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Course Code   :  CNT6519
Ref style  :  Open

Microsoft Windows-based Laptop and SECURITY Registry FileShow your work (except for the True/false questions) using proper terms and notations. (34 pts.) True/False Questions (NO explanation is needed): (a) On a Microsoft Windows-based laptop computer the SECURITY registry file maintains a history list of the host computer’s wireless connections. (b) The electric and magnetic fields associated with an electromagnetic w...

Course Title   :  2557b
Ref style  :  Harvard

Plagiarism and its ConsequencesWork presented in an assessment must be your own. Plagiarism is where a student copies work from another source, published or unpublished (including the work of another student) and fail to acknowledge the influence of another’s work or to attribute quotes to the author. Plagiarism is an academic offence, and the penalty can be serious. The University’s policies relating to Pla...

Course Code   :  CMIS 422
Course Title   :  information system security
Ref style  :  Footnotes and bibliography
4/5 star rating

Task: Question 1 (60 Marks): Normally firewalls provide virtual private networks. 1. Explain step-by-step how to set up a VPN on a firewall of your choice. Provide a detailed example (30 marks).2. Why is a firewall a good place to implement a VPN? (15 Marks)3. Why not implement it at the actual server(s) being accessed? (15 Marks) Question 2 (40 Marks): Some operating systems perform buffered I/O. In this scheme, an output request is accep...

Course Title   :  2557b
Ref style  :  Harvard

Learning OutcomesAssessment Outcomes And Required Resources Learning Outcomes As a result of undertaking this coursework, the student will be able to: ? Appreciate the importance of market research and conduct one ? Keep abreast with the current system requirements available on the market ? Conduct a comparison exercise and formulate a conclusion for the recommended system Required Resources The following list of resources are req...

Course Code   :  CET708
Ref style  :  Harvard

Task Securing Wireless Networks Research, design and critically evaluate protection techniques for Securing an Enterprise Wireless Networks against the attacks identified in the first assignment. Requirements: Your task is to provide suitable solutions to protect an Enterprise wireless system against those attacks found in the first assignment.   An Enterprise wireless network would be similar to UniFi at the University where authenticat...

Course Code   :  COMP61421
Course Title   :  cyber security
Ref style  :  Harvard

Task 1: You need to create/develop a virtual environment using Virtual Box or VMWare. Use virtual machine images such as Kali to create a Metasploit system and create other virtual machine images as Metasploitable system. Task 2: Your developed system should be able to perform different ethical hacking methods to demonstrate how hackers generally carry out different steps in order to find vulnerabilities in companies’ network systems....

Course Code   :  CIS4020N
Course Title   :  mobile systems and cybersecurity
Ref style  :  Not Selected

Question: Tasks AMY Networks is a consultancy business that designs, installs and operates different types of wireless and wired networks for businesses and research organisations.� As one of their project leaders you have been asked to respond to an ITT (Invitation to Tender) for this network design.� The network solution will include the wireless sensor network logical design along with protocols specifications. The ITT document ...

Course Code   :  BMIS520
Course Title   :  it infrastructure
Ref style  :  APA
4/5 star rating

IT Infrastructure Project: Designing WAN Networks Reference Figure 1.  Global Care Hospital is a network of four large hospitals in the U.S. You have recently purchased the organization, naming it.  Please refer to the hospital as “place your name here” Global Hospital.     Figure 1. Global Hospital Network Design Jane Doe Global Hospital owns a network of hospitals supported by four (4) office buildings. ...

Course Code   :  COMP620
Course Title   :  network infrastructure design
Ref style  :  Not Selected

ScenarioYou have just been appointed Security Manager in a XYZ multinational company in West Midlands. You are in charge of physical, IT and data security. The company, researching both medicines and vaccines for the World Health Organisation’s three diseases - HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, are very proud to have developed some of the leading global medicines in these fields. These are six departments within this company: Res...

Course Code   :  DCOM 3100
Course Title   :  Networking
Ref style  :  APA

ObjectivesObjectives In this Capstone Project activity, you will demonstrate your ability to: Design and implement an IPv4 VLSM addressing scheme that fulfills the requirements Design and implement an IPv6 VLSM addressing scheme that fulfills the requirements Design, configure, verify, and secure EIGRP for the necessary networks Design, configure and verify Link Aggregation, RapidPVST+, FHRP, Port Fast, Edge Ports Create detailed design document...

Course Code   :  NTC362
Ref style  :  APA

You are in networking at a large international company. Your company recently decided to implement a cross-training initiative and you have been selected to give a presentation to an audience of non-networking professionals working at various departments in your company.  Your presentation must be clear and concise enough to convey technical information to professionals who have a limited understanding of how networking actually...

Course Code   :  SEC435
Course Title   :  advanced network management
Ref style  :  Open

CCNAv7 SRWE Practical Assessment Objectives Part I: Configure Network Infrastructure Settings (VLANs, Trunking, Etherchannel) Part II: Configure DHCP and Switchport Security Part III: Test and Verify IPv4 and IPv6 End-to-End Connectivity In this Skills Assessment (SA) you will configure the devices in a small network. You must configure a router, switch and PCs to support both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity for supported hosts. Your route...

Course Code   :  ceng320
Course Title   :  network programming
Ref style  :  Vancouver

Part I: Looking up port #sPart I: Looking up port #sThe file /etc/services is a lookup table of common services and their standard default port numbers available in Unix as defined by IANA – the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. In Windows this table also appears in the file  The official list of standard port assignments can be found here:  1. Write and test a function in C char * getportname(portNo) based on the sample progr...

Course Code   :  ER4104
Course Title   :  advanced topics in industry 4.0
Ref style  :  Harvard

Introduction to Advanced IoTCloud's IoT SolutionsIn response to global warming, IoT technology is witnessing rapid progress in applications and implementations in many industries. Advanced IoTCloud (AIC) specializes in IoT solutions and has experience deploying total solutions for many industry disciplines, including medical and transports solutions. The AIC has hired you to design an IoT solution for solar panels, sun-tracking in addition to...

Course Code   :  ACUA6000
Course Title   :  data centre technologies
Ref style  :  IEEE

Engagement with Literature SkillsResearch how data centre relates to the wider field of cloud computing and critically evaluate current advancements in this field including sustainability. NOTE: The guidance offered below is linked to the five generic assessment criteria overleaf. Engagement with Literature Skills Your work must be informed and supported by scholarly material that is relevant to and focused on the task(s) set; you should ma...

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