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Accounting is among the most important subjects in the field of commerce and financing. It is a vast field which stretches from auditing to economics. In the higher education level, the students of accounting need to prepare a dissertation to exhibit their knowledge and expertise. The accounting dissertation requires firm grip of the mathematical tools along with strong command over the concepts. But most of the students find it a daunting task to choose an appropriate topic for dissertation. So here we present some useful accounting dissertation topics ideas that can help the students like you to select the best one. The topic ideas will help to broaden up your concepts and inspire you to make the best dissertation. You can also refer to our accounting dissertation help services to know more. 

Accounting Dissertation Topic 1: 

Activity Based Costing (ABC) or Traditional Cost Accounting (TCA) – Recommended for the SMEs?

Background of the Study

Small-to-medium size enterprises (SME) are operating under immense pressure in order to remain competitive within the current global economy. There are various strategies for the smaller enterprises or organizations for achieving efficient ways of market response, cost savings, and financial efficiency. These also include agreement regarding established supply chain management approaches and improved accounting structures. The key objective of the article is to present the foundation and method behind the ABC and to discover the benefits of using ABC over traditional accounting system within the SMEs.

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