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  • Referencing Styles : APA

Create summary sheets or cheat sheets for the four key functionsThis is an opportunity for you to improve your grades and also to take summaries of concepts with you into your next math courses. The more effort that you put into it, the more potential it has to help you in the future.Students will create “reference sheets” for the four key functions studied in Advanced Functions, by completing 4 graphic organizers, one for each funct...

Question: A scan of handwritten notes is completely acceptable. Make sure your PDF is easily readable and does not require magnification. Text which is not in focus or is not legible for any other reason will be ignored. If your scan is larger than 20Mb, please see if it can easily be reduced in size (e.g. scan in black & white, use a lower dpi — but not so low that readability is compromised). Staff are not permitted to answer asse...

  • Course Code: MATH-127
  • Course Title: introduction of calculus
  • Referencing Styles : Not Selected

Parallelogram Analytic GeometryUpload your written solutions to Blackboard by the due date. 1) A parallelogram has (ordered) vertices at the points A, B, C, and D.A = (2, −1, −5) B = (1, 0, −1) C = (1, 2, 3) (a) What are the coordinates of D? (b) What is the interior angle at B? (c) What is the area of the parallelogram? (d) Find an equation of the plane containing the parallelogram. 2) Suppose that the point P = (1, &m...

  • Course Code: Stat 200
  • Course Title: introduction to statistics
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Car Preferences and Probability1. A project conducted by the Australian Federal Office of Road Safety asked people many questions about their cars. One question was the reason that a person chooses a given car, and that data is in Table 1 ("Car preferences," 2013). Find the probability a person chooses a car for each of the given reasons. Safety Reliability Cost Performance Comfort Looks 84 62 26 34 57 37 Table 1 2. Eyeglassomatic manufac...

  • Course Code: MCV4U
  • Course Title: grade 12 calculus and vectors
  • Referencing Styles : MLA

Problem Set:1. Find the derivative for each of the following functions. a. f = x9 d. f (X) = X-2" e. f (x) = Vx-f. f (x) = /x3 g. f (x) = -rj h. f (x) = 1 vx 2. Choose any one(1) of the functions above and find the derivative of that functions using the method of "first principles". Please pick any function that you likeRubric Click to view the rubric for this activity. Click to view the long  description of the rubric for this activity.

  • Course Code: MATH 225
  • Course Title: Differential Equation
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Pollutant Sources with Similar Results to Your ChoiceHow did you quantify or rank the possible pollutant sites? • Are there any pollutant sources that yield similar results to your choice? • How did you address the uncertainties inherent in the problem? • How large, small, signifificant, important, negligible, etc. is the difffference between possible site sources? • What future-looking analysis or monitoring options ...

  • Course Code: MKTG2002 |#| sustainable management and marketing
  • Course Title: sustainable management and marketing
  • Referencing Styles : APA

InstructionsInstructions 1.Please show your work in order to earn part marks. 2.Answers must have correct units. 3.Accuracy should be to the nearest dollar, percentages to the nearest 0.1%, and decimal equivalents to the nearest 0.0001. 4.The assignment should be submitted in document format. 5.Each of your final answers should be in statement form with correct notation. Project Case: Focus Drilling Focus Drilling Supplies has been growing stead...

  • Course Code: BuSI 2013
  • Course Title: Business Decision Analysis
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Question 1: SELF Test Linear Program Graphical SolutionFor the linear program SELF test Max 2A + 3B s.t.1A+2B 6 5A + 3B  15 A, B  0 Find the optimal solution using the graphical solution procedure. What is the value of the objective function at the optimal solution?    Question 13:Consider the following linear program: Max 1A + 2B s.t. 1A  5 1B   5 2A + 2B =12 A, B  ≤ 0a. Show the fe...

  • Course Code: MTH309
  • Course Title: discrete mathematics
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Problem 1Problem 1 Let G be the graph of vertices 1, 2, 3, 4 and edges 12, 13, 14, 23, 24, 34. Can it be drawn starting from some vertex but without ever lifting the pen from the paper? Problem 2 Let G be an acyclic graph with n vertices and exactly k connected components. Show that G has n − k edges. Problem 3 [Planarity] Draw an example of a graph that is •planar and 2-connected •planar, but not 2-connected •2-co...

  • Course Code: CS290 |#| web development
  • Course Title: web development
  • Referencing Styles : Not Selected

Q1: Model for NMF technique and recovery of W and HQ1.The model is as following X = WHT , X ∈ R m×n , W ∈ R m×r + , H ∈ R n×r + , where r ≤ min{m, n}, and rank(X) = rank(W) = rank(H) = r. Here, W ∈ R m×r + means that W is a m × n matrix whose elements are all nonnegative and real-valued. The goal of NMF is to “recover” W and H from the observed data X, given the knowledge of r...

  • Course Code: NURS1240 |#| pharmacology 2
  • Course Title: pharmacology 2
  • Referencing Styles : Not Selected

Task 1: Analyzing the Game of Matching Pennies1. For the game of matching pennies shown below, the payoff is for player 1. Determine the best strategy for each player, the expected value of the game, and which player (if either) has an advantage. Determine the expected outcome if the game is played 1000 times. Player 1 Should _______________________________________________________ Player 2 Should _____________________________________________...

  • Course Code: MRKT6205 |#| marketing strategy and planning
  • Course Title: marketing strategy and planning
  • Referencing Styles : Not Selected

Example 1Example 1. Now, let us consider the risk taken by a seller, or writer, of the call, who simply writes the call and waits to see what happens. The call writer takes in the initial option “premium” of$0.40 and then waits to see what happens to the stock price. If the stock price rises to $10.80, the person to whom the option was sold will exercise the option, and the call writer will have to paythem $0.80, for a total profit o...

  • Course Code: TE0001
  • Course Title: Secondary Mathematics Subject Knowledge Enhancement course
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

Submission of AssignmentsThe following guidelines are intended to help you present your assignment to astandard format. The guidelines apply to the ‘essay’ sections only and should be followed when submitting your assignments. o with a front page which has the module code and title, your student number and  the date submitted, and indicates which component the assignment iso in word processed form, for A4 paper using a plai...

  • Course Code: MATH220
  • Course Title: differential equations
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Choosing a Linear Algebra Topic and Real-World ExampleIn this course, we have used the weekly forum discussions to delve into Linear Algebra’s applications, asking such questions as: How is Linear Algebra used in the real world? Is it a common or uncommon technique? Is it used to cut costs? Increase computational power? Solve problems not otherwise easily (or cost effectively) solvable? Unfortunately, the weekly forum discussions by thei...

  • Course Code: COMP2804
  • Course Title: Discrete Mathematics
  • Referencing Styles : Open

Monte Hall ProblemConsider the following version of the Monte Hall Problem:There are four doors numbered 1,…,4. Three of these doors have goats behind them. One door has a sports car. You want to win the sports car.You pick one door, i uniformly at random and put a chalk mark on it. That door stays closed for now.Monte Hall opens a door j, with j≠i, showing you a goat. You get to pick any of the three unopened doors in {1,2,3,4}?{j} a...

  • Course Code: COMP 2804
  • Course Title: discrete structures
  • Referencing Styles : Not Selected

TaskA scrabble hand is a set of 7 tiles, each having one of the english uppercase letters on them, drawn uniformly at random from a bag of 100 tiles. The number of tiles of each letter are as follows: E×12, A×9, I×9, O×8, N×6, R×6, T×6, L×4, S×4, U×4, D×4, G×3, B×2, C×2, M×2, P×2, F×2,H×2, V×2, W×2, Y×2, K×1, J...

  • Course Code: MTH211
  • Course Title: Fundamentals of Mathematical Methods and Mechanics
  • Referencing Styles : Not Selected

Part (a): Solving an equation and finding range of values of variablesQuestion 1 (a) Real variables x and y are related by the equation ln y – ln (y + 3) + ln 4 = 2 ln x. (i) Identify the range of values of x and y for which the expressions an either side of this equation are defined. (ii) Determine y explicitly as a function of x, that is, identify the equation in the form y = f(x). (b) By using implicit differentiation, present...

  • Course Code: M303
  • Course Title: Further Pure Mathematics
  • Referencing Styles : Not Selected

Question 1In this question you will practise working with ideals in rings that are extensions of degree 2 over the integers. It involves a number of concepts from Chapter 17. Let R be the ring Z[ √ −19 ]. (a) Let A be a subset of R defined by A = {s + t √ −19 : s,t ∈ Z, s ≡ t(mod 5)}. Show that A is an ideal in the ring R. [3] (b) The subset B = {u + v √ −19 : u, v ∈ Z, u &equiv...

  • Course Code: ER1630
  • Course Title: engineering applications
  • Referencing Styles : Vancouver

MethodsTask 1: Write an essay (750-1000 words) entitled. “Computational Mathematical Software as a first-year study aid.” With reference to selected codes (all of which should be included in the appendix of your essay) reflect on what mathematical skills you have explored using software in ER1630 and how its use has improved your mathematical skills and your approach to mathematics in other modules you are studying. You should refe...

  • Course Code: MATH40415
  • Course Title: Engineering Mathematics Faculty of Creative
  • Referencing Styles : Open

Submitting Your Work ElectronicallyTo submit work electronically you will need to scan your written solutions and save as /convert to pdf format (not jpeg). You can then submit the pdf via the Assignments link from the Assessments tab in Blackboard. Click on the Submit Assignment link, attach thefile, and submit. You will get a message of completion that will be your receipt of submission. You are advised to: • Ensure that you have acces...

  • Course Code: MAT 121
  • Course Title: college algebra
  • Referencing Styles : Open

Substitution MethodFor the following exercises, determine whether the given ordered pair is a solution to the system of equations. 1. For the following exercises, solve each system by substitution. 2. For the following exercises, solve each system by addition. 3. For the following exercises, solve each system by any method. 4. Graphical 5. For the following exercises, graph the system of equations and state whether the system is consistent,...

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