practicum course, are often used in clinical settings to document patient care. For this Assignment, you will work with an adolescent patient that you examined during the last 3 weeks and complete a Focused Note Templa...

  • Course Code: HUG1144
  • Course Title: social policy for health and wellbeing
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

Undertaking a Virtual Research Tour of the Local Health and Social Services1. Briefly highlight what the report is about, the reason for the report, the locality you are discussing and the local public health concern you have chosen to identify specific healthcare services and review the role of the nurse in promoting health in this area.   2. Undertake a virtual research tour of your local health, social services, and health ser...

  • Course Code: HLTH6001
  • Course Title: primary health care
  • Referencing Styles : APA

To explore the effects of socio-political and cultural determinants of health and apply relevant knowledge to enhance the of health of individuals, whanau/family, organisations and communities. To examine the concepts of health promotion, health prevention, injury and primary health in relation to the needs of individuals, whanau/family, organisations and communities. To examine the governance structure, policy, legislation and f...

  • Course Code: HLTH7002
  • Course Title: research in healthcare practices
  • Referencing Styles : APA

To introduce students to the principles of research. To develop students’ knowledge and skills of purposeful reading, critique and use of research for professional healthcare in practice. Analyse concepts of health caregivers’ role including: Legislation, Te Tiriti o Waitangi/The Treaty of Waitangi and health ethics. Research, articulate and apply knowledge and skills relevant to ethical and effective health promotion ...

  • Course Code: NURS8310
  • Course Title: epidemiology and population health
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Reflect on your nursing practice for a moment. If you could wipe out one illness, what would it be? How would that impact not just an individual patient, but your entire patient population? What would be the long-term benefits of eliminating that one illness? The eradication of smallpox by 1979 provides an excellent example of this scenario. This eradication came about as a result of global collaborative efforts involving many countries and o...

  • Course Code: 218106
  • Course Title: construction health, safety and wellbeing
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Question: The assessment has two parts (5000 words excluding references, table of contents, list of figures, list of tables, flow charts, maps, etc). The report must have dynamic maps and tablesappropriately listed and cited. APA 7thstyle for references. No. of references should be 60 plus.    Part 1 Health and safety (Globally) 2500 words – Assignment writing steps  Introduction:Detailed Introductio...

  • Course Code: HWB402
  • Course Title: working within the health and well being sector
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Part A Understanding Health and WellbeingThe learning outcomes assessed in this assignment are: Describe their understanding of factors that contribute to health and wellbeing. Describe an understanding of specific conditions and the impact those conditions have on people they support in a health and wellbeing setting. Apply a person-centered approach for a range of specific conditions within their workplace setting. InstructionsÂ...

  • Course Code: NURS6050N
  • Course Title: legal and professional issues in nursing
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Assignment InstructionsAssignment: Agenda Comparison Grid and Fact Sheet It may seem to you that healthcare has been a national topic of debate among political leaders for as long as you can remember. Healthcare has been a policy item and a topic of debate not only in recent times but as far back as the administration of the second U.S. president, John Adams. In 1798, Adams signed legislation requiring that 20 cents per month of a sailorâ...

  • Course Code: PHPH7011
  • Course Title: foundational competencies
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Questions: INSTRUCTIONS - Use this word document to fill in the blank for both the tables using respective Direct and Indirect methods.  DIRECT METHOD Use the direct method of age adjustment to calculate the mortality rates in Alaska and Florida for malignant neoplasms. The table below provides the age-specific death rates from malignant neoplasms.   Age-Specific Death Rate from Malignant Neoplasm per 100,000, 1987 ...

  • Course Code: HLTH7002
  • Course Title: research in healthcare practices
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Task: Purpose:• To introduce students to the principles of research.• To develop students’ knowledge and skills of purposeful reading, critique and use of research for professional healthcare in practice.Graduate Profile Outcomes (GPO’s) 1. Research, articulate and apply knowledge and skills relevant to ethical and effective health promotion practices within their work context.2. Use analytical and inquiry processes to fu...

  • Course Code: HLTH320
  • Course Title: Molecular Virology
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Failures of Hospital Management PracticesAs the new chief executive officer (CEO) of St. Michael's Medical Center, you are well-versed in risk mitigation. You are also aware of the critical role that interdisciplinary teamwork plays. Teamwork is important in finding solutions to ethical and legal issues in the hospital. You note that one of the biggest problems at St. Michael's Medical Center has been the lack of teamwork and training. For this...

  • Course Code: NRSG817
  • Course Title: health policy and advancing nursing practice
  • Referencing Styles : APA

AbstractIn this article the author attempts to identify the processes associated with the development of identity as a scholar–practitioner and provide insight into how positionality in effecting change in our world is perceived. The author begins by presenting an overview of scholar–practitioner ideology, as well as an examination of the deconstruction and construction processes of self-identity within thes...

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