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Requirements for McNeese Online Bookstore - Disco Ninjas

Login module

  1. Choose a suitable architecture pattern for your project and apply it to your project. (Please add detailed functions/sub-components in each component.) Explain why you think this pattern fits best.
  1. Show extensibility of the McNeese online bookstore system by using the chosen architectural pattern. Explain the reasons why the architectural can be easily expanded with new features.

Requirements for McNeese online bookstore

 Group name: Disco Ninjas

  1. The bookstore should accept orders over the internet.
  2. The bookstore should provide the password protection for all accounts and also provides password reset option.
  3. The bookstore should provide the ability to search the book catalog, office products.
  4. The bookstore should provide different search methods such as:
  5. Search by author,
  6. Search by title,
  7. Search by ISBN number
  8. Search by keyword
  9. The bookstore should provide different purchase options to the customers such as
  10. Buy hard copy
  11. Buy paperback
  12. Buy e-book
  13. Rent a book
  14. The bookstore should provide book rental service to the students for one semester, or more if they want to extend, rental return shall be free to the customers.
  15. The bookstore should provide secure means of allowing customers to pay using debit/credit card.
  16. The bookstore should provide electronic link between the web, database, and the shipping fulfillment system.
  17. The bookstore should provide the service that allows the customers to track their orders.
  18. The bookstore should provide the electronic link between the web, database, and the inventory management system.
  19. The bookstore shall provide the service like pre order or pre booking which allow the user to pay for the product in advance.
  20. The bookstore should provide the service such as return window that allows the customers to return their order in case of wrong/damaged/misplaced order.
  21. The bookstore should maintain the reviews of books and the products available in the bookstore and allow any customer to rate the products and upload the review.

Login module: User must set up an account with their MSU email, password, and username to use this website. The user should login the online bookstore by passing valid credentials (MSU email and password). The system sends a confirmation email when a new user account is created. The system admin should be able to login with valid credentials.

Admin module: The admin login the system and shall be able to give an access to the users who want to purchase the books online. Also, the admin shall be able to add new data regarding books and users so user can easily access the system. The admin can approve the request of users and provide them information regarding their request/s.

User module: The user shall be able to login the system and check the notifications regarding their requests and make a payment for booking the payment in advance. The user shall be able to update their personal information. The user selects the category of the books and then the format of the book they want to purchase like hard copy, paper back or e-book.

Search module: User should be able to search for a specific book or office supplies. The search module shall provide the filter options to search the products. For example, search by author, used book, new book, e-book search by department.

Payment module: In the payment module, financial transaction of the books is done so the user can easily pay the cost of books. The bookstore shall provide a secure means of allowing customers to pay by credit card. The user can pay online using debit/credit cards. If the user doesn’t pay the amount, then the order of book won’t be processed.

Feedback/ forum module: In this module, user gives their feedback as well as users can ask questions and discuss about books and other products. Also, the users are able to post their problems, experience and suggestions. Allows customer service response.

About us module: This module provides the information about the McNeese online bookstore.

Contact us module: In this module the bookstore provides the contact number, business hours, and the proper address of the bookstore. In this module users can mention their issues and technical issues such as login and log out issue.

  • Performance: The system should respond quickly to user requests. The time to require performing any function will be less and time to respond any task is less. The flexibility and efficiency of the system will be the main purpose of the system. If any issue occurs, then the system will store the information last saved by the user.
  • Security: The system provides the security, if the user tries to login, the system will send the OTP to users registered mobile number or email to verify the user so the unauthorized user can’t access the system. User must change the initially assigned login authentication information(password) immediately after the first successful login. The system shall not disclose any personal information about customers apart from their name and reference number to the operators of the system.
  • Availability: The system will provide the availability of the books or any other products for its users.
  • Maintenance: The online bookstore shall maintain a list of accounts for up to 1,000,000 customers. The database of the online bookstore should update regularly so the system is maintained properly. The database of the system will be handled by admin so that it can be maintained effectively and clearly.
  • Usability: The usability of the bookstore is about the quality of the user’s experience when interacting with products or system. The system shall focus on effectiveness, efficiency, and the overall satisfaction of the user. All applications should be available via a web interface and, where appropriate, a common user interface.
  • Flexibility: The online bookstore shall update the database continuously, so the user gets updated information. The online bookstore shall be user friendly by adapting when the external changes occur.
  • The online bookstore will give the notification to the user when the system introduces new products or services.
  • The users are able to discuss about the products with other users by using the online book store’s public forum section.
  • The users can sell the old books.
  • The users are able to book any product in advance with advance pay in the case of bookstore being out of that particular product.
  • The uses are able to rent the physical copy or the electronic version of any books available in the bookstore.

Student Anil Khatri contributed to user requirements.

Student Anil Khatri, Brennan January contributed to Functional requirements.

Student Junghyun Park contributed to Non-functional requirements.

Student Abdul Javed contributed to Extra features to attract users and Power point.

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