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How to Write an Essay Fast – 15 Surefire Strategies

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There’s no lying; writing essays is a bittersweet experience for many. Even for someone with good time management skills and writing abilities, the pressure of completing a monumental task such as essay writing within the deadline can get frustrating. Students who don’t know how to write an essay fast are likely panic under the pressure of meeting multiple obligations simultaneously. That’s why it’s necessary to learn how to write an essay fast and make it easy to get through this seemingly arduous academic task.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll unveil some of the most effective tips on how to write an essay fast, especially when you procrastinated, as suggested by toppers and writing coaches. Make sure you bookmark the tips to practice later. Top 15 strategies listed below.

Overcome the negative thoughts

There’s no denying that most students wanting to learn how to write an essay fast don’t really like writing and feel defeated even before they start. It could be due to their lack of writing skills, time stringency, inadequate resources, or other factors. Irrespective of the issue, you should adopt the right mindset to create a good essay within a short timeframe.

Instead of focusing on the hardship associated with the task and wasting time thinking about how to write an essay really fast, take it as a challenge and say, ‘I can do it,’ and start with the process. If necessary, give yourself a prep talk, create a goal mentally, take a deep breath, and start writing. Any essay can become manageable with the right system and logic.

Read & understand the prompt

Studies suggest that most students who lack the understanding of how to write an essay fast or search for tips on how to learn to write an essay fast struggle because they don’t read the question carefully. You can only write an essay quickly within the necessary deadline if you are thorough with the requirements.

As boring as it may seem, you cannot overlook the significance of reading the essay prompt. It is the most crucial step in how to write an essay fast and well. Hence, take time and read the prompt. Reread it and note your immediate reaction to the topic. Then, create a rough draft of the important points, sub-questions, and other details, so you can answer what’s asked of you.

Plan your time well

Since you are here for tips on how to write an essay fast, it’s understandable that you don’t have enough time to devote to the task. Nevertheless, you should plan whatever time is available to you. For instance, if you are wondering how to write an essay very fast because you have just an hour in hand, consider 10 minutes for research and outlining, 40 minutes for writing, and 10 minutes for revision. Redistribute the time according to the time available for writing your essay.

Please note that the time will vary for essays with bigger word counts. If you have a day to complete your 1000 words essay, give at least 30 minutes to research, outline and structure. Keep two hours for writing the paper. Now students with slower typing speed can keep 45 minutes extra for writing. Don’t forget to include 10 to 15 minutes of revision time in your plan.

Pro Tip: Create a step-by-step plan for each stage of essay writing and time each stage to stay focused. Do not get worked up if you take 5 or 10 minutes more for one stage. It’s fast essay writing, not a relay race. Your ultimate goal should be to create a decent essay on time to avoid missing the deadline. 

Research without any distraction

It’s easy to get lost in online resources when searching for tips on how to write an analytical essay fast or a website with professional writers for personalised support. The internet is full of content of all kinds, and getting lost in it is easy. So, beware! If you are not careful with your research, you’ll end up procrastinating. Your search for “one more source” can easily turn into a couple of unproductive hours, which you could have easily used for writing.

Here’s another effective tip on how to write an essay fast, mostly when you procrastinated to set a time limit for research. Conducting research within a time limit may seem challenging, especially when you don’t know how to write an essay fast and make homework easy, but fret not. You already have some idea about the topic. Just research some more to provide relevant data, figures, and information to strengthen your statement.

Narrow down your research to find specific information from credible sources. To learn how to write an essay fast in an exam, you should learn to research faster. Bookmark all the required pages so you can refer back to them if required. If not, you’ll have to repeat the process from the top.

Draw a well-defined outline

Knowing how to create an essay outline is essential in learning how to write an essay fast, mainly when you procrastinated. You are sadly mistaken if you think you can skip outlining to save 15 minutes. You must create an essay outline to organise your ideas and thoughts around the paper’s main theme.

Write down the words and phrases in bullets to determine how the paper is logically connected. Next, relate all your points to the larger concept to develop a general structure for your essay. With an outline, you can ease the writing process and present your ideas in a logical order. Here are some suggestions regarding creating an outline if you don’t know how to write an essay fast:

  • List the points with suitable headings in the order you want to write. Don’t create a hierarchical structure.
  • Do not hesitate to visit your college library for some strong sources relevant to the topic to increase the authoritativeness of your work.
  • Keep all relevant quotes from each source under suitable topics.
  • Turn your outline into your essay – don’t start with a blank canvas!

Another advantage of an outline is that you can create a thesis statement once your essay points are ready based on the main idea. Refer to each point and elaborate on them, keeping in mind the main objective of your paper.

Get everything you need ready

Is your autobiographical essay due tomorrow? Don’t know how to write an autobiographical essay fast? Not an issue! It’s time to implement the tips we discussed above. In addition, make sure you have everything you need to write the essay at your hand’s reach.

Clean and prepare your study space and organise your notes, books, pointers, stationery, and other relevant writing resources. Check if you have everything you need so you don’t have to run around the house to find it when you start writing. Keep your class notes close so you can refer to them while writing. Sometimes teachers discuss important guidelines and pointers in class. Be sure to write following those guidelines to avoid unnecessary deductions.

Mind your essay structure

Many students don’t know how to write an autobiographical essay fast – and that’s not unusual. But if you don’t take the initiative to give your best to fulfil the assignment requirements in a way your teacher expects, you will fail to secure good grades. One way to create a quality essay quickly is to stick to the standard structure of an essay.

Do not experiment with structuring if you don’t know how to write an autobiographical essay fast. Experimentation should be the last thing you think when the clock is ticking. You can try it while developing your argument in the paper. Ask your professor for guidelines regarding structuring if none is given. S/he can give you relevant examples and guides to develop the structure.

Also, pay extra attention to your class reads assigned by the supervisor to get a clear picture of the academic conventions preferred for your essay. Pay attention to the structure while reading books or academic materials from your reading list. Be careful of the source. Follow the template of a university essay and not from a random blog or student essay available online.

Prioritise quality over quantity

Just because you are far behind in submitting your essay and have no clue about how to write an essay fast about a book or a novel doesn’t mean you will fill your essay with fluff and unnecessary details to meet the word count requirements. If you don’t know how to write an essay fast about a book or a novel, don’t focus on the word count. Instead, focus on delivering a good, well-researched essay. 

Conducting extensive research can help you learn about the topic and improve your subject-specific knowledge and skills. With improved knowledge and a clear understanding of the context, you won’t end up waffling in your essay. If you need to write a 5 pages essay but have content only for 4 pages, complete your essay within 4 pages. Your teacher will appreciate a 4 pages essay with solid information written in a suitable structure more than a 5 pages essay riddled with errors and incorrect information from random sources.

Write a strong thesis

If you keep contemplating things and overthink your limited skills and writing abilities, you won’t be able to learn how to write an essay fast and fail to achieve your primary goal. Start jotting down everything that comes to your mind about the topic. Start by formulating the thesis so you can stay focused and answer differently: who, why, when, what, and where.

Write the essay’s main theme in the middle of the paper and try to branch off to get additional information about the topic. Not everything you know or have learnt about the topic. Do not make corrections yet – just pen down whatever you know. Once your ideas are ready, fine-tune your thesis in accordance with the requirements of your essay.

Give time to the body paragraphs

The body paragraphs are the true essence of an essay. You don’t have to worry about how to write an essay fast if you have your notes ready. The body paragraphs will focus on the thesis and primary argument of the statement. Refer to the notes and begin each paragraph with an introductory sentence so your readers know what to follow. For instance, if your essay is on how to write an analytical essay fast, you might talk about the benefits of writing and discuss different writing tactics in separate sections.

Support each paragraph with suitable examples, data, figures, examples and other resources from credible websites. Try the reversed order and leave your introduction and conclusion for the final leg of the process. Besides well-defined body paragraphs, the introduction and conclusion are two important but time-consuming essay sections. While an introduction introduces the idea to readers, a conclusion revisits the arguments made in the essay to validate the arguments.

Use transitions, accurate grammar & spelling

Even if you don’t know how to write an analysis essay fast or how to learn to write an essay fast, there’s no excuse for misspelt words, incorrect grammar, poorly structured sentences or improper transitions. All your essays must present clear expressions and show their relation to the thesis.

Carefully read through the paper and check if your grammar, spelling, and structure are accurate. Make sure you place the transitions at the end of the paragraph to hint to readers at the end of one paragraph and the beginning of another. Besides these elements, check everything to eliminate the chances of unnecessary mark deductions. These little elements can impact your overall quality, and all your last-minute effort can be futile.

Don’t rush to conclude

The conclusion is an important part of an essay that helps to bring it all together and clearly express everything discussed in the body paragraphs. Your essay conclusion is your ultimate opportunity to restate your thesis and give your readers something to ponder. Write a conclusion with 3-5 strong concluding sentences that leads to a broader context. However, strictly refrain from introducing new points in your conclusion.

Undoubtedly, when searching for how to write an essay fast late at night, you only want to complete your paper at the earliest and start with your other assignments. Despite the rush, understand that the introduction and conclusion are the toughest sections, and you should give enough time to write them. It will only become time-consuming and tedious if you are unclear on the arguments. Therefore, keep aside thoughts like “how to write an essay fast late at night” or “how to learn to write an essay fast” and start polishing your writing skills.

Cite and proofread as you proceed

When searching for how to write an essay fast about a book, several websites will pop up claiming to deliver the best. Unfortunately, only a few truly live up to their promises. You must not worry about such factors if you multitask with your essay. Confused? Here’s what we meant: citing, editing and proofreading from the start can get demanding. You need to save time with smart writing hacks. So everyone is advised to do their references or prepare a bibliography while proceeding with writing. Each time you quote, you will get all the necessary details at the end of the discussion.

You can also save time by proofreading and editing your essay assignment while writing. Here’s a trick: whenever you complete a section, stop and revise the section. Make the necessary checks to improve your flow of writing. This practice will eliminate the probable chances of errors and allow you to revise quickly before submitting confidently.

No copy-pasting & over-quoting

A common tactic among students is that they include too many quotations in their assignments. Don’t do that if you relate. Over-quoting from third-party sources can bolster the word count and reduce writing for you, but the practice is not ideal as you increase the possibility of plagiarism in your paper. If you haven’t fully mastered how to write and cite an essay fast and well, it’s advised to use short quotes here and there to support your explanation.

Another challenge with excessive quoting is plagiarism. Copy-pasting content or information from third-party sources is immoral and means you don’t have sufficient knowledge about the topic. Therefore, instead of copying sentences from internet sources just because you don’t know how to write an essay really fast, read and give the source its due credit. Refer to the fundamental guidelines of the given citation style to ensure 100% accurate citations.

Turn off distractions & social networks

Wasting time on your phone or social media sites will doom you when you don’t know how to write an essay fast on a novel or social issue, as the deadline clock is looming over you. Most youngsters spend hours on their smartphones without any breaks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, you name the site, 90% of students are flocked to these websites, which often leaves them with less time to get their work done. As a result, they have no alternative but to search for how to write an essay very fast for quick writing hacks.

That’s why you should give your complete effort to block all forms of distractions to give your complete focus on the task, which means no access to a mobile phone, entertainment magazines, pets or other objects likely to distract you while writing an essay. Sit somewhere you can be alone and focus. You can also ditch handwriting and write your essay to improve your typing speed. If you are not confident about your efforts, use online productivity tools and software to block distracting sites. You can do it temporarily, so there’s no room for distractions.

How to Write an Essay Very Fast – Analysing the Upsides and Downsides

Now that you have discussed every trick on how to write an essay fast in an exam and regular classes, it’s time to discuss the positive and negative sides. Let’s explore the positives first:

  • Learning how to write an essay fast on a novel or other topics can help you develop your skills for handling tasks with tricky deadlines. You will develop the confidence to manage on your own and prepare quality solutions for better grades.
  • When you know how to write an essay fast, a closer deadline is no issue. You can manage your pressure and find a way to improve the creative process for creating quality papers.
  • Knowing how to write an essay fast is always advantageous as you don’t have to waste your time. You can design your writing strategy and start writing without wasting any time.
  • Thanks to improved time management skills, there’s less chance of missing the deadline. If you want to learn how to write an essay fast or a website, you can develop your plan and work accordingly. 

Let’s explore the downsides of learning how to write an essay fast:

  • Learning how to write an essay fast may not always leave you with sufficient time. You may not have enough time to research and gather quality information for your paper. Lack of regular resources can pose multiple challenges for writing an essay, even for the best writers.
  • With the deadline fast approaching, you will find yourself all the more stressed due to creative writing blockage. You won’t be able to think about the topic but only think about how to write an essay fast so you avert your teacher’s scolding and poor grades.
  • Rushing to complete essays quickly can impact the overall structure. Since meeting the deadline is most students’ primary focus, they won’t outline and follow a well-defined structure to write their manuscript.

As a parting note, several factors come into play when you cannot meet your deadline on time. But the thing is that not knowing how to write an essay fast is a problem everyone should solve. It doesn’t matter what your essay requirements are. If you don’t know how to write an essay fast, practice the tips suggested above. With regular practice, you will eventually develop the skills to write your essay quickly and submit it on time. If not, professional services are always available for students to avail of the necessary support from subject-specific experts for any deadline.

While knowing how to write an essay fast and well can come in handy in some urgent situations, do your best not to procrastinate. Delaying your essay until the deadline comes knocking at your door is not ideal, as it increases undue pressure and stress and affects the overall quality. Aim to complete your essay much before the deadline so you can accomplish the task in a well-organised manner, from brainstorming topics to proofreading the draft.

Cheers, and all the best!

Most Popular FAQs Searched By Students:

How To Write A 1000 Words Essay Fast?

Ans. Here are some effective hacks to complete your 1000 words essay fast:

  • Start with a plan and divide time for each step of essay writing
  • Carefully read the prompt and understand what you must do
  • Search for reliable sources of information and make notes
  • Outline and develop a rough sketch of the structure to organise the necessary points and sections.
  • Steer clear of distractions and focus on writing
  • Don’t overthink! Just write –don’t edit while writing, as it will delay the process
  • Edit and proofread before submission to ensure 100% accuracy

How To Write An Essay Super Fast?

You can complete your essay faster by practising the following tricks.

  • Pick a topic that you are aware of. When you know what to write, you can write faster and save time for other tasks.
  • Don’t be too picky. Stick to the topic and focus on elaborating on the topic without fluff and unnecessary information.
  • Outline with suitable headings and note the points you want to discuss in each section.
  • Lose the distractions and give your complete focus to writing. Leave the introduction for the end; by then, you’ll be thorough with the key discussions.

Why Is It Important To Learn How To Write An Essay Quickly?

You have multiple academic assignments to complete with similar or different deadlines as a student. In addition, you may have to prepare for an important test. An unfinished essay will add pressure, and you won’t be able to complete your work on time. Knowing the tricks to write an essay quickly will help you efficiently handle writing pressure, and you can complete your work within the deadline.

What Are Some Effective Strategies For Managing Time While Writing An Essay Fast?

When it comes to time management for academic tasks like urgent essay writing, you have to do a few things to maximise efficiency.

  • Read the essay requirements and consider how much time you need to complete the paper.
  • Divide the paper into different stages: research, outlining, drafting, writing and editing and proofreading.
  • Be realistic and analyse how much time you need to complete each stage.
  • Don’t dedicate more than 30 minutes to research for an essay of 500 words. Once your research is complete, start writing following the essay outline.
  • Take breaks in between to cut monotony and boost your motivation levels.

How Can I Overcome Writer’s Block And Generate Ideas Quickly For My Essay?

Try these effective tips to quickly overcome writer’s block and generate quality ideas.

  • Make writing a regular thing to nourish your creativity.
  • Talk to someone to free your mind of stress, and try brainstorming.
  • Identify when you are most creative and productive
  • Focus and observe your surroundings to determine what fascinates you the most
  • Reach out to your subject supervisor and communicate your challenges to get immediate support
  • Start with something easy and return to the tricky bit later, as writing out of order can help you develop unique ideas.

Are There Any Specific Techniques For Efficient Research And Gathering Relevant Information?

Students use different research methods to gather relevant information for last minute essay writing. Here are a few techniques you can use for efficient research and data collection:

  • Collecting questionnaires, surveys, and checklists
  • Conducting personal interviews to get a person’s opinions and unique viewpoint
  • Examining program statistics and monitoring various reports and documentation
  • Observing regular activities to gather operational information
  • Using case studies and focus groups to develop an understanding of the various issues relevant to the topic.

How Do I Create An Outline Or Structure My Essay To Save Time During The Writing Process?

To make better outlines for the essay writing process:

  • Draw an outline with the necessary sections: an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion.
  • In the introduction, include a hook/statistics/quote/story, followed by the thesis statement.
  • The first body paragraph should be based on the strongest argument. Start the paragraph with an engaging topic sentence focusing on the main points of discussion.
  • The second body paragraph should give further details supporting the thesis with summarised points and resources used.
  • The third body paragraph should include an antithesis to consider the counterarguments and why you oppose them.
  • The conclusion should focus on the next steps for the issue and what should be done and include a sentence or two lines focusing on the writer’s viewpoint.

Are There Any Tips For Writing A Strong And Concise Thesis Statement When Time Is Limited?

A thesis statement should state the conclusion about a topic and indicate the main point of discussion. Furthermore, it should state what exactly your paper is about and help you to stay on track as you proceed with writing. A strong thesis gives direction to your work. It should be clear, original, arguable, concise, and obvious to the readers. Understandably, it’s a critical aspect of an essay. Therefore, it’s better to leave it for the end of the paper. By then, you’ll know the key points and limitations and develop your thesis quickly.

Can I Still Include Proper Citations And References In My Essay When Writing Quickly?

Citations and references are crucial when you refer to others’ work in your essay. You can include accurate citations and references in your essay even when you are fighting against the clock, and that’s only when you are thorough with the fundamental guidelines. Accurately citing all sources can hog up much of your study time if you are unsure about the citation and referencing guidelines. The good is you have professional citation specialists available online to help you with the job.

Alice Anderson

Hi, I am Alice Anderson, a full-time academic writer at ABC and an essay writing expert at My struggles as a non-native English speaking student taught me the most effective ways to deal with English essays and assignments in the most fruitful ways. Now, as a full-time academic writer, specializing in English essay writing, I help non-native students tackle their English essays like a pro. I am an active blogger who likes sharing his learning and experiences with everyone. I like to spend my free time with my furry friend "Balto". Yes, you guessed that right! I am a die-hard dog-lover!

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