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Ref style  :  Open

It is Sunday morning, and you are the on-call tech for the weekend. Your phone rings and a user informs you that no matter what website they attempt to navigate to, be it an internally hosted websites or external public website they receive the error “Servers IP address could not be found”. You have a single Primary DNS server (LINUX) also configured to perform DNS forwarding to your ISP DNS server providing name resolution of entri...

Course Code   :  COIT20267
Course Title   :  Digital content
Ref style  :  Open

The InvestigationIn the state of Western Australia, it is illegal to access, own or distribute digital content relating to clowns. An allegation was been made to law enforcement whereby a witness claims to have seen an individual access clown related content within a place of work. Following the approval of formal warrants, the computer in question was seized from the work place. The computer was then forensically acquired using FTK Imager. Unfo...

Course Code   :  7CC003
Course Title   :  distributed and mobile computing portfolio
Ref style  :  Not Selected

System RequirementsThe assignment has two parts; Part one is the design and development of a portable wireless home automation system. The system requirements are - Device 1 is a remote control device. It can be used with serial monitor on a host PC, but higher marks will be given to those who use the LCD screen. (portable) Device 2 is outside the house. It controls the outside light (turning it on automatically when the sun goes down and...

Course Code   :  QAC020N253A
Course Title   :  network design and troubleshooting
Ref style  :  Not Selected

Learning OutcomesStudents who successfully complete this module will be able to: 1. Identify, analyse and communicate principles and processes ofNetwork Design. 2. Critically analyse and evaluate business and technical Requirements. 3. Plan and design a Network Infrastructure. 4. Design and evaluate a management and implementation strategy for a network. 5. Collect and synthesise information to inform a choice of vendor solutions, with th...

Course Code   :  COMP40571
Course Title   :  computer forensics
Ref style  :  Harvard

Assessment Scenario/Problem  The date is 1 July 2004. You have been called in by an organisation that suspects one of its staff members is breaking organisational policy.  The staff member has joined a strange religious group that considers geometric shapes to be very important. The staff member was warned in May 2004 against using organisational resources to create, store, search the Web for or disseminate pictures of such shapes. 1.You arr...

Course Code   :  CTEC5805
Course Title   :  cyber engineering
Ref style  :  Harvard

Tasks to be undertaken: 1. Briefly describe each component and steps involved in designing and simulating (using LTSpice) an RC bandpass filter that can pass frequencies from 900MHz to 960MHz. 2. Design a communication network for a small building consisting of three rooms by using at least two different technologies to send two messages from room-1 to room-3 using different technology for each message. These messages must not interfere with th...

Ref style  :  Harvard

Current Trends in Network TechnologiesAs part of the formal assessment for the programme you are required to submit a Current Trends in Networking assignment. Please refer to your Student Handbook for full details of the programme assessment scheme and general information on preparing and submitting assignments. Learning Outcomes: After completing the module, you should be able to: 1. Apply a systematic understanding of current trends in ne...

Ref style  :  APA

The main activities that you will undertake are as follows:1.Describe and explain thevulnerability with a reasonable high level of technical detailin your own words.A copy of a CVE report is not acceptable and a superficial description will attract low marks.The description must include outcomes of the vulnerability, i.e. what it can be used for, what level of access it provides, and which systems are affected by the vulnerability.2.Identify a sy...

Course Code   :  ISTM 6203
Course Title   :  managing cloud security
Ref style  :  MLA

QuestionsQuestions: Q1:  In the following questions, circle all the correct answers from the list. 1A frame passes from a station through two Layer 2 switches, then through a router, then through two more switches, and then to the destination station. During the communication, there are:a. Two Physical layer linksb. Six Ethernet Frames c. Two Ethernet Framesd. At least two dropped packets (one in each direction)e. Six P...

Ref style  :  IEEE

Assignment 1: Moodle End of Module TestTo be completed by student: I certify that, other than where collaboration has been explicitly permitted, this work is the result of my individual effort and that all sources for materials have been acknowledged. I also confirm that I have read and understood the codes of practice on plagiarism contained within the Glyndwr Academic Regulations and that, by signing this printed form or typing my name on an...

Course Code   :  7COM1012
Course Title   :  Operating Systems and Networks
Ref style  :  Harvard

Selecting a TopicIn this coursework, you will study and investigate one of the wireless network security threats using relevant mechanisms and tools. This should include literature review, practical experiments, setting up and configuring necessary tools such as Dagah to develop your security scenario. With Dagah, you can design attacks against targets, launch them, and review the security threats and testing results. Smartphone attacks can be...

Ref style  :  Not Selected

Configuring the Server VMFrom the VMware WS 15 main menu select File – New Virtual Machine – Typical. Select Installer disc image file (iso) and click on Browse to locate and select the Fedora 24 Live-x86 ISO you downloaded earlier. Click Next. Specify a VM name (e.g. Fedora 24 server) and click Next. Specify a maximum disk size of 10GB and click Next. Click Finish to create the VM and then follow the steps in lab 1 (first half of th...

Ref style  :  APA

Test Setup 1.You will need to create a new Virtual Machine named PLabVM with the following specifications: ?One CPU (2 CPU cores) ?40 GB virtual hard drive ?4GB RAM ?Network card set to Network Address Translation (NAT) 2.Install Windows Server 2012 R2 (Lab 1) 3.Change your server name to P1-SenecaID. You will leave your server in a workgroup. 4.Create a folder on your host computer named PLabFiles. This is where you will store all your screensho...

Course Code   :  CC6004
Course Title   :  network and cloud security
Ref style  :  Harvard

Research MethodologyThis coursework is to write a well-researched and referenced business report of between 2,500-3,000 words (excluding references and appendixes) covering the potential use of, and security and Legal Social Ethical Professional issues (GDPR) associated with, cloud computing services in an agreed (with the module leader) business sector of your choice (i.e., education sector, finance industry, transport sector, gover...

Ref style  :  Harvard

Assessment of module learning outcomesThis assignment assesses the following module learning outcomes: • Assess tools and techniques for investigating computer crime enabling the identification of low level information structures and hardware file formats. • Evaluate appropriate forensic computing investigative strategies and select available tools based on their appropriateness for a given investigation. • Understand how to ...

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