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Explore the Best Cultural Research Paper Topics – 200+ Examples for You to Work On

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What are Cultural Research Topics?

Culture is a term that is often used in a broad spectrum. Hence, you can find a wide number of possibilities while deciding on research topics. You can write on cultural research topics highlighting the cultures of a specific tribe, a country, or even in a global aspect. Whatever aspect you prefer to choose, writing cultural research papers help us get a unique perspective about the world, and understand how each culture is beautiful in its own unique way.

So, we can easily imagine how many different types of cultural research topics we can come up with. But how can we decide which topic is the best of the lot and can grab the reader’s attention instantly? If the research topics are too narrow, the readers will get lost while reading the paper. Similarly, if the scope is too narrow, readers may end up reading a paper that lacks detailed information. So, here, we discuss how to use the cultural research topics in the best way possible. We will also be providing you with 200+ cultural research topic examples and samples so that you can satisfy your readers. Keep reading.

How to Choose Interesting Cultural Research Paper Topics?

Follow these tips to choose interesting cultural research paper topics –

  • Consult people around you

You can always get the best information about a culture from the people native to that culture. They are the bearers of a specific culture, and consulting them will help you get the best information in the lowest possible time.

  • Research well the topic you want to write about

Never assume anything while researching a culture. No culture develops randomly. Every tradition, ritual, dressing style, food habit, etc., is formed with specific goals and purposes. So, research profoundly before forming a cultural research topic.

  • Place yourself in the shoes of the cultural representatives

When deciding on a cultural research paper topic, the best way is to put yourself in the shoes of a representative from that culture. For example, if you want to write about the Bantu tribe in Africa, you have to think like them to understand their struggles. Once you can feel their happiness and pains, writing a research paper topic will be easier.

  • Try to be tolerant and accepting

When you are trying to find a cultural research topic, try not to let your emotions get blinded by biases and hatred. For example, eating beef may be against your culture, but it is a common norm in many cultures. So, try to be accepting and tolerant of these cultural differences while choosing a research topic.

Dive Deep into Culture with Our Engaging Cultural Research Examples

Whether you’re excited to write about cultural anthropology, globalization, or intercultural communication, coming up with the right topic is significant to crafting a winning paper. Explore our curated selection of cultural research examples for understanding cultural phenomena or crafting your own research papers. 

Explore the Best Cultural Research Paper Topics Example

Check This Cultural Research Paper Topics Example

View Sample

10 Cultural Research Topics On Trending Topics

Globalization Cultural Research Topics

  1. The correlation between democratisation and globalisation: The perspective of developing countries
  2. Pros and cons of globalisation
  3. Effects of globalisation on the world politics
  4. The link between economics and globalisation
  5. The significance of environmental awareness from a globalisation perspective
  6. How is the development of technologies and globalisation related?
  7. Advantages and disadvantages of globalisation in conservative countries
  8. Intelligence sharing and globalisation
  9. Globalisation – Metaphysical perspective of the Industrialised western world
  10. The Economics of globalisation in Malaysia

American Cultural Research Topics

  1. The influence of the American revolution on the American culture
  2. The influence of English as a common language in America
  3. The anthropological perspective of the development of the modern USA
  4. How do Americans use their culture as a political instrument?
  5. Islam and its influence on the American culture
  6. Attitude to sex in the American culture
  7. The American Pop Culture
  8. Most Americans are of mixed origins – how this impacts their culture
  9. Black Lives Matter movement and its impact on African-Americans
  10. School shootings in the US – Is it becoming a culture in American society?

Multiculturalism Cultural Research Topics

  1. Multiculturalism vs Assimilation in the US
  2. An analytical study on multiculturalism in Australia
  3. Analytical overview of multiculturalism as a dangerous ideology
  4. Multiculturalism in sports – is it a truth or myth
  5. Multiculturalism vs assimilation – an essay on Political Science
  6. Overview of how multiculturalism impacts the African community services
  7. Can Denmark be termed a multiculturalism society?
  8. Culture, Ethnocentrism, and Identity – Food and Multiculturalism
  9. Meaning of to Be or not to Be in a multicultural society
  10. Case study of Tesla Germany – Importance of multicultural competencies in transnational companies

National Cultural Research Topics

  1. Cultural issues in Afro-American families
  2. The image of Black American women and their struggles in the “A Word Path”
  3. Cultural beliefs within native American families
  4. How Langston Hughes’s poetry portrayed African-Americans
  5. Concept of Double Consciousness in the American literature
  6. American Civil War – How Africans in America were migrated as slaves
  7. Substance abuse and its impact on the American teens
  8. The history and impact of churches in the American cultural history
  9. How Afro-Americans started resistance against slavery
  10. The evolution of Afro-American hairstyles

Subculture Research Ideas

  1. Marketing strategies and subcultures
  2. Social norms and the dangers they carry
  3. How does the USA benefits from Cybersport?
  4. What makes the Amish people different from the rest of the world?
  5. Clothes and subcultures
  6. What gives birth to social groups?
  7. The Anime community and its worldwide popularity
  8. How does society benefits from subcultures?
  9. Impacts of Mass Media on sub-cultural lifestyles
  10. Hipsters and their role in influencing fashion

Western Civilization Cultural Research Topics

  1. Christianity in Europe
  2. Ancient Britain and its architectural marvels
  3. The heritage of the Roman Empire
  4. The entire history of the Olympic Games
  5. The Greek philosophers and the myths
  6. Analytical essay on the Enlightenment period
  7. The many ways The Great Plague impacted the western culture
  8. Analytical overview of the Renaissance period
  9. The colonisation effect on the African culture
  10. The Protest Reformation and how it impacted German culture

Basic & Simple Cultural Research Topics

  1. Is there Animal culture just like Human culture?
  2. The development of culture among humans
  3. Local and Globalised cultures
  4. Common elements in all cultures
  5. How do culture and politics get intertwined?
  6. Similarities and differences between nationalism and culture
  7. To what extent are laws gets influenced by culture?
  8. Is culture equally important for the aged and the young?
  9. How does a female culture appear in closed communities?
  10. Cultural influence on advertisements

Exclusive Cultural Research Topics

  1. How have cultures modified behaviour in humans?
  2. Bullying behaviour in certain cultures – explanations for the same
  3. Indigenous cultural studies
  4. Cross-cultural research validating psychological methods
  5. Evolution of human aggression
  6. Ethology and Cross-Culture
  7. Cortisol research in Norway
  8. Roles of deindividuation in cross-cultural psychology
  9. TV shows that best reflected the culture of a country
  10. My family, my identity

Cultural Research Topics for the Experts

  1. History of multicultural psychology
  2. Stereotypes and prejudices in a multicultural society
  3. How are Biculturalism and acculturation impacting society?
  4. Multicultural competence and racial consciousness
  5. Racial identity development models
  6. Multicultural training should be included in the psychology counselling curriculum
  7. UN Environmental Policies and their impact
  8. AIDS patients and their struggles in the society
  9. The influence of social media on teens
  10. Bar Code Implants

Cultural Research Topics for Assignments

  1. The social stigma associated with single mothers
  2. Reasons that push the elderly to the edge of poverty
  3. Reasons why marketing strategies differ according to cultures in different countries
  4. How does art get misunderstood in different socio-cultural contexts?
  5. Receiving psychological assistance is often looked down upon in developing countries – An essay
  6. How does the increased use of technology affect society?
  7. Which socio-cultural norms make drinking acceptable?
  8. Why do Christians get persecuted in certain countries?
  9. How do information overloads impact teenagers in modern society?
  10. Child labour and how it is perceived in different countries?

Pop Culture Research Topics

  1. How music shaped the 80’s generation?
  2. American pop culture and its impact around the world
  3. Pop culture breaking stereotypes
  4. How does pop culture change with social events?
  5. Is pop culture influential or reflective?
  6. Differences between men and women in a pop culture
  7. Religion and pop culture – how they fare against one another
  8. Examples of pop culture during your time and how they impacted you?
  9. The ethical side of pop culture
  10. How pop culture shapes the personality of the people who follow them?

Professional Cultural Research Topics

  1. Influence of culture in the corporate
  2. How corporate culture affects employee performance?
  3. Effects of corporate culture on deciding the profitability of the organisation
  4. Various components that make a powerful and effective corporate culture
  5. Role of Human Resource officers in creating a harmonious professional culture in the office
  6. Relationship between leadership and corporate culture
  7. Organisation climate – State and explain different approaches to identify them
  8. On-the-job learning culture – A detailed essay on its benefits
  9. Importance of having a healthy professional culture to check attrition
  10. Control strategies implemented by organisations to maintain a corporate culture

Cultural Anthropology Research Paper Topics

  1. Culture shock – The best ways to deal with it
  2. Cultural baggage and how to minimise it
  3. Ethnocentrism and tips to minimise it
  4. Importance of cultural anthropology to a business executive
  5. Things to remember while doing fieldwork as an anthropologist
  6. Views about ancestors
  7. The influence of language on culture
  8. Language acquisition
  9. How societal differences impact marriages within groups
  10. Types of economic systems or organisations

Intriguing Cultural Research Topics

  1. How do Christian traditions differ in various countries?
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of free healthcare services
  3. Relevance of language in presenting the culture of a country
  4. Influence of traditional foods on the history of a country
  5. Understanding the impact of refugees in European countries
  6. Analysing the artificial technologies in Japan
  7. Time perception in different cultures
  8. Impact of the two-child policy in China
  9. Reasons behind healthy Swiss households
  10. Why are Americans so proud of their country?

Exciting Cultural Research Topics

  1. Perception of death in Africa
  2. The influence of cultural anthropology on the missionaries
  3. Listing down the coping mechanisms in culturally different countries
  4. A comparative analysis of attitude and success as cultural tools
  5. Conserving cultures and the role of isolated communities
  6. How American perceive the alien culture in the light of Area 51
  7. Afterlife and the ancient Egyptians
  8. Best examples of multicultural societies living together
  9. Comparative social and cultural differences between the Americans and Europeans
  10. Renaissance and the changes it brought to the culture

Attention-Seeking Cultural Research Topics

  1. English as a common language in commonwealth countries
  2. Impact of STDs and lack of initiatives to stop them in African countries
  3. Peculiarities of Zulu community culture in South America
  4. How cultural diversity influences modern society?
  5. Psychological counselling and cultural diversity
  6. Cultural diversity in the schools
  7. Impact of cultural differences in the medical industry
  8. Personality and filial piety of the British citizens
  9. Effects of migration in creating a multicultural society
  10. Socio-linguistic mechanism of distinguishing economic classes

Socio-Cultural Essay Topics

  1. What impression did Slumdog Millionaire leave on you about Indian culture?
  2. How accurately My Big Fat Greek Wedding depicted Greek-American culture?
  3. Explain the cultural aspects in “The Hundred-Foot Journey”
  4. Analysing the culture described in the novel, “The Kite Runner”
  5. Gone with the Wind and how it described social transformations
  6. The Grapes of Wrath and its depiction of industrialisation
  7. An analytical essay on social positions in Greece
  8. Examining how physical labour impacts one in the long run
  9. Reasons why the phenomena of feminine culture appear in exclusive societies
  10. Examine how the lyrics of a song represent a culture

Cultural Phenomena Research Topics

  1. Marketing causes and the bandwagon effect
  2. Talent shows on TV and their similarities across countries
  3. Reasons for the popularity of any classical movie of your choice
  4. Best American dishes – the reasons for their popularity
  5. Reasons for the popularity of Nike
  6. Analysing the psychological aspects of a cultural phenomenon
  7. Spreading religious beliefs – Is it a cultural phenomenon?
  8. Athletic community and its impact on the culture
  9. How do marketing strategies help in making subcultures effective?
  10. Reasons why the holocaust was normalised in some countries

Cultural Psychology Research Topics

  1. Discrimination psychology
  2. Perceiving the self
  3. Tajfel and Turner’s social identity theory
  4. Reasons behind dehumanisation in the Stanford prisoner experiment
  5. Obedience to an authoritative figure leads to cruelty – Milgram’s shock experiment
  6. How society models our behaviour according to Bandura’s social learning experiment?
  7. Group behaviours can alter individual behaviour
  8. Compliance, obedience and conformity as social function status
  9. Role of unfamiliar environment in Milgram’s experiment
  10. Measures to control aggression during street demonstrations

Western Cultural Research Topics

  1. Western Science vs Indian Science
  2. Reasons for Islamophobia in Western countries
  3. Buddhist Ethics and Western Philosophy – A comparative study
  4. Influence of Shakespeare on Western culture
  5. Ethical structures in Western religion
  6. Westernisation of Asian values
  7. Importance of stage presence in Western Classical music performance
  8. Narcissism prevalent in the Western culture
  9. Western influence on Japanese art
  10. Unattainable beauty standards of western culture

Cultural research topics for College Assignments

  1. Representation of race in the “Invisible Man”
  2. Reasons TikTok gained popularity in the American culture
  3. How did “The Dab” become symbolic to the global youth culture?
  4. Pokémon Go! Changed the culture of indoor gaming – Agree or Disagree
  5. Choose a celebrity and analyse how they impacted our culture
  6. How Apple made their product exclusive among the youth?
  7. Reasons behind the popularity of the sitcoms
  8. Discuss the symbolism of “Girl with a Pearl Earring”
  9. Various ways Brexit is affecting British culture
  10. The influence of World War on French culture

This wasn’t our final list of cultural research topics and we have more up our sleeves. Get in touch with us for more suggestions on high-quality cultural research topics. You can also get history assignment help & essay help online at


What are cultural Research topics?

Research topics that deal with various cultural elements like laws, language, religion, and values are known as cultural research topics.

What are cross-cultural topics for research?

Research topics that deal with the branch of psychology to determine how cultural factors influence human behaviour are termed cross-cultural topics.

How do I choose my research topic?

To choose the perfect research questions, you need to ask the following questions –

  • Why do you want to choose a topic?
  • What interests you about the topic?
  • Who provides the information?
  • What are the major research questions for the topic?
  • When and where is your topic important?

What are the research topics for multicultural psychology?

Some of the best topics to explore for multicultural psychology are –

  • A socio-cultural approach to psychology
  • Multicultural psychology study
  • Multiculturalism and Interculturalism in Modern Europe
  • Analytical essay on Multicultural policies in Ancient cities
  • Correlation between Multiculturalism and Food

What are the three main areas of research in cultural studies?

The three main areas of research in cultural studies are –

  • Sociology
  • Political Science and History
  • Anthropology

What are some cultures to research?

Some of the most exciting cultures to research around the world are –

  • Nyishi Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh, India
  • Kalash people of Pakistan
  • Rungus of Sabah
  • Thai community that offers Red Fanta to their God
  • Akhu tribe, Kengtung Myanmar

What are some cultural diversity research topics?

A few interesting cultural diversity research paper topics examples are –

  • How do different cultures view death?
  • What are alien cultures?
  • Explain Multicultural training and competence
  • Overview of discourse analysis
  • Overview of Multilingualism

What are some cultural research issues in psychology?

Some excellent research topics on cultural research topics on psychology are –

  • A detailed study on sampling bias
  • Challenges of procedural bias
  • Comparative study between interpretation and instrument bias
  • Relevance of IQ measuring tests in Western culture
  • Difference between various cultural gestures

What are the topics related to multiculturalism?

The best topics on multiculturalism can be derived from these aspects –

  • Demographics
  • Immigrant
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Pluralism
  • Dominant Culture
  • Postmodernism
  • Political Correctness
  • Social Dominance

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