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Course Code   :  CCA 610
Course Title   :  cloud service and technology
Ref style  :  APA

Shifting to an operating expense model with cloud computingTask: The financial requirements for the cloud computing model are different than the financial requirements for an on-premise model. Cloud computing shifts budgets to a pure operating expense model, whereas the traditional on-premise computing model requires both capital and operating expense allocations. Several free calculators to help estimate the cost of cloud services exist o...

Course Code   :  ER4104
Course Title   :  advanced topics in industry 4.0
Ref style  :  Harvard

Review of Various Smart Blind Systems in the Market using Automation of Everything (AoE)The assignment should be around 2000 words excluding references and figures. The assignment should be your own work and written in your own words and any information taken from other resources should be referenced appropriately. It will be checked for plagiarism using Turnitin. Any plagiarism or copying from others will be dealt with through the university&...

Course Code   :  ER4706
Course Title   :  applied instrumentation
Ref style  :  Harvard

Review of Different VCAS SystemsThe assignment should be your own work and written in your own words (1500 words + relevant material in Appendices). It will be checked for plagiarism using Turnitin. Any plagiarism or copying from others will be dealt with through the university’s plagiarism procedures. Your assignment must be submitted electronically via BlackBoard (Assignments tab) by the submission time. The report should be contained...

Course Code   :  ER4104
Course Title   :  advanced topics in industry 4.0
Ref style  :  Harvard

Market Review of Smart Blind SystemsThe report should be contained in a Word document, or PDF No other means of submission will be accepted. The software code will be submitted independently. Any assignment submitted late, but within 5 working days of the deadline, will be given a maximum mark of 50%. Assignments submitted more than 5 working days after the deadline will not be marked, and a mark of 0% will be recorded. Learning Outcome to be...

Course Code   :  ER4104
Course Title   :  Advanced Topics in Industry 4.0
Ref style  :  IEEE

Provide a detailed, professional report for your company that contains the following: 1-A review/insight of various smart blind systems in the market by comparing their advantages and disadvantages. This review should include all the necessary components of AoE. 2-Design a new smart blind system within the concept of AoE. Use flowchart to support your design. 3-Build an application using Fuzzy logic for this smart blind system to establish an aut...

Course Code   :  7COM1040
Course Title   :  computer science masters project
Ref style  :  Harvard

Research QuestionsThe main objective of the project is to prove that fatigue in the muscles affect the performance of deep nets and give low performance as compared to muscles in a fresh state. Data were collected on three different states of the muscles which were static-fresh, statictired & transitional-fresh. These techniques will be explained in detail in the methodology. The data was then used to train the models of Deep Neural Netw...

Course Code   :  ACUA6000
Course Title   :  data centre technologies
Ref style  :  IEEE

BackgroundAs it is known, two UK research-led universities have joined together to become the largest 'super-university' in the country. The University of Manchester, newly named following a merger between the Victoria University of Manchester and the Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), will educate 34,000 students a year and will have more academic subjects and departments that any other UK university. After the merger, th...

Course Code   :  CIS4017N
Course Title   :  system administration and security
Ref style  :  Harvard

Bell Lapadula Model Design and Analysis for National Defence DepartmentSecurity models ABC Ltd. is a company providing security solutions to public services. You are asked to help the ABC Ltd to design a security model for the national defence department - a part of an e-government project on secure information control in managing troops. Assume the armed forces be classified as: {army, navy, air force, marines}, the security levels are typed...

Course Code   :  CMIT 380
Course Title   :  Networking
Ref style  :  Not Selected

Using VMware install and configure Windows 10, taking screenshots to document your work as you go. Once you have completed these tasks, follow the instructions in the template to complete your report. The recommended format is to provide screenshots within a written narrative. No sources are required for this phase of the project; however, the screenshots must be your own. Screenshots from external sources are not permitted. Detailed instructions...

Course Code   :  CYB463
Course Title   :  Final Essay on Advanced Network Security
Ref style  :  APA

Course: Advanced Network Security Please answer the following questions: Each question should be 2 paragraphs. Total of 2 pages. 1. You are tasked with the deployment of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution for your organization. Identify at least three (3) key considerations that should be included in your plan to aid in the determination of the proper solution (hardware and/or software). Create at least one constraint (a limitation or condi...

Course Code   :  COMP620
Course Title   :  network infrastructure design
Ref style  :  Harvard

Network Infrastructure RequirementsThis coursework is designed to demonstrate the broad understanding and knowledge of the module, assessing and evaluating the student’s strength and level of analysis; divided into four learning outcomes. The coursework should be submitted as one document in a report format in final submission.   Network engineers need to design robust network in today’s comple...

Course Code   :  UX271
Course Title   :  Performance-based Comparison Experiment
Ref style  :  APA

Selecting Two Systems and Hypotheses1.Select two systems as the target of analysis. Develop two hypotheses involving two performance-based metrics, task success and task time. For instance: 1.System A has a higher task success rate in comparison to System B 2.System A requires less time on task in comparison to System B Explain a specific feature or features that you aim to test 1.List the tasks/subtasks that a user needs to perform to test thos...

Course Code   :  CO7606
Course Title   :  digital forensics and incident response
Ref style  :  APA

Learning Outcomes AssessedLearning Outcomes Assessed LO1: Discuss the need for and uses of Digital Forensics LO2: Critically evaluate and implement Digital Forensics techniques LO3: Analyse malware and perform intrusion analysis Submission Information This 2750 words report (with  10% flexibility) should be submitted online via Turn-it-in on CO7606 Moodle page. The work should be submitted as a MS Word Doc (.docx) and should be prope...

Course Code   :  7COM1076
Course Title   :  Wireless Mobile and Multimedia Networking
Ref style  :  Harvard

Learning OutcomesThis Assignment assesses the following module Learning Outcomes (from Definitive Module Document): Successful students will typically: LO1: have a knowledge and understanding of the complex problems and issues arising when mobility occurs in networks. LO2: have a knowledge and deep understanding of the complex problems and issues arising when network applications have different quality of service requirements. LO3: be able...

Course Code   :  QAC020C156S
Course Title   :  data communication and network routing
Ref style  :  Harvard

Students who successfully complete this module will be able to: Demonstrate a broad understanding of the knowledge base of this module, and its terminology and discourse (with specific reference to transmission media, data encoding, transmission modes, error detection and correction, flow control, multiplexing, switching techniques, and routing); Identify and evaluate the principles and concepts underlying theoretical frameworks highlighte...

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