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10000 Word Essay Examples

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10000 Word Essay On Human Resource Management

The leaders play a significant role in the growth of the organization. They tend to provide guidance and support to the employees as well as make the decisions for the company in association with the various other directors of the organization.  It is being stated by the author Dasgupta, Suar and Singh (2013), that the leaders of the organization are the one who communicates both with the employees as well as the directors or the people belonging to the higher position of management of the organization. However, the approaches of communication which are mainly taken by the employees to communicate are not the same. The aim of the paper is to understand the communicational approaches which must be utilized by the leader in order to communicate. The paper will be focusing on a situation of the need of extending a health care facility in another city in which there is a requirement of the services.   The paper will be highlighting the facts or the information which must be incorporated in the communication by the leader, the communicational approach initiated by the leader in each group, and the challenges which are being faced by the leader from each group. Leaders must seek last-minute assignment help to effectively incorporate essential information, adapt communication approaches, and address distinct challenges within each group for successful outcomes.

It is the role of the leader to present the right information as well as the evidence to both the employees as well as the board of directors about the expansion of the health care facility in another city where is the requirement of the services.   In order to represent the information, the leader must incorporate the very necessity of the health care expansion. This will enable the directors to get convinced easily and approve the expansion of the health care facility. Additionally, it is also important for the leader to present the profits of the expansion of the health care in another city.  On the other hand, it is important for the leader to ensure that he has conducted the external analysis of the new location in which the health care facility can be initiated. This will help in avoiding any form of objections in establishing the organization. Additionally, this will even lead to the smooth running of the organization with a higher rate of profit. Therefore, the leader needs to incorporate such information in the presentation.  Additionally, the leader must even examine the policies of the government and must even provide them in the presentation.  On the other hand, while presenting it to the employees, the leader must ask all the employee to work with greater collaboration and find out details which can be of greater help for the organization.  Additionally,  the leader must ask the employees to give their valuable opinion and suggestions for the reason for expansion so that the right conduction of the expansion of the health care facility in another city can be initiated.

To communicate with the directors of the organization or the management heads of the organization, it is very important for the leader to utilize the manipulative form of communication. Liu (2016), states the fact that the manipulative form of communication can be considered to be one that is scheming and even calculating.  Researches show that manipulative communicators are mainly are the ones who are good at impacting or even controlling others for their own advantages. Through the utilization of the manipulative form of communication, the leader will be able to influence the directors or the management head of the organization.  Through the utilization of the manipulative form of communication, the leader will even be able to have an underlying message when they speak.  Through the utilization of this style of communication, the leader will be able to communicate to the directors and equally convince them for the expansion.  The leader must try to put his points along with the evidence for justification to the directors so that the directors get easily convinced. For the purpose of communicating with the employees, it is important for the leader to conduct the

the assertive form of communication. Hwang and Park (2018), states the fact that assertive communication is one of the best styles of communication which is being utilized for the purpose of dealing and even for the purpose of utilization. Researches show that they are mainly the effective form of communicators who tends to have high esteem.   This is the reason for which they are neither very aggressive and very passive (Niess and Diefenbach, 2016).  Through the use of the assertive style of communication, it is important for the leader to confidently put forward his opinion without pushing the restriction and neither being controlling. Choudhury et al., (2019), states that the people who utilize the assertive form of education are the ones who do not harm other individuals.  Additionally, it is to be noted that it is highly important for the leader to discuss the problem and even be very much straightforward and open.  Additionally, it is important for the leader to expect that suggestions or opinions will be coming from the employees which must be rightly heard by the leader (Swift et al., 2013).  It is very important for the leader to ensure that the employees who are providing their suggestions are not being disrespected.  Additionally, through the help of the assertive form of communication, it is important for the leader to ensure that they are appreciating the other employees of the organization. This will eventually lead to the expansion of more ideas which can further lead to the profit of the organization in itself.

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A leader can face a huge number of challenges while communicating with both the directors as well a the employees of the organization. One of the basic problems which can be faced by the leader in communicating with the management as well as the employees is that of the language barrier (Miehle, Minker, and Ultes, 2018). The difference in language can lead to misinterpretation. This can further lead to a huge amount of problems and issues which can lead to the delay in the expansion of the organization.   One of the main issues which are can be faced by communicating with the directors is that the directors can be very aggressive and may not be convinced with the facts of the leader. Therefore, the leader might face problems in convincing the directors. Additionally, there will be problems regarding the collaboration and coordination among the employees. The lack of collaboration from the employees can lead the leader to face a various number of problems. Additionally, the employees might be disinterest and can not come up with any form of solutions or resolutions by which it is will be difficult for the leader to provide evidence to the directors.

In conclusion, it is to be noted that communication is one of the most effective forms which is mainly utilized in order to provide viewpoints. It can be considered as the medium which is being utilized in order to express one’s own beliefs, notions, values, and ideas. However, the wrong style of communication can invite various problems. It can lead to the wrong representation of the views. Therefore, it is highly important for any individual to understand the different styles of communication and must implement them in accordance with it.  Different situations require different styles of communication. Therefore,  in this context, it is important for the leader to assert the right style of communication with both the employees and the directors of the organization and lead to the expansion of the health care facility in the place where there is the requirement of the service.


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Explore Some Greatest Examples Of 10000 Words Essay Paper Topics

How should I format 10000 words essay? Many pupils who have been given a similar task are perplexed by this one. 10000 words paper is a lengthy research paper that takes a lot of time and effort to complete. Writing a paper of length (approximately 40 pages) is no easy task.

A typical graduate-level college project is 10000 words essay. The discipline and organization will have an impact on its structure. Furthermore, a work between 10,000 and 11,000 words long is not always an essay. Such a long study report might be given to a student. The potential research areas might include things like psychology, marketing, and economics.

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Let’s discover some examples 10000 random words essay:  

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Most Popular Questions Searched By Students:

Q.1: What Is A 10000-Word Essay?

Ans: A 10000-word essay is one of the most popular college assignments. It is a standard college level project, and the structure depends on the assignment guideline. As per the term, the essay length should be 10000 words. Unfortunately, many students get confused while writing such lengthy essay papers, and the topic becomes a real headache. Moreover, writing 10000 words on a topic is quite daunting because one needs to do tremendous research to gather enough information. Do you have short on a deadline? Don’t waste your time and get help with’s essay writing service.       

Q.2: How Many Paragraphs Should A 10000-Word Essay Contain?

Ans: Factually a research paper might be assigned of such length. Considering the number of paragraphs, you should make at least 65 to 110 on average. The number may differ from topic to topic. Make sure you have made a detailed plan before starting the assignment. 

 Q.3: How Long Does It Take To Write A 10000-Word Essay?

Ans: Writing a 10000-word essay will take about 5 hours if the writer has an average keyboard typing speed, and if it is handwritten, it might take 8 to 9 hours. But the required time depends on the writing skill, in-depth knowledge, a wide range of research work and assembling collected information.

Q.4: How Long Would It Take To Create The First Draft Of A 10000-Word Essay?

Ans: When it comes to writing the first draft of a 10000-word essay, a professional essay writer can do it within 2 hours. However, if you choose’s essay assignment service, you will get an update regarding writing your first draft within 2 to 2.5 hours.   

 Q.5: If A Professor Says To Write An Essay That Is 10000 Words, Does That Mean I Can Stop At 10000?

Ans: If your professor says to write an essay that is 10000 words, it means the maximum word count is 10000 words though it can exceed 10100 to 10125 words. But please finish your essay within 10000 words. 

Q.6: Would I Get A Good Grade If I Wrote More Than 10000 Words For A 10000-Word Essay?

Ans: The answer is NO! if you write more than 10000 words for a 10000-word essay, there is no good chance of getting a good score within the deadline. The professors at the graduate level are strict about the word limit, and If you exceed it, you will surely get serious punishment.     

Q.7: How Difficult Is It To Write A 10000-Word Essay In A Day?

Ans: It is not difficult to write a 10000 word essay in a day because most essay writers at can complete your 10000-word essay within 24 hours, and we have been providing high quality, informative and lengthy essays to students for the last decade.   

Q.8: How To Write A 10000-Word Essay In One Night?

Ans: Writing a 10000-word essay in one night can be tiresome for students. 

Wake up early

Make a plan for the essay

Start research work 

Now, assemble all the information 

Make the first draft within 2 hours 

Take a break 

Now, revise and edit 

Q.9: How To Write A Good 10000-Word Essay In Two Weeks?

Ans: If you have two weeks in your hand to write a good 10000-word essay, then allot time in the following way:

2 hours for topic selection 

Now research for the next two days 

Cite the sources 

Now, make an outline 

Complete your first draft in the next 3 days 

Revise and edit after taking a 1-day break from the essay writing. 

Q.10: Will My Professor Be Impressed If I Write More Than 10000 Words?

Ans: No, there is no surety that your professor will be impressed if you write more than 10000 words. However, if you write relevant information, then they might be considerate.       

Q.11: How Long Should An Introduction Be For A 10000-Word Essay?

Ans: When it comes to a 10000-word essay introduction, you should make it within 1000 words. An introduction to an essay like this can take 2 or 3 pages long.  

Q.12:  How Long Should A Conclusion Be For A 10000-Word Essay?

Ans: A conclusion to a 10000-word essay can take 1 and a half pages long, which means the word count will be 500 to 700 words.  

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