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100+ Interesting Environmental Science Research Topics

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Since our existence, our environment has provided us with everything – starting from essential resources to means of a better lifestyle. But over the years, human greed and destruction have caused a threat to the environment.

To focus better on the environment and save our home planet, there are several pressing environmental science research topics that students must focus on. Now, if you are looking for an environmental essay issue that needs elaborate discussion, we bring you a list of the most relevant environmental science topics. We have also categorized the topics under different categories to help you choose the perfect one. But, before that let us show you how you can pick a relevant topic.

How to Choose a Relevant Environmental Science Research Topic?

Picking good topic is vital to make it appealing for the readers. Overused slants and boring topics which are of no interest are paid less attention. So, here is how you can pick a good environmental science topic for yourself:

Let’s have a detailed analysis of the above-mentioned points:

  1. Trending topic – Picking a trending topic is important to generate interest and curiosity amongst readers.
  2. Free writing – If brainstorming is not working in your favor, then start free writing. This will allow you to jot down all the ideas you have in your head and later you can filter them out.
  3. Do preliminary research – Even if a topic sounds good in your head it is time for you to do a preliminary research to determine how well you can cover and research on the topic.
  4. Ask others – Getting help from others is never a bad idea. You can get fresh suggestions which can light up your mind to work on better projects.
  5. Go online – Anytime you feel blank you can always go online and find tons of news. These can be an interesting topic for your next paper.

Examples of Environmental Science Topics – An Updated List

If you a looking for good environmental science topics, then here are some ideas for you:

  • Analysis of floods in China and policies to keep it under control
  • UK environmental laws which are working for illegal waste management
  • Review on different laws to use waste water from agriculture towards better causes
  • Inspection of UK environmental laws to keep rate of carbon emissions under control
  • Is the climate getting better or worse? what to expect in the coming years

Continue reading to get some more fresh ideas

Environmental Science Research Topics Ideas

  • The importance of endemic wildlife in the environment
  • The significance of national parks
  • Can society ever get over the destruction caused by floods and earthquakes?
  • Reason for acid rain and how to prevent it
  • Recent work on hazardous plant diseases
  • Is sustainability saving the environment? Or is it just a trend?
  • The effect of mountain ecosystem on planets
  • The impact of pesticides, GMOs on foods and human health
  • The bad effects of ozone layer depletion and how we can prevent it
  • Practical ways to control rising sea levels
  • Discuss the Paris agreement.
  • The difference in human and organism adaptation techniques to changing environments
  • Has the pollution rate decreased, or is it increasing day by day?
  • State how recycling is saving animals from abuse.

Environmental Science Research Projects Ideas

  • The impact of air pollution and human lungs
  • Talk about oil pollution and the danger it causes.
  • Does the environment exist on other planets except for the earth?
  • Does using red lights have any positive impact on the environment?
  • Is it possible for earth and radiation to exist?
  • Are humans the only cause of animal extinction?
  • Does the government have any role in saving the environment?
  • Should environmental study make mandatory in class?
  • Is too much technology the cause of harm to the environment?
  • Benefitsof switching from fossil fuels to hydrogen

Environmental Issues Research Topics

  • Steps to save the coral reef
  • State how travel and tourism are affecting the environment.
  • Discuss acidification of the ocean.
  • Myths around global warming
  • Common reasons for too much of co2 emissions in the environment
  • Side effects of the melting of permafrost over climate and humans
  • Issues with soil pollution which we don’t talk about
  • Talk about common environmental issues which we all face on a daily basis
  • Is there any positive aspect of the greenhouse effect?
  • The current situation about the depletion of the ozone layer

Popular Environmental Issues-Based Research Topics

  • Easy ways of reducing carbon emissions by changing everyday habits
  • Could all the ice glaciers melt? If yes, what would happen next?
  • True events where deforestation led to bad effects on the environment
  • The impact of air pollution on Asthma
  • A comparative study of animal and plant diseases and how much the environment influences them.
  • Environmental issues in Antarctica
  • The importance of crustaceans on the environment
  • Can afforestation save a dying planet?
  • State some environmental diseases which are genetic in humans
  • The impact of the destruction of wildlife in the Amazon forest

Environmental Science Research Topics for Assignments

  • Is Photosynthesis different in different plants?
  • Why is earth called a living organism?
  • Will the extinction of silkworms end the production of silk?
  • Study of different plants in your locality and their importance
  • Discuss how insectivorous plants are important for the environment too.
  • The impact of hybrid plants on the environment
  • Study of the root diseases of plants – Do they effect the environment?
  • The impact of pollution on wildlife
  • Are harmful microorganisms produced due to environmental problems?
  • The hazardous impact of bush burning on the environment
Struggling to Find a Perfect Topic?

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Environmental Law Research Topics for Essay

  • Define environmental criminality
  • Impactful waste management policies in the US
  • Environmental laws which talk about harnessing energy
  • Difference in environmental laws of developing countries and developed countries
  • Analysis of forest laws in the UK
  • Recent government policies which is set up against animal poaching in Africa
  • Discuss the toxic substances control act of 1976.
  • Shed light on clean air act (CAA) of 1963.
  • Discuss the difference between environmental laws of the UK and USA.
  • Major concerns regarding environmental law making

Environmental Law Research Topics Climate

  • Analyze the critical components of international laws.
  • State the need for modification of rules in emerging countries.
  • Ways to reduce the black market of animal body parts
  • Bad effects related to animal poaching
  • Comparative analysis of similarities and differences between energy laws and environmental laws
  • The adverse impact of pollution in Canada and steps taken to preserve it.
  • Steps taken by law management bodies to control illegal waste
  • Massive threats bought upon by illegal fishing in China
  • Throw light on how wildfires in Turkey, Greece and Australia affected the biodiversity of Europe and Oceania.
  • Environmental laws which are regulated to protect the great reef in Australia.

Environmental Law Research Topics for Foods

  • Environmental laws are made to penalize the oil spill of British petroleum in the ocean – Discuss.
  • Environmental laws regarding the usage and consumption of plastic bags
  • Shed light on Bhutan- a country with a negative carbon emission rate.
  • The downside of the use of chemicals in agriculture
  • The role of saline water treatment plants in reducing scarcity of drinking water
  • The impact of pollinated crops
  • Overuse of chemicals leads to decrees in nutritional value in plant
  • Sustainable ways of food production in agriculture
  • Mention the ecological part of modern farming
  • Laws regarding fisheries and how much they are followed

Environmental Law Research Topics for Population

  • Compare human rights with animal rights.
  • Can the government ban GMO?
  • State common law practice which food industries have to follow
  • Should the government ban the export of animals?
  • Should the government ban zoos?
  • Should the government ban the production of fur?
  • Should the government ban the use of plastic bags to reduce their usage?
  • Should government enforce taxation laws on carbon emission to reduce it?
  • Should vegetarianism be made mandatory?
  • Modern laws for environmental protection

Environmental Law Research Topics

  • An analysis of environmental policies led down by GCA(Global environment agency)
  • Should illegal mining be more strictly monitored?
  • The role of the united nations environment program (UNEP)
  • Environmental policies and influence on politics
  • Rural development laws for sustainable lifestyle development
  • Compare environmental laws of different countries and state the best among them.
  • Elucidate river conservation laws in India
  • Environmental laws post Brexit in the UK
  • The connection between international investment law and environmental policy
  • Role of politics in determining environmental laws

The Best Research Topics on Environmental Law

  • Current developments in incorporating technology for betterment of environmental law
  • Laws implicated by disaster management act in 2005
  • Recent Indian laws which counter environmental challenges
  • Environment laws concerned with conservation of Biodiversity
  • Case analysis on Oleum gas leak case
  • Current laws which enforce affordable and clean energy  use in urban areas
  • State environmental laws related to usage of renewable energy
  • Critical analysis of China’s environment law for sustainability and management of resources
  • Discuss the relationship between environment crime and law.
  • Discuss how the approach of Brazilian government is threatening the Amazon forests

Environmental Economics Research Topics

  • Compare and analyze earthquakes over the years
  • The economic state of a country after facing natural calamities
  • Problems relatedit agricultural biotechnology
  • The concept of PET bottles-Are they useful or not?
  • Sustainability practices for students in colleges
  • Has recycling bought any change, or is it a trend?
  • Chemicals which are mostly harming the environment
  • Air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution, noise pollution- which is the most dangerous of them all?
  • Can production houses be environmentally friendly?
  • The impact of war and terrorism on the environment

Environmental Policy Research Topics

  • Policies to control environmental production and consumption
  • Ethics of working environment
  • Policies regarding industrialization to save mother earth
  • Recent discoveries in fining connection between environment and heredity
  • State how environmental conditions affect international business laws
  • Policies to prevent oil drilling and the progress so far
  • Study on Hawaii and how tourism has affected he environment
  • Discuss about national  environment action plan of Maldives
  • Analyze how fast food chain is destroying the environment
  • Is it too late to save the environment? List recent disasters and its impact.

Environmental Health and Safety Research Topics

  • Common kidney diseases which are caused by pollution
  • Discharge process of biomarkers and its negative impact on the society
  • Production of iron materials and its harmful water pollution effects
  • Rapid population growth and the risks associated with it
  • Better food regulation laws should be re-employed – Yes or no?
  • Do waste management and food production go hand in hand?
  • Steps taken by world health organization to reduce chemical pollution
  • List down the diseases and death rates caused by air pollution
  • Health protocol laws which are followed by fisheries
  • Common homely practices to reduce health effects for microbes

Environmental Engineering Research Topics

  • System modelling for wastewater treatment
  • Study of the sewage disposal plant
  • Advantages of using the ceramic plate in water treatment processes to produce portable water
  • Describe steps taken to control waste water production
  • Performance analysis of sewage disposal plant using noble UVC-Led reactor system
  • Elaborate on the usage of the wet air oxidation process to work on wastewater
  • Development in ozone-based technologies
  • Performance analysis of vehicles which use alternative sources of fuel to reduce carbon emissions
  • Treatment of sulfur which is generated on coal-based plants
  • Do old air conditioners produce more harmful air?

Environmental Science Topics for Academics:

  • Recent developments in iron nanoparticles
  • Elaborate on the process of removal of petroleum hydrocarbons from contaminated soil.
  • State difference in ways to dispose nuclear wastes.
  • List the harmful components which can be converted into biofertilizers
  • Updates on developments in E-waste treatment
  • Novel ways to convert CO2 into useful products
  • Discuss the role of bioremediation in oil spills.
  • Elaborate on the biodegradation of toxic compounds using bacteria species.
  • Process of air profiling strategies in metro and urban cities
  • Commonly applied ways of extracting useful products from harmful chemicals

These are some of the best environmental science research topics examples. But if you do not know how to compose a flawless environmental research paper for me, you can get help from our writers.


Which topic is best for research in environmental science?

Topics which cover health, law, food and marine life topics would best suit environmental research. If you need more topic ideas on environmental science, you can visit our page for endless recommendations.

What are the 3 major issues happening in environmental science?

Three major issues which are happening in environmental science are:

  • Pollution
  • Overpopulation
  • Climate change

There are also other worries like greenhouse emissions, water disposal, effects of global warming and more.

What is the best topic to research in environmental planning and development?

Some of the best topics from research on the field of environmental planning and development are:

  • The development of bioplastic is a big boon for humanity. Justify
  • Talk about the production of biocide and the rules to follow
  • The production procedure of biogas from coral organic waste
  • Are solar panels really environment friendly?

What are 4 common environmental science research problems?

The 4 most common environmental research problems are overpopulation, wildlife, climate and global warming. Apart from this, there are also other areas like pollution, loss in biodiversity etc.

What is the best research topic for the environment?

Topics related to sustainable development, pollution control, environmental laws and climate can be the best. But apart from these topics the impact of food on the environment, environment-friendly methods and manufacturing techniques are also encouraged. To get more ideas, visit our website.

Why do you choose an environmental research topic?

 A good topic is necessary to stand out in class. While many students are only focused on the writing part, wise students know the difference, which good research topics can create. Picking a good environment research topic can attract more readers to your page.

What are the 4 scopes of environmental science research?

Here are the 4 scopes of environmental science research:

  1. Conservation of natural resources
  2. Conservation of biodiversity
  3. Way to keep pollution under control

Success issues related to the human population and environment

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