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Course Code   :  CYB 463
Course Title   :  Advance Network Defense
Ref style  :  APA

Options for Building Knowledge and Improving Network Protection You can only answer one of the options. In your solution, please specify the option that you chose.  No plagiarism. Please use the attached RUBRIC to meet requirement on this paper. Please use grammar check for correct expressions. Pick ONE of the following options: Week 1: Fun with Firewalls Firewalls are an essential part of network management and security. As one of the...

Course Code   :  ICT246
Course Title   :  operating systems
Ref style  :  Not Selected

Determining Suitable Hypervisor for Virtual MachinesQuestion 1(a)Usage of virtual machine is getting more important in the modern world. Determine and explain whetherType 1 or Type 2 hypervisor is more suitable for the following scenario.“A company has recently purchased a high-end physical server, and the server is to be used to host 4 virtual machines. 2 virtual machines will be running Redhat Enterprise Linux which will be used for real...

Course Code   :  kf7031
Course Title   :  wireless networks and security
Ref style  :  Harvard

Question 1An answer for an exam that is submitted after the published submission deadline as set out above, without approval, will be regarded as not having been completed. A mark of zero will be awarded for the assessment. The usual rule that applies to coursework and gives students a 10% penalty where work is submitted up to 24 hours after the published hand-in deadline does NOT apply here. Any exam answer submitted after the deadline is a...

Course Code   :  QAC020C156S
Course Title   :  data communication and network routing
Ref style  :  Harvard

Question: Students who successfully complete this module will be able to: Demonstrate a broad understanding of the knowledge base of this module, and its terminology and discourse (with specific reference to transmission media, data encoding, transmission modes, error detection and correction, flow control, multiplexing, switching techniques, and routing); Identify and evaluate the principles and concepts underlying theoretical frameworks ...

Course Code   :  IDS403
Course Title   :  information security
Ref style  :  Chicago

Steps to Generate Hash Values Using Kali Linux Virtual MachineTask: For this fourth assignment, you are going to use md5deep, sha1deep, sha256deep, and whirlpooldeep hash generators in Kali Linux virtual machine. To do this assignment, follow these steps: 1. Using VirtualBox, start (launch) your Kali Linux virtual machine. Login to the Kali virtual machine using username: root and password: toor2. On the menu bar of your Kali Linux virtual...

Ref style  :  Harvard

About Kedleston UniversityRecognising that deadlines are an integral part of professional workplace practice, the University expects students to meet all deadlines for submission of assessments. However, the University acknowledges that there may be circumstances which prevent students from meeting deadlines. There are three distinct processes in place to assist with differing student circumstances: 1) Assessed Extended Deadline (AED): Studen...

Course Code   :  COMP630
Course Title   :  network security
Ref style  :  Harvard

Evaluating Proposed Network InfrastructureComputer Network is assumed to be the backbone of any company, hence securing and maintaining security in this day of age needs some consideration which should be based on technical and analytical dimension, your company based in London is opening a new branch in Berlin, a third party company in Berlin proposed new network infrastructure for the Local area network in the branch, with an internet connec...

Ref style  :  Harvard
4/5 star rating

ObjectivesThis coursework assignment aims to develop your skills in researchinga large network infrastructure application, assimilating the main requirements, and proposing apossible solution in the form of a feasibility report.Please submit one pdf document, which is named using the following convention: YourName_SRN_COxxxxcw#.pdf (e.g. GraceHopper_920000000_CO2222cw2.pdf)•YourName is your full name as it appears on your student record (ch...

Ref style  :  APA

Lab Overview FileAll the task and labs requirements for in the attached docs. Lab Overview File Lab Task Submission Template File Windows Server Docs Lab 1: InstallationFile Windows 8 professional can be used as well. Download from AWS Cloud. Windows ServerISO Lab 2: AD Users and Groups File Lab 3: Group Policy Administration File Lab 4: File sharing Lab 5: Logging and audit File MBSAFile As MBSA has been discontinued (only supported until ...

Course Code   :  QAC020N253S
Course Title   :  network design and troubleshooting
Ref style  :  Harvard

Learning OutcomesStudents who successfully complete this module will be able to: 1. Identify, analyse and communicate principles and processes of Network Design. 2. Critically analyse and evaluate business and technical Requirements. 3. Plan and design a Network Infrastructure (LAN/WAN/MAN). 4. Design and evaluate a management and implementation Strategy for a Network. 5. Collect and synthesise information to inform a choice of vendor sol...

Course Code   :  TELE33324
Course Title   :  Data Network
Ref style  :  Not Selected

1. Create the network topology  as shown in the diagram above.  Display the interfaces and hide the default names of devices. Use text boxes to label the router names and subnets. For subnet labels, use the format ‘subnet name: subnet address /SNM’ (e.g. A : x.x.x.x  /n). Start the routers. When all routers are running take a screenshot of the topology and insert into your Word document. Make sure the screenshot...

Ref style  :  Harvard

Learning objectivesOn successful completion of this module students will be able to: 1. Identify and critically analyse information security threats to computer networks and management information systems. (management of information systems | Managing information systems) 2. Critically evaluate the range of effective security controls used to protect system and user data. 3. Synthesize solutions to security problems through effective inform...

Course Code   :  7CC003
Course Title   :  Distributed and Mobile Computing Portfolio
Ref style  :  Harvard

System RequirementsAssignment: The assignment has two parts; Part one is the design and development of a portable wireless home automation system. The system requirements are - Device 1 is a remote control device. It can be used with serial monitor on a host PC, but higher marks will be given to those who use the LCD screen. (portable) Device 2 is outside the house. It controls the outside light (turning it on automatically when the...

Course Code   :  7026CEM
Course Title   :  security of emerging connected systems
Ref style  :  Harvard
4/5 star rating

Module Learning Outcomes AssessedModule Learning Outcomes Assessed: 3. Propose and implement effective 'defence-in-depth' solutions to mitigate the key technical internet security vulnerabilities that organisations face. 4. Design and implement secure private networks for IoT and BYOD. 5. Discuss and debate a wide range of current research and technological advances in network security. Task and Mark distribution: You are given access to ...

Course Code   :  CSN205
Course Title   :  static networks
Ref style  :  Not Selected

1. Click on PC1 and in the Desktop tab open the IP Configuration application. Enter the IP address of PC1 and notice that the mask will be set to Notice that you can change the Display Name of the PC in the Config tab. See Figure 2 for the configuration of the IP address of PC1. Repeat the same procedure to configure the IP addresses of each of PC2, PC3, and PC4.

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