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7 Golden Steps To Make Your ‘Why NYU?’ Essay Shine

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New York University is a brilliant university situated in the heart of NYC. Its remarkable academic programs and location make it a highly-desirable college. As a result, it has become the largest private university in the United States, with 51,848 students. NYU also receives the most applications in the United States, and the admission process is highly selective.

Especially, the past application cycle proved to be historic. While the school admitted the largest number of international students and a huge percentage of African-Americans and Latinos in 16 years, the NYU acceptance rate dropped to 28%. Only 85,000 applicants were accepted, the lowest acceptance rate since 2001.

This implies writing an impressive essay is crucial to stand out in the crowd. All applicants are required to respond to one supplemental “Why NYU?” essay of 400-word limit where you need to express your interest in NYU as artfully and precisely as possible.

Today’s comprehensive guide will walk you through NYU’s main supplemental essay prompt, providing certain questions and actionable strategies for crafting your essay writing tutoring you put the best foot forward, highlighting the importance of seeking assistance such as essay help to ensure your essay stands out effectively.

So, let’s straightaway get to it!

A Step-By-Step Guide To Write A Unique “Why NYU” Supplemental Essay

The college admission officers of NYU have to go through an incredible amount of essays to put together a winning class. Thus, everything you write must be meaningful and important.

To help you craft the best possible ‘Why NYU’ essay, we have provided crucial steps to take your admission essay writing game to the next level. Have a look-

  • Read The Question To Break It Down

This is a crucial step. A look at ‘Why NYU’ essay examples will help you realise that the question requires understanding. You must also address the entire question in your 400-word response.

Let’s walk through the question breakdown together:

Essay Prompt:  “We would like to know more about your interest in NYU. We are particularly interested in knowing what motivated you to apply to NYU and, more specifically, why you have applied or expressed interest in a particular campus, school, college, program, and or area of study? If you have applied to more than one, please tell us why you are interested in these additional areas of study or campuses. We want to understand. – WHY NYU? “

Translation: “Why do you want to attend NYU? You have thousands of other choices in schools, and you used one of your choices on NYU. Why? Are you a good fit for NYU? If yes, tell us why. Why are you interested, and what is the reason behind applying to the school that has your chosen major?

If you have more than one interest and are interested in pursuing more than one major or degree, please tell us why? Help us to make sense of your interests. You understand that NYU has a global network, right? So share with us why you want to come to our school.”

NYU says that it is not crucial to have your major figured out. You need to have an articulated interest in NYU. You can also click on the website of NYU to find a school, a program, or even classes that will help you pursue this interest. Even if you are uncertain, ensure to lean into the vision for your future.

  • Conduct An Extensive Research On the Values of NYU

If you have decided to apply to NYU, you must have already done your homework. It is always wise to delve deep into their website if you haven’t. You will gain a comprehensive idea of the school’s values, what they look for in an applicant, and if you share similar values.

Try to at least pretend that you have ‘fallen in love with NYU’ even if you are uncertain. Concentrate on the particulars of your new infatuation. Here are certain exemplary ways to research the values and traits of NYU:

  • Do not say NYU is the ‘perfect place’ for you. Perfection is impossible to accomplish, and the admission officers are well aware of that.
  • Choose five elements of NYU that appeals to you. Choosing real names and tiles will compel you to conduct in-depth research and stay specific.
  • Remember, your ‘Why NYU?’ essay must not be a retelling of your Common App essay. Instead, use this brilliant opportunity to pair NYU with your values and personality.

Furthermore, ensure to go through the ‘Academics’ tab, which is a complete listing of NYU’s academic programs and other academic offerings. Click through the section to find your specific school and major.

  • Write Freely

While writing your ‘Why NYU’ essay, the worst thing you can do is to agonise over every single word at the beginning of the process. Rather, start writing. Pen down whatever comes to mind for each question, and do not hold back.  

Ensure to write down the memories that crop in your mind- even the bad ones! Try finding the stories that embody your personality. You can also record the stories that highlight your sense of grit or stories that personify your wonder and curiosity.

Assimilate at least three stories. The more stories, the more options you will have.

  • Brainstorm Powerful Essay Ideas

Remember, your goal is to set yourself apart from the rest of the applicants. Your story will help you accomplish this. Try digging deeper and write down what you care about. Ensure these are specific details.

Refrain from choosing broad statements. For example, do not write something like “The historic brick buildings on the NYU campus are beautiful” or “This University is known for its robust curriculum”.

Instead, focus on what intrigues you and fits well within the goals and background and what makes the school stand out from others.

  • Choose An Effective Essay Premise

Once you choose a topic, go through your free-write responses diligently. Choose an intriguing memory related to your values and tell a story. Know that NYU admission officers have to go through thousands of applications daily. The ones that stand out are those written in the form of a good story.

You do not have to be John Green or J.K. Rowling. You need to be genuine, descriptive, and concise. Speak of your experience, how that relates to your values and NYU’s values, and how your experience has impacted your choice of NYU as the potential college.

Hence, your ‘Why NYU?’ essay’s flow should be like:

  • This is a story that highlights crucial aspects of who I am
  • This value connects to the story
  • It just so happens this value connects with NYU’s special value
  • And this is why I am a great fit
  • Follow The Accurate Outline

As we have said, one of the remarkable ways to start your essay is to tell an effective story with an outstanding anecdote. Your anecdote can begin with a quote from someone that helps you preface your story, a cold hook or an obvious statement.

Once you add your anecdote, state framing it with details immediately. You have 400 words to work with, so getting right into your essay is wise. Explain the actions you undertook to pursue the interest. This must comprise 30-40% of your essay.

Then, you can spend the rest of your essay discussing the resources at NYU that will enable you to accomplish your goals and sharpen your skillset.

  • Conduct The Final Read-Throughs Diligently

If possible, try to do your final readings at least 24-48 hours after your last revision to give your brain a break. Also, try to read your essays out loud, just in case you have a typo in there that you may have missed.

Remember, two final read-throughs should be adequate for assurance sake. However, any more than that could end making you a bit more anxious. Trust yourself and trust the process. When you’re finished, let go and submit.

Strong NYU Essay Example to Make Your Paper Stand Out

Refer to New York University’s main supplemental essay prompts, implement key actionable strategies, and incorporate fresh ideas to make your “Why NYU” essay assignments stand out. Let’s walk through the drill together, referring to the well-knit NYU essay example provided below.

Essay – Study On Traffic Accidents Among University Students

Check This University Essay Example

View Sample

Unique ‘Why NYU’ Essay Examples To Draw Inspiration

We thought of providing exemplary ‘Why NYU’ essay examples so that you have a remarkable visual understanding of the structure, outline, and writing style.

Go through these remarkable examples to comprehend how to compose a brilliant ‘Why NYU’ essay in a compelling manner-

hesis statement.
thesis statement.
thesis statement.

Wrapping Up,

While crafting an exemplary and flawless ‘Why NYU’ essay can give you a difficult time, this comprehensive post could be the answer to it all. With this lucid guide on how to write a remarkable NYU essay like a pro, you can nail that task like never before. It is also crucial to remember that you are more than enough, and all the support you require is out there if you only know where to look for it,

Take the help of this ultimate guide, comprehend the vital steps, and draw from inspiration from examples to sail through your ‘Why NYU?’ essay writing process like a champion!

Learn To Craft An Exceptional ‘Why NYU’ Essay At

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