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900-Word Essay Examples

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900 Word Essay On Marketing Dynamics

Deliveroo, being an online food delivery company, has been functioning and operating from United Kingdom. Deliveroo Editions involves and focuses on the creation of a platform of ghost kitchens for the purpose of preparing meals that could be delivered to places located off-site from restaurants. It functions in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and more than two hundred countries.

Consumer Behaviour For Deliveroo

Consumer purchasing behaviour applies to customer research and how consumers act while opting to purchase a product that serves their interests. It is an analysis of customer behaviour that further drives them to purchase and use those specified commodities. Consumer purchasing behaviour experiments on different circumstances, including what customers purchase, when they purchase, how often customers demand, where they choose to buy from etc.

Habitual Buying Behaviour

Habitual buying behaviour includes instances in which a customer has little interest in the purchase and very few major variations are perceived amongst brands in a defined type of product. Too many commodities blend into this situation. Majority of them seem to be goods and commodities for daily use. Deliveroo has quite significantly adapted to the behavioural patterns of customers in the UK through their advertisements, they use much more figurative language and objects, so that they can be instantly recognizable by the customer and could be correlated with the company.

Variety Seeking Behaviour

When the customer is not concerned with the purchasing, variety-seeking buying behaviour arises, even with presence of substantial brand variations. The expense of swapping goods is low throughout this situation, and therefore the customer may shift from one product to the next, perhaps merely out of familiarity. Thereby, Deliveroo has taken to promote frequent purchase, whilst trying to dissuade the customer from considering other products. Such approaches decrease the possibility of market switching activities.

Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation is a crucial technique for efficiently breaking down market audiences. The understanding and application of market segmentation, which comprises of splitting buyers into groups according to different characteristics, which is furthermore critical for a business. This will make it possible for a business like Deliveroo to increase its sales revenue.

Geographic Segmentation

As the variety of goods accessible differs as per location, the varieties are only available in selected cities. Deliveroo has a wide urban segmentation. More highly populated states tend to always have access to a wide variety of options.

Demographic Segmentation

Deliveroo places an emphasis on groups of individuals in accordance to their age and professions. Adolescents and students might be the first group and adult staff would seem to be the second. They must concentrate their advertisements on offering discounts for customers and students essay writing help who want to purchase inexpensive meals.

Psychographic And Behavioural Market Segmentation

There is indeed a high use of psychographic and behavioural segmentation in the Deliveroo app. It re-configures the algorithm of the app, according to its past orders from their customers, which is further tailored to reach a broader audience being meaningful for each individual. The app displays one’s favourite restaurants conveniently and generates a personalized selection of the best establishments in the city, thereby increasing their number of alternatives and preferences.

Market Positioning Of Deliveroo

Even though each of these are focused on technology, the UK takeaway delivery sector has been revolutionized by Just Eat, Uber Eats, and Deliveroo in their own distinct aspect, primarily in an attempt to avoid competing with each other. Deliveroo is focused on providing high-quality food at reasonable prices for each of its customers without compromising on quality. On account of its restaurant partners, the company takes orders via application, by employing its vast network of self-employed delivery workers who are known for zipping on their respective motorcycles across towns, rounding up the meal, and delivering it to the customers. This illustration essay delves into Deliveroo’s unique market positioning strategy, emphasizing its commitment to delivering quality meals through a well-coordinated network of restaurants and independent delivery workers.

Marketing Mix Of Deliveroo


Deliveroo offers a wide variety of food products for its customers. In terms of their food delivery service, their product happens to be their fundamental menu. They ensure that the deliveries are handled with the utmost courtesy as well as on schedule. They have made use of food delivery features and GPS monitoring solutions to enhance the customers’ delivery service and experience.


They ensure that their company has a reasonable profit margin while determining the pricing, without neglecting the prices of their competition. In order to assess how much of a discount they can afford, and in order to schedule exclusive deals and rewards programs, they make use of  pricing optimization tools.


They are renowned for taking customer orders through WhatsApp or voice communications, which happens to be the lowest costly way to get started. This further happens to be the primary reason for them to have particularly planned to immediately begin their delivery services during their initial days.


Using analytics software to classify the forms of communication most commonly used by clients, while interacting regularly with their clients, by maintaining clear messaging through marketing strategies and campaigns.


It helps them recognize bottlenecks by providing excellent processes and decide which activities can be automated and which requires manual input.

Physical Evidence

A significant physical evidence has been the significance of packaging. Their brand stands out with unique packaging shades and creative packaging techniques, including, using renewable or edible materials.


Their most expensive assets are their human resources. They will complement their etiquette, demeanour, courtesy, and other attributes with that of their brand.

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