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A Quick Guide To Writing An Awesome Problem-Solution Essay

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Life without problems is like a dish without the appropriate spices and seasoning. And while many believe problems to be an illusion of the mind, they (certainly) make our existence flavoursome and interesting. 

That said, one must never have too many problems, or their existence can become mind-numbing and even catastrophic. And, whenever a problem arises, one must have the wits and presence of mind to resolve them before it turns ugly and gets out of control.

Academic experts state,‘The key to solving the problem at hand is to understand the problem properly. The answers or hints to solving the issue lie within the problem. One needs to pay attention and figure it out.’

Of course, problem-solving is a skill that must be honed with proper academic knowledge, general awareness and intelligenceand emotional quotient 

Moreover, the vital steps to solving any problem are –

  • Identifying the problem
  • Analysing the problem
  • Describing the problem

The Practice of Writing Problem-Solving Essays for Improving Skills

Colleges and universities assign problem-solving essays to students to test and improve their problem-solving competence. 

Such essays comprise topics or questions pertaining to a specific or trending problem. And the goal of students is to understand and analyse the problem presented and recommend ways to solve it through their writing. 

For students who haven’t written a problem-solving essay, these writing pieces comprise 4 critical components – 

  1. The situation
  2. The problem
  3. The solution
  4. An evaluation of the problem

Typically, the situation of the problem is explained in the Introduction of the essay, while the problem’s evaluation is presented in the conclusion. The body is where the writer unveils the problem and presents solutions to resolving it. 

A problem-solving essay is similar in structure to a cause-and-effect essay. And the form of writing resembles a persuasive essay- where the writer endeavours to convince the readers to care about the problem, present a solution aptly complemented with facts, data, statistics, etc. and dismantle any arising objections or counterarguments. 

Problem Solution Essay Outline

  Create a hook for audience  Discuss the chief causes of the presented problem. Add statistical evidences, authoritative quotes and relevant    Mention how laws and regulations directly influence the issue can be usable evidences.  Explain in detail the previous solutions and how successful were they.    Mention what deductions you derived from your research essay.
  Provide background information.    Mention the root of the cause and why  Explain how the problem effects the society, people, economy and environment (immediate and long-term)    Write about the rational solutions for future you recommend for the presented problems.  Rephrase the thesis statement and surmise connecting everything together to make a clear impact.  
  Establish the thesis statement  Add how national and international policies contribute to the issue. Also add chief contributors    Also add how the problem can affect the future and what fate lie for everyone.  You can also present assumptions and add an opinion or recommended course of action along with the ones presented by authoritative sources.    Also include the main benefits of the recommended solutions and why it must be done as quickly as feasible.
   Present clear materials and research findings in the body to complement the thesis statement.       Comprehensively analyse, evaluate and explain the most effective and acceptable plan of action to eliminate the problem.    Finally, initiate a CTA (call to action) by making readers acknowledge your stance and take meaningful action.

How to Write a Problem Solution Essay? Step-by Step Explanation!

How to Write a Problem Solution Essay

Problem-solving essays (like any other form of descriptive write-up) comprise a success formula. The proposed solution must be implementable without hassle and end the problem completely. 

Also, while presenting the problem’s solution, avoid all vagaries and stick to the particular issue with relevant courses of action. 

Moreover, avoid presenting farfetched or unrealistic notions when writing a problem-solving essay. Ensure the presented solution is rational and feasible. 

If you’re struggling to figure out how to write a problem-solution essay, don’t sweat it. 

Below are useful tips and insights to make your writing endeavours easy and (even) enjoyable.

So, pay close attention!

Step 1 – Introduce the Problem 

(As discussed) A problem-solving essay comprises 4 crucial elements. And the Introduction is where you introduce the problem to your readers. 

Of course, before the Introduction, you must figure out what problem and solution you wish to highlight to your readers.  

So, sort many problem solution essay topics and pick one (either on a trending problem or a rare issue having few discussions and fewer recommended solutions).

For instance, if your topic is Immigration problems, you must introduce the topic and make the readers aware of your essay’s intentions. After introducing and describing the problem (mainly what it is), you must write why it is important to solve the presented problem. 

Once you have expressed reasons for solving the issue as rationally as feasible, you must craft the thesis statement – describing the proposed solution to the presented problem. Of course, you don’t have to write in detail (as you will eventually do that in the body). So, succinctly state the solution in 1-2 sentences. 

Many students make the mistake of blandly describing the problem. DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE if it’s your maiden attempt to write a problem and solution essay!

To arrest their attention and sustain it throughout the essay, you must describe the problem and the solution from the reader’s eyes. Thus, introduce the subject in a way that titillates their interests. 

You can include a heart-touching narrative, an eye-opening statistic about the problem or a compelling statement on how the problem morphed from something mundane and insignificant to something more serious. And explain how acknowledging and vesting in the proposed solution is a worthwhile cause for everyone. 

Remember that the introduction must leave the readers hungry and wanting more. If you can do that, you set the stage and mood for the audience to rummage through the entire piece. 

Step 2 – Create an Outline for the problem’s SOLUTION

Once you’ve drafted and compiled the perfect Introduction, shift to the focal part of the essay – the BODY.

Ideally, the body must comprise 3 or 4 stanzas (depending on the topic and explanatory length for the solution). 

Always begin with clarity when writing the body. Explain the solution lucidly so that anyone can follow. Present as much information, data, numeric statistics and visual references as feasible when explaining the solution. Also, point in detail (with substantiating evidence) why readers must consider it important. 

However, avoid jargon and lengthy sentences when presenting your viewpoints. While you must make the body as info-rich as possible- avoid wordiness!

Another thing worth mentioning is the use of the final body stanza to justify potential counterarguments on the shared solution. Readers have a mind of their own. They like making their assumptions. Hence, some readers may respond adversely to the shared solution and present counterarguments to thwart yours. 

Anticipate counterarguments and have your cross-counter logic ready to nullify any criticisms or rebuttals from indifferent readers. 

It will make the essay multi-dimensional and enriching for the readers! However, when presenting cross-counter logic, be sure the supporting evidence is strong, persuasive and impactful. Or else it will be a wasted effort and even result in some readers discrediting your work or labelling it controversial for real-time implementation.

Step 3 – Aptly Cite Evidence as You Go Along

You must use several web sources when writing the essay. So, while you write, look to cite the evidence as you go along. You must cite research studies, relevant statistics, expert opinions and other journals and articles on the topic. 

If you are explaining a new solution that’s unexplored thus far, you must back it with hard-core facts and data. You must also write in detail why the recommended solution (even though new) will prove mighty effective in solving the presented problem. 

Step 4 – Conclude the Essay

After explaining the solution in the body and citing all sources correctly throughout the essay, wrap things up. Re-state the thesis statement. But don’t copy-paste it from above. Rephrase fresh without altering its meaning. 

Following the thesis statement, explain the steps necessary to solve the problem presented. Paint a clear picture of how the world would be once the proposed solution solves the existing problem. 

To persuade your readers, you can try using rhetorical questions like – 

  • Doesn’t this sound like the world we would all want to be a part of?
  • Doesn’t solving this long-sustained problem make us feel good and prideful?

Such questions invoke emotions among readers and, most times, make them want to respond or take a meaningful call to action. And so, they should for that’s the whole point!

After you trigger a response among your readers, request them to support and endorse the solution unbeknownst to others. Word of mouth has immense power and reach. So, ensure your final message is compelling enough for the audience to take your stance. 

You can also explain the ‘what if situation’ for more impact.

Don’t add any new information in the conclusion. It only creates confusion and uncertainty in the reader’s mind. Keep sentences short and to the point. Also, suggest resources where readers can learn more about the presented problem and solution. Or give them a hint of the possibility of further future research. 

Now that you have a basic idea of how to write a problem solution essay, let’s discuss how to choose problem solution essay topics!

Here’s How to Choose the Best Problem Solution Essay Topics

  • Choose a problem that’s interesting, unique or prevalent globally.
  • Ensure the topic is not too expansive or narrow.
  • The problem must comprise loads of research data, arguments and evidence. 
  • The problem must pertain to a wide audience (something that adversely influences their daily lives)
  • The problem must also comprise sufficient information on its solution (s) and must provide ample substantiating evidence to support the proposal.

Ideally, a problem-solution essay must emphasise real-world concerns like a national/international threat (like climate change, global warming, animal slaughter, economic instability, income inequality, etc.)

Even if you don’t pick a world-threatening concern but rather portray a mundane concern, ensure the topic is compelling enough for the readers. The problem must make the audience care about it and that finding solutions to solving the issue would make life better for everyone. 

Let’s make things easier for you! Below, we have indexed 100 problem-solving essay topics to take ideas from.

100 Problem-Solving Essay Topics to Inspire You

  1. How to solve poverty?
  2. How to lessen the number of people living below the poverty line?
  3. What steps must be taken to provide affordable housing to low-income individuals?
  4. How does one deal with illegal immigration?
  5. What steps must be taken to stop racism worldwide?
  6. How to stop teenagers from using drugs?
  7. How can one stop divorces?
  8. How can one keep a check on the alarming increase in gun violence?
  9. What steps must be adopted to improve literary rates in India?
  10. How can one stop illegal human trafficking?
  11. How can one help individuals who are victims of family violence?
  12. Why women are susceptible to prone to sexual violence, rape and prejudice?
  13. How does one prevent merciless animal experimentation worldwide?
  14. How does one stop kids from being adversely influenced by porn, violent shows, movies, video games, etc.?
  15. How does one exercise their civic right to speech without getting violated or insulting anyone?
  16. How can one improve unemployment rates in India?
  17. What steps must be adopted to prevent problems of online data mining?
  18. How can one put a stop to currency terrorism?
  19. How can one prevent sexual assaults on college campuses?
  20. Undocumented immigration- how to resolve the issue?
  21. How can one thwart mass shootings? Is technology a potential solution to this prevalent evil?
  22. How must officials address the problem of police brutality?
  23. What problems prevent suicidal people from getting help? What’s the solution to this prevent concern?
  24. Why do students procrastinate, and how can parents prevent it from happening?
  25. How do players prevent severe injuries that force them to take long gaps from competitive sporting action?
  26. What policies must the governments levy to prevent the burden on learners post-graduation?
  27. What is the problem of unfit and illiterate parents raising kids in this modern era? 
  28. How can colleges be more affordable and accommodating to students from low-income families?
  29. How do students pay for private colleges themselves?
  30. How can students become better exam takers?
  31. What steps should be taken to make colleges and universities safer?
  32. How to prevent drug use and abuse within college and university campuses?
  33. How to tackle a student who habitually cuts and harms themselves at college and university campuses?
  34. How to prevent the issue of kids’ obesity?
  35. What steps must schools and parents take to prevent kids from cheating in examinations?
  36. How to tackle disruptive, violent and misbehaving students who are also exceptionally talented?
  37. How to support and help kids failing all class tests and even term examinations?
  38. How can college and university faculty prevent teasing, abuse and violence towards introverts and shy kids?
  39. What steps must be taken for students getting pregnant in high school or college?
  40. Role of parents to aid their children from eating ailments?
  41. What steps must be taken to increase the rate of adopted children?
  42. Plagiarism consequences and how can students avoid it in their assignments?
  43. What steps can be taken to prevent young people from ageing out in kids’ welfare systems without having a chance to art a family of their own?
  44. How can parents help their children overcome mental illness?
  45. Are today’s children better liars? How can parents prevent kids from frequently lying?
  46. How can newbie drivers be trained better?
  47. The problem of road rage – causes and steps to prevent it?
  48. Traffic violations and prevention measures
  49. Why do some people drive like idiots?
  50. How does one avert DUI and deaths due to drunken driving?
  51. How can families help kids suffering from severe depression?
  52. Forceful abortion? Should it be allowed to continue? Also, provide solutions to stopping this evil deed.
  53. Medicare funding problems and Solutions for Improvement
  54. Sexual abuse in the movie industry and how to prevent it?
  55. Preventing sexual abuse of children
  56. How can one reduce truancy?
  57. Domestic violence and how to prevent it?
  58. The problem of absent parents and its negative impact on children
  59. The issue of parental separation and its adverse effect on kids
  60. The problem of socioeconomic reality as modern slavery
  61. The problem of the nuclear family and its impact on a child’s behaviour
  62. The prevalent issue of African American discrimination in workplaces worldwide
  63. Global warming and its ill- effects on polar regions
  64. What is the problem of deforestation, and what steps to prevent it?
  65. Global warming- is our planet under severe threat?
  66. Illegal poaching and its impact on the economy? Suggest solutions to prevent this heinous crime.
  67. Cyberterrorism – A severe threat without a face!
  68. The problem of legal lumbering and what heavy penalties must be levied?
  69. Narcissistic individuals- dangers of being around them and tips to tackling them?
  70. The problem with Laws on environmental protection
  71. Water pollution and how to prevent it from happening further
  72. The adverse effects of air pollution and how can government officials take steps to prevent them
  73. How can government officials reduce toxic emissions that pollute the environment?
  74. Treating obesity- is using specific plant extracts a viable solution
  75. Does obesity classify as a lifestyle malady?
  76. What is Hypertension, and how does salt affect blood pressure?
  77. What are the major causes and symptoms of Hypertension?
  78. Is Atherosclerosis a stress-caused ailment? How does one prevent it from manifesting?
  79. Is Iron a causal factor for Atherosclerosis?
  80. Constipation and how can one overcome it?
  81. Gastric ulcers and suggestions to diagnose it
  82. Problems of legalising marijuana
  83. How to manage conflict among workplace groups?
  84. Problems and Risks of Online Dating
  85. The Problem of Selfish Behaviours in Kids- What can parents do?
  86. What is the problem of body shaming, and what ways to prevent it?
  87. The issue of the gender wage gap and how to stop it
  88. White collar crimes and how to prevent it
  89. Police Brutality and its Steps for Prevention
  90. Dangers of real estate fraud and steps to solve it
  91. The dangers of inflation and how to stop it
  92. What are the adverse effects of globalisation, and what steps to control it?
  93. How to decrease the problem of consumer debt?
  94. The problem of consumerism and its possible solutions
  95. How to prevent ageism discrimination?
  96. The risks of abusive relationships and tips to come out of it
  97. How to develop confidence in students lacking thereof?
  98. Marital rape and steps to prevent such unholy deeds
  99. How to solve the issue of technical illiteracy in India?
  100. Child labour and steps to prevent it

Problem Solution Essay Structure

For a problem-solution essay, there are 2 methods of structuring. And they share a resemblance to a cause-and-effect essay. 

The Two Methods Entail –

Block Structure
  • Block Structure(listing out all problems first in individual stanzas followed by recommended solutions to those problems)
  • Chain Structure(listing out each problem immediately followed by the solution in the same stanza. Depending on the number of problems presented and solutions, one can adjust the body stanza accordingly)
  Introduction (with thesis statement of the situation)    Introduction (with thesis statement of the situation)
1st Problem1st problem and Solution to 1st problem
2nd Problem2nd problem and solution to 2nd problem
3rd Problem (and so on)3rd problem and solution to 3rd problem
Transition statement/stanza(And so on)
1st Solution 
2nd Solution 
  3rd Solution (and so on)   
  Conclusion (with summary of problem and solution, recap of thesis statement and overall evaluation)  Conclusion (with summary of problem and solution, recap of thesis statement and overall evaluation)

Example of Problem Solution Essay

Most students learn something best through referable examples of the task itself. 

So, here’s an example of a problem-solution essay on the topic coverage – “Poor Fitness & Obesity.”

Also, to fill you in, the example adheres to the block structure entailing problem (s) and solution (s) to the problem (s) in separate stanzas accompanied by the Introduction (with thesis statement of the situation) and conclusion in the end (featuring a brief evaluation of the essay).

Let’s begin!

Topic – Poor Fitness & Obesity.

Obesity is a major problem for all age groups in a population. And much of that is our problem. Excessive consumption of processed and convenient foods and over-reliance on cars has decreased people’s fitness level and stamina. In some nations, obesity accounts for nearly a third of the population(Situation) The increasing rate of obesity also leads to poor lifestyles and a lessening of one’s life expectancy (Problem), and it’s imperative that governing bodies and health experts must play a more dominant role in tackling this prevalent problem and recommend ways and mediums to help citizens better their fitness. (Solution

(Thesis Statement will be the final line of the Introduction)

(As you can see, the stanza explains the situation, the problem, how it concerns people, and why they must look to adopt change).

Poor fitness and obesity are also the roots of many serious ailments, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke and premature expiration. Moreover, obesity and poor fitness also lessen bone strength, structure and breaking or fracturing risks in the event of any physical injuries. However, health specialists believe the best way to reduce obesity and improve fitness is via proper exercise. Doing so reduces heart disease risks like strokes. (Problem)

 Health experts also state adopting a better nutritional diet and physical activity increases life expectancy rates. Consumption of processed foods and drinks and high sugar and fat content is a big NO. Instead, one must prepare meals featuring fresh meat, fish, eggs, etc. They must consume lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to boost their nutritional intake, cut down excessive fat and reduce obesity levels. Besides changing to a healthier diet, people must also walk, jog, and sprint in their free time. Alternatively, they can cycle to work or run errands rather than relying on their car or motorbikes. They can use the stairs frequently rather than the office or home elevator. Also, people can stop consuming excessive alcohol or drinks with artificial flavouring. Instead, they can opt for green tea, lemonade, black coffee, or water. Adopting these meaningful changes can certainly help people overcome their obesity issues and augment their overall fitness levels. (Solution)

Other stanzas must follow the same format (Problem followed by the solution to the problem). Add data, facts and other supporting evidence to add more depth to your essay.

What to Avoid When Writing Your Problem-Solution Essay?

Making mistakes are part and parcel of the learning phase. One cannot learn what’s right if they don’t learn what’s wrong. 

For better clarity, here are some common mistakes to avoid when working on your problem solution essay.

  • Don’t make your essay merely a list of problems and solutions. Expand on them using separate stanzas complemented with accurate facts, data and research evidence. Even your professor wants you to pick a few relevant problems on the topic coverage and expand on them using examples, data and lucid explanations.
  • Don’t mismatch problems with wrong solutions. Focus on what you’re writing and avoid anything out of context. Create an essay where the readers easily identify and relate to specific problems and their appropriate solutions in individual paragraphs. 
  • Don’t mention a problem that you can’t find a proper solution. Even if the issue is unique and interesting, it does no good if you can’t present viable solutions. It will only result in wasted effort, valuable time, and energy loss.
  • Don’t forget to create a bibliography (citation index) at the end of your essay. Also, don’t forget to include your original research on the problem. It will add more credence to your essay.

That brings us to the end of this comprehensive guide!

If you seek a pre-crafted problem solution essay sample in addition to the above information, has a rich resource database with many problem-solution essay samples.

Also, contact us unhesitantly if you require additional essay help and assignment tutoring.

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