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Course Code   :  QAC020N253H
Course Title   :  network design and troubleshooting
Ref style  :  Harvard

Task You are working as a network engineer in, your company, based in London, contracted a third party company to design and implement a network for their new branch in London. Given below is the third party company network infrastructure design including recommendation submitted to which includes the network floor diagram, network topology as expressed in figure 1 and 2 Figure 1: Existing network floor diagram Figure 2: Proposed Network t...

Course Code   :  QAC020N253A
Course Title   :  network design and troubleshooting
Ref style  :  Harvard
4/5 star rating

Identifying and analyzing business and technical requirements1.Identify, analyse and communicate principles and processes of Network Design. 2.Critically analyse and evaluate business and technical Requirements. 3.Plan and design a Network Infrastructure. 4.Design and evaluate a management and implementation strategy for a network. 5.Collect and synthesise information to inform a choice of vendor solutions, with the module assignment provi...

Course Code   :  CYB-505-O501
Course Title   :  networking
Ref style  :  Open

Part 1: Create a digital diagram of a castle, complete with all the necessary componentsOften cybersecurity professionals forget the easiest way to access a system is through the front door and not using a computer from 100 miles away. By creating a castle in which both physical and network security defenses are defined, it holds off intruders. Part 1: Create a digital diagram of a castle, complete with all the necessary components, and include ...

Course Code   :  NTC320
Course Title   :  West Consulting Data Center Design
Ref style  :  APA

Logically separated WLAN infrastructureDesign an enterprise data center solution that expands the campus LAN network, which has reached its capacity. The design must include the following: A logically separated WLAN infrastructure that can be integrated into the existing enterprise network Data flows between segments of the enterprise network - public (outside), DMZ, private, and data center Incorporate feedback you received from your instructor...

Course Code   :  QAC020X352H
Course Title   :  cyber security
Ref style  :  Harvard

Task 1: Security vulnerabilitiesAttempt all the following tasks in the assignment. Marks will be awarded for producing a documented system that meets the requirements as specified below. Task 1: Security vulnerabilities You are an Information Security officer working for InfoIT Limited. You have been informed of some vulnerabilities in your company's web server. These can be seen in the following list: Missing authorisation Download of c...

Course Code   :  IT-FP3355
Course Title   :  Enterprise Network Optimization
Ref style  :  APA

Assessing the Effects of Network Design Choices on Network Infrastructure FunctionalityDevelop a 6–8-page enterprise network optimization strategy that could be presented to senior IT leadership of a selected organization. Note: Developing a network architecture requires specific steps that need to be executed in a sequence. The assessments in this course are presented in sequence and must be completed in order. SHOW LESS Because informati...

Course Code   :  kf7031
Course Title   :  wireless networks and security
Ref style  :  Harvard

Theoretical ModelYou are to perform a study on data throughput in 802.11 WLAN systems.  This will be carried out with wireless security protocols in place and removed. The study will be partially theoretical and partially practical requiring you to build a theoretical model describing data throughput and verify this model through practical experimentation.   802.11 standards are often characterised by channel bit rates, for example ...

Ref style  :  Harvard

Task 1: Security vulnerabilities Identify and critically analyse information security threats to computer networks and management information systems. (management of information systems | Managing information systems) Critically evaluate the range of effective security controls used to protect system and user data. Synthesize solutions to security problems through effective information security governance. Create understanding of professio...

Course Code   :  7COM1085
Course Title   :  research methods
Ref style  :  Harvard

the context of the research (research field and specific research area), the main idea under investigation (theory, hypothesis, research question(RQ) ), what is novel about this idea or research with respect to the established knowledge, the main contribution of the paper - what did you find wrt RQ or hypothesis, what is the methodology employed to provide support or proof for the hypothesis Choose an appropriate title which descr...

Course Code   :  ER4104
Course Title   :  advanced topics in industry 4.0
Ref style  :  Harvard

1 Research, analyse, integrate, apply and present detailed design proposals. 2 Use appropriate technical terminology to describe basic design concepts. 3 Develop technical competence and skills in generation and adaption of design ideas. Task: ‘Lutron is an industry focused IoT application development company that develops diverse IoT for different industries to support a wide range of systems and computing environment. One of the fu...

Course Code   :  COMP602
Course Title   :  computer system testing
Ref style  :  APA

Risk-Based IS Audit for Service CentersPART 1 Fundamental of Auditing and Risk Assessment Suppose your team has been asked to conduct an information system (IS) audit one of the following services provided by most organization: Point of Sale (POS), Automatic Teller Machine (ATM), Vending Machine, Printing Management System (PMS), and Moodle. Your main sources of information include the internet, students and staffs who work in that service, or y...

Ref style  :  Open

Purpose of the AssignmentTask: The purpose of the assignment is for you to conduct an in-depth investigation into information security, security risks, security control, and the application of risk control and risk measures etc. From your research, you will produce a Case Study that includes any relevant recommendations of your findings as to how you see the cyber security threats and risk landscape evolving over the next few years. Guidance...

Course Code   :  7COM1029
Course Title   :  network system administration
Ref style  :  Harvard

This Assignment assesses the following module Learning Outcomes (from Definitive Module Document): LO1: the issues involved in the design, realisation/administration, and management of a networked computing environment. LO2: be able to design, install and support a local area network based on established user requirements Submission Requirements: This is assignment is to be submitted and marked anonymously. Students should ONLY use their s...

Ref style  :  Harvard

Botnet AnalysisBotnets are a particular problem, where bot agents may infect machines inside an organisation’s network and connect back to a botnet controller out on the Internet, to receive commands and undertake malicious activities. The focus of this coursework is to create a virtualized testbed environment to analyse a particular botnet agent and the communications to its controller, to create and test a detection system to detect it...

Course Code   :  ACCA5029
Course Title   :  network programmability
Ref style  :  Open

BackgroundDemonstrate a robust understanding of the key principles of network programmability tools and languages to solve specific problems. NHS trust of UK has decided to build a Data Centre in London to keep the updated information of COVID 19 patients. NHS wants to centralise IT operation and equipment at London to keep and manage the ICT infrastructure for sensitive Covid 19 medical records of UK. The data centre may have over hundreds o...

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