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What Are The Benefits Of HiringMyAssignmenthelp.Com For Developing A 550-Word Paper?

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In ancient Greece, Greeks believed that women are inferior to men and hence, women are denied to the access of opportunities and education. Plato and Aristotle, two of the most influential philosophers in the Ancient World, had significant views on the nature of women. Among contemporary women’s liberationist, Plato was beginning to emerge as a feminist. While on the other hand, Aristotle was labelled as a male chauvinist.


In Plato’s ideal, he argued that even though the physical natural capabilities between males and females are different, the level of education and opportunities are supposed to be equally offered to both women and men. This means that both genders are qualified to take up the role as being a guardian. “Discriminatory treatment can only be justified when such differences are relevant” (Calvert, 1975, p.232). There is no field in which a woman has to be excluded simply because she is a woman. However, Plato hold the position that “when men and women have corresponding ranges of talents, men possess these talents to a greater degree” (Calvert, 1975, p.238) , suggesting that both men and women may possess the same talents, skills and capabilities but those of men will always be superior to women. These contradictory views Plato firmly believed in were applicable in two contexts. In the context of equal educational opportunities, Plato believed in equality and inclusivity between both genders. On the contrary, in the context of law and politics, Plato strongly advocated the traditional view that woman should not be allowed to interfere with positions of authority. On a whole, Plato discriminated against women as although he set a stage for women to have the chance of receiving the same qualifications as men, he denied them from using that qualification to hold positions of power.


In his notion, the entire state is successfully established only when differences and natural hierarchies are imposed on the community. “The ultimate end of the state, happiness, is attained through the participation of all its members by the functions proper to them” (Femenías, 1994, p.165). Thus, the natural hierarchy between male and female is necessary: a relation of superior to inferior; ruler to ruled. This superiority of a man to a woman is dictated by nature and cannot be conquered by laws or beliefs. However, “the subordinate situation of female is not given by a natural order, but by a purely social order based on the need of a type of societal organisation” (Femenías, 1994, p.168). It implies that people, regardless to in which era, have their stereotype of the social role between men and women. In Ancient Greece, women are expected to stay at home and take care of their children. Their only responsibility is to maintain the biological reproduction. Conversely, men are, first of all, labelled as a political animal in society as they have the authority of commanding. In Aristotelian, as women do not meet the necessary criteria for being part of humankind, such as freedom and capacity, they are eventually not considered as a perfect human being.


Plato had recognised Greeks’ traditional views on the nature of women men and hence women are denied to access opportunity and education and tried to oppose to it, arguing that the prejudice on women could or Plato had recognised it and opposed to it, arguing that the prejudice on should be changed. However, Aristotle thought that this was how life women could or should be changed, however, Aristotle thought that ought to be, with women in subjection to male. Yet, when it comes to this was how life ought to be, with women in subjection to male. Yet, politics, they both achieve a consensus which women are not allowed when it comes to politics, they both achieve a consensus which to interfere with politics.

Most Popular Questions Searched By Students

Q.1. What Is A 550-Word Essay?

Ans: 550-word essay is an academic document used by teachers to evaluate students. You need to understand the best methods of writing an essay to create a flawless one. Your grades depend on the essay, and you must abide by all the rules and regulations to write the essay.

Q.2. How Many Paragraphs Should A 550-Word Essay Contain?

Ans: A 550-word essay needs to be short and crisp. Hence, you must not make lengthy paragraphs. Ensure to wrap up the essay in 4-5 paragraphs. You must include all the necessary information to help readers understand the context and score well in the papers.

Q.3. How Long Does It Take To Write A 550-Word Essay?

Ans: You can complete a 550-word essay in 14-15 minutes if you have a good typing speed. You need to be prepared with all the information and ensure that the essay has all the elements to fetch good grades. You can also ask an expert at to help you with the essay and complete it quickly.

Q.4. How Long Would It Take To Create The First Draft Of A 550-Word Essay?

Ans: You can create the first draft of a 550-word essay quickly if you have the right information and have things arranged properly. It is important to know the correct research methods and the right format of the essay to create a perfect one.

Q.5. If A Professor Asks Me To Write A 550-Word Essay, Does That Mean I Can Stop At 550?

Ans: You have to ensure that the essay is completed within 550 words. You have to abide by the instructions and write the essay correctly. Exceeding the word count will affect your grades. Hence, ensure to share all the points and create a perfect essay within 550 words.

Q.6. If I Write More Than 550 Words In A 550-Word Essay, Will I Get Good Grades?

Ans: No. You cannot expect good grades if you write more than 550 words in a 550-word essay. You need to follow the instructions shared by the university and write the essay accordingly. If you are finding it hard to write the essay, call for help immediately.

Q.7. How Difficult Is It To Write A 550-Word Essay In A Day?

Ans: It is not difficult to write a 550-word essay in a day if you have everything at your disposal. You need to ensure that the data is correct and that you have them well arranged. Sign up with and get the right help with gathering the information and arranging them properly.

Q.8. How To Write A 550-Word Essay In A Night?

Ans: It will be difficult to complete a 550-word essay in a night. has experts available 24*7 to help you with the essay and can help you complete the same in a night.

Q.9. How To Write A Good 550-Word Essay In Two Weeks?

Ans: You can write a good 550-word essay in two weeks if you don’t keep things on hold. Students have always faced problems with essays as they keep things on hold and struggle to complete the same at the last minute. Start working on the essay from the beginning, and don’t waste time doing the groundwork for the essay.

Q.10. Will My Professor Be Impressed If I Write More Than 550 Words?

Ans: No. Your professor will evaluate you and will penalize you if you fail to abide by the instructions. You have to ensure that the essay gets completed within 550 words. If you are unable to share your ideas within 550 words, ask for help.

Q.11. How Long Should An Introduction Be For A 550-Word Essay?

Ans: Typically, an introduction for a 550-word essay should not be more than 80-100 words. Refer to samples on and write a perfect introduction for your 550-word essay.

Q.12. How Long Should A Conclusion Be For A 550-Word Essay?

Ans: A conclusion for a 550-word essay should not be more than 90-100 words. Use the correct points to create a perfect conclusion.

Q.13. I Have A 550-Word Essay Due. What Should I Do?

Ans: You must sign up with to get the right help with your 550-word essay. We have the best minds to help you overcome the odds and create flawless essays.

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