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Types of Argument for Your Writing Assignment

The Focused Argument

? The focused argument has only one objective: to change the audience’s mind about a controversial issue.

? Being comprehensive or taking the broad view is NOT the objective.

? If opposing viewpoints are considered, it is usually to show their inadequacies and thereby to strengthen the writer’s own position.

? This type of argument is often considered a traditional argument.

? This type of argument takes into account all facets of an issue.  It informs an audience why the issue might be controversial and helps that audience take a position.

? The writer does not take a position but aims to examine the various sides of the issue.

? This type of argument will also help with understanding the similarities and differences that may exist among opposing sides in order to understand how conversation around the issue developed.

? Highly persuasive and attempts to accomplish a specific task

? Language is usually emotionally charged specific “buzzwords” are used to arouse the emotions of the audiencepropaganda devices as generalities (broad, sweeping statements) and bandwagonism (everyone else is doing so) may be used

? Appeals to pathos; however, elements of logos and ethos may be used to show an understanding of the issue.

? Often ends with a “call-to-action” - a plea to the audience to take action and how to do so.

? Prepare an argument essay in which you use one of the types of argument--focused, informational, or action-oriented--to persuade an audience or explore an issue.

? Your argument essay must be based on one of the argument clusters provided on canvas

? Concussion in Sports

? Music Lyrics

? Environmental Racism

? Recycling

? Socialism

? College Tuition

? Voting Rights

? Cell Phones in Schools

? Advertising and Children

? Financial Literacy

? Mental Health

? Changing Nature of Work

? Video Game Addiction

? Conspiracy Theories

? Social Media

? Minimum Wage

? Undocumented Immigration

? Other 

? Once you’ve chosen your argument cluster, do the following:

? Read the articles in the cluster. Provide points of summary and draw quotes of interest. Place information in the chart provided below.  

? Once you’ve read through the material, you will need to determine the argument and the pro/con positions. Determine which type of argument will work best for you. Complete the chart below.

? Provide an outline for your essay based on the type of argument you will be using.

? You must use evidence from the readings provided; however, you may use additional resources if needed. (Refer to accessing SIRS database.)  Keep in mind, though, that this is an argument paper, not a research paper.  So, you need to figure out your own opinions about the issue and let that guide your argument.

? Typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman, size 12, 1-inch margins, MLA heading, title

? 4 FULL pages; with a Works Cited Page (NOT included in final page count)

? You may use “I”, especially when referencing personal experiences.

? Proofread work for basic grammatical and mechanical errors.

? Proofread work for errors in logic and potential biases.

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