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Argumentative Essay: How to Not Get Distracted by Social Media

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Social Media has undoubtedly become one of the most important parts of our lives in today’s time. No one can imagine a life sans social media with today’s fast growing and developing technology. Connecting to people has become much easier in the last one decade. It is social media only that has made connecting with people achievable in an instance.

Today we keep using our data and Wi-Fi connections to access internet for logging on to the social media platforms. The reason being, with the introduction of social connectivity platforms, it has become relatively easy to connect to friends and family with just a few clicks. Now you can easily know about the location, the thoughts and feelings of people along with many other options that are directly posted by your friends and family members on their social web page. These things were not possible before. But now, it is unavoidable and people cannot even think to survive without at least having a Facebook account.

It is believed that young minds catch things more easily and quickly. Indeed, the establishment of social media platforms has attracted the younger generation more than it attracted the older ones. But with time, today we can see that almost 48 percent of the worldwide population uses internet on a regular basis. From that, it is approximately calculated that about 45 percent of the worldwide population can be found on various social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google+, Instagram and many more.

With this statistics, let us now peek into the influence that social media has made into the lives of human beings, the Mother Earth and the whole of Human Existence. We will also look at the advantages and the disadvantages of the influence that has impacted the lives of thousands of students and the younger generation in some way or the other.

Impact of Social Media on Students

Social media has a huge influence with students and the younger generation. For every bit of movement, students now use social platforms to connect to friends, collecting both relevant and irrelevant information as well as search for amazing occurrences all over the world and keep themselves updated.


As gathering of information became easy, students now possess diverse knowledge on various topics that has helped them to easily get involved into social talking and gathering as well as enhance their way of thinking and acquire a clear perspective on how things are actually. Social media has developed the human intellect into a more diversified quality. You can definitely feel it yourself. Moreover, referring to the internet can enable you to gain ample amount of information for your studies and you can always stay a step ahead with your knowledge.


Social Media has turned each and every student’s outlook in such a manner that it has now become a part and parcel of their regular life. If any student is failing to score good marks, the reason cannot be only the influence of social media but all other factors that are closely related with social media platforms.

Let us understand this with an example:

Social platforms provide students with relevant information as well as current updates that help them to enhance their knowledge. Students can utilize such sources for their educational purposes and most of them also do so. But social networking and social media platforms are not only limited to knowledgeable stuff.

You have suddenly seen an update in a particular blog and it mentions to have information that closely relates to your subject matter or thesis paper. While reading, your friends start tagging you into irrelevant and funny materials. You tend to avoid but suddenly, for instance, your crush comments on that post and you are now desperate to look into it! Gone! All your effort to pick up information related to your subject is now a smoke that has escaped through the chimney!

What can be done in such a situation?

The best method to follow in such situations can be as follows:

  • Disable receiving notifications: You will not be disturbed with frequent vibrations or rings on your device showing all the irrelevant stuff.
  • Enable silent mode: Keeping your device in silent mode can allow you to get rid of distractions as you will feel disturbed continuously with incoming messages or notifications.
  • Focus yourself: Concentrate on your research with full mental focus. Social media and internet surfing allows you to collect some of the most amazing bits of information if done with a goal-set.
  • Take notes: While going on with your research, write important points as you go through. It will help you to remain focused and avoid looking at incoming pings from your friends and mates. It will also allow you to manage your study time and your social networking time with ease.

Already starting to feel that these can help you manage your social networking addiction and make you more focused on your study time? Surely it can.

But first let us look at some more distractions that are common with usage of heavy social networking connectivity that students face.

Nowadays, it is a fashion to upload selfies and tag friends. Likes and comments make you popular and heavy comments make you a controversial celebrity. Surely, who won’t like to be a social personality! Imagine, you are one of the popular social being among your friends and thus your usage of social sites gradually hikes. It extends to such an extent that you cannot survive without looking at the notifications. So, no books, no studying, but only social networking! When the exam dates are near, you motivate yourself to study but your urge never ends.

With every developing technology, there are certain disadvantages; distraction while studying is the most common amongst them all.

So here are a couple of extra-ordinary tips worth following to avoid distractions:

  • Upside down

Keep your device or cell phone upside down and also in silent mode. Not even vibration and study. You will not be distracted.

  • Dedicated device or browser

While commencing research, use a dedicated device or a web browser so that you can avoid unnecessary disturbances or pings. Make sure not to use social networking sites in that device or browser. It helps a lot.

Still, are you distracted frequently? You have already followed such tips but could not avoid getting distracted?

Indeed, social networking platforms when used for informative purposes can definitely get you addicted to it. However, it cannot be called as distraction. Distraction comes from the urge that your brain prepares for you.

The best remedy, therefore, is to tame your brain.


Through meditation!

Yes, dedicate yourself some time and sit quietly. Close your eyes and inspire yourself feeling your being on the earth as an intellectual being. Concentrate on your set goals. You will feel at ease and enhance your motivation. A meditation of 30 to 45 minutes will be more than enough to focus yourself.

To conclude, we can say that social media platforms are a boom to our technological development which has given us more of facilities and ease of access. Yet, we find that people seem to get angry with such enhancements. Many a time parents blame the social networking platforms when they find their wards spending their whole day in social websites. Guys, why give parents such opportunities to blame our beloved technological advancements! Make a routine for yourself and dedicate yourself to your studies as well as your social profile or profiles.

Follow the tips and avoid yourself from distractions. Get going people.

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