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Developing Cause and Effect Essay Topics – Your One-stop Guide

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Essay writing although being the most common kind of assignment has different types. One of the types which we are going to explore today is cause and effect essay which focuses on drawing relationship between cause and consequences of it. Cause and effect essay is not typically related to academic writing. However, it could be used to shed light on research, lab report and topics which call in for detailed data.

Today we will cover everything related to cause-and-effect essay, along with cause-and-effect sample and excellent cause and effect essay topics for college students to help you with everything.

Cause And Effect Essay Definition

A cause-and-effect essay delves deep into the topic and focuses on exploring the causes of a particular phenomenon along with its effect caused. Be it any topic, case or situation, there are always causes and related effects of it.

Since it falls under an expository essay, it focuses primarily on teaching the readers. Expository essays focus on educating the readers on the topic without persuading or making it argumentative. However, if a writer uses cause and effect phenomena within persuasive and argumentative writing, then the situation may differ.

How To Structure Your Cause And Effect Essay?

Most of the essay types follow the same kind of structure, yet there is a certain distinction that makes them different from each other and affects the overall presentation.

The cause-and-effect essay structure starts with a brief introduction to give your readers an idea of the background of the topic. The topic might be known to you but not to each and every reader of yours. Also the introduction section highlights subtle brief on the topic to build up the topic.

Then frame the main body by writing down the causes first, later followed by the effects. If you are unsure how to structure your writing, count the number of causes and effects you have.

Determine the essay length and add or subtract data based on requirements.

One of the best ways to write down causes and effect essays is by stating one cause and its effect side by side. This looks organized and visually appealing while also making sense to the readers.

If one single cause has multiple effects, jot down all the causes first, then write down the effect of all of them together in the end.

After completing the body section, finish off by stating the conclusion. In conclusion, summarize all your thoughts and give your final opinion on the topic to leave readers with clarity and give it a proper finish.

How To Write a Cause-and-Effect Essay?

Now that you know how to structure it you must be wondering “how to write a cause and effect essay?

Let’s discuss on how to write it step by step.

Find your topic

Like every other essay, you need to discover an attractive topic first. Look out for new, trending and controversial topics as people are more interested in them, and if you can do justice to them, you will secure good grades and continued love from readers.

Research it thoroughly

There are tons of writers working on the same topic, yet there are some papers that stand out more. Part of the credit goes to writing style, and the other part goes to extensive research. Gather valuable and legit data from online journals, sites, blogs, offline books and more to collect as much information as possible.

Figure out a thesis statement

A strong thesis statement gives direction to the paper and informs the readers of the highlights which will be discussed in the paper. Along with the thesis, one can add topic sentence which expresses the main point of writing and sharing the ideas of the work.

Introduce the problem

Because it is cause and effect essay does not mean you will start with it directly. It would help if you briefly introduced the readers who are unaware of the topic. Think as if your readers have no idea about the topic and start with the basics before jumping into the main topic.   

Write causes and effects separately

The best way to write your cause-and-effect essay is by doing it separately. One should not force the cause and effects into one paragraph. Rather state the causes and effects one by one or state down all the causes of single effect first and then move on to the next effect.

Readers read with their eyes first, so organization and accurate layout are key factors too.

Conclude your work

Finally comes the conclusion, which is the place for summarizing all the points together. Add in your final opinion, overall implication or the significance of the case to make it relevant to the audience in practical terms. A good way to end your essay is by taking the conclusion as seriously as you do with your entire paper as most conclusions are shabby due to lack of attention.

Proofread without rush

And finally, do not forget to edit and proofread your work. Every time you edit your paper, you will find a certain flaw which can be modified, so why submit the paper without editing? However, to do full justice to your editing, you should always have extra time in hand to avoid overlooking minor errors.

Focus on these steps when composing a cause-and-effect essay to leave your readers in awe.

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Get Inspiration for Good Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Does seeing the same cause and effect essay topics tire you out? Then think how you professors are faring since they have to go through the same recycled topics for years. If you need inspiration for some unique topics, check out the examples below.

Developing Cause and Effect Essay Topics – Your One-stop Guide Example

Check This Developing Cause and Effect Essay Topics Example

View Sample

Example Of Cause And Effect Essays

To help you understand how to write cause-and-effect essays outline, here are a few examples to make it easy.

Example 1:


Depression and anxiety are openly talked about in today’s time. Everyone is facing this in their life, from teenagers to grown-ups, be it in their personal or professional space.

Cause 1

The pressure of being the best and standing out in this fast-paced world stresses everyone. There is too much competition to beat, and the road to success in any field is not easy.

Cause 2

Apart from fulfilling societal roles and responsibilities, one feels shattered when they fail to live up to their own expectations. Not checking the boxes on their bucket list can be the root cause that triggers other unfortunate events in life.

Effect 1

Prolonged depression can make one numb to their feelings. Such individuals are shut off and often lose touch with reality leading to either psychological disorders or ill thoughts, which can be difficult to tame.

Effect 2

Self-harm is one of the biggest effects of depression. We all understand right and wrong, but extended depression can push one off their limits blurring judgment abilities.


Being depressed and having depression are two different concepts. While the first one is occasional, the latter is when one has been facing severe mental consequences for a lengthy period of time. Overall, the effects are…….

Example 2


Social media is considered to be good and bad for several reasons. However, it was started with the intention of capturing and sharing experiences and memories, but now it has become more than that.

Cause 1

Technology and the need to feel included are making even 12-year-olds have their own social media accounts. Everyone wants to have a profile and check out others’ posts, as well as share their own lives.

Effect 1

One of the major effects it is causing is that we as humans have forgotten to live in the moment and are too busy capturing it with perfect filters. Some have even taken it too far, and even create a fake socialite impression to show off on social media.

Cause 2

Social media has become quite addictive. It is common to open the social media for a slight glance and entertainment and end up scrolling it for 3 hours.

Effect 2

The intention of social media might be educational, offering diverse topics for various audiences. Yet those who lack self-control waste a lot of their productive time on fun and entertainment rather than learning anything.  We will agree that majority of us do not use social media as a platform for learning.


Overall, social media’s good and bad side depends on people’s perspectives and how they use it. Advantages and disadvantages are two sides of the same coin, and the same goes for social media.

Types Of Cause And Effect Essay

Structuring your work can become easier if you know the types of cause-and-effect essays. You thought there weren’t any? Well there are. There are three major kinds of cause-and-effect essays which can help students play around with the format and make the layout more interesting:

One cause many effects

Effect-focused cause-and-effect essays emphasize on multiple effects which occur due to a single cause.

For example, disasters have multiple long lasting effects for years.

One effect many causes

This type is focused on the causes more. Here, numerous causes can lead down to one single effect. Although this is a less popular than the other two because it is quite unusual for multiple causes to have a single effect, yet it is still used if there is scope.

The general structure for this follows where all the causes are laid down in separate paragraphs and the effect in the end.

For example, if you are writing about war, you can state down all the political, cultural, religious and other factors which can be the causes of it.

Chain of causes and effects

This is the most complicated way of cause and effect essay type out there. Here one needs to follow a content layout of causes followed by effects and continue. This requires heavy research and crisp outline to carry on the sequence and to find effects separately for each cause mentioned.

These are the three major types of cause and effect essay types. Try to fit your work material into these three categories to keep your work accurate per guidelines.

Topics For Cause And Effect Essays

If you are having no luck finding good cause-and-effect essay topics, then here are some good examples for you:

  • State the effects of having rich and successful parents.
  • Why people are more inclined towards online shopping and the causes of it.
  • Is today’s music better than in the past?
  • Explain why the rate of college dropouts is increasing?
  • Impact of social media on one mindset and beliefs.
  • Why is physical Education added to the school syllabus?
  • Effect of distant learning on Education.
  • List down the cause and effects of colonizing Mars.
  • The connection between music and studying.
  • Do punishment and scolding motivate students?
  • Importance of good breakfast and why people should avoid skipping it.
  • Why is science fiction becoming a popular genre now?
  • State reasons why people are shifting to a more sustainable model of lifestyle.
  • Significance of minimalism and the effects it brings to the table.
  • Reasons for the sudden emergence of podcasts and learning how it will influence the learning behaviour of humans in the coming time.
  • Should everyone work out? If yes, state why.
  • Why do successful people recommend doing meditation?
  • Why eating junk food is a bad option for your body?
  • Elaborate on how unemployment is leading to psychological effects.
  • Discuss how emotional imbalance can affect the immune system.
  • Shed light on the cause and effect of post-traumatic stress.
  • What is the importance of team sports in class?
  • Significance of doing internships in college.
  • Impact of technology and Education and predict prospects around it.
  • Discuss how technology is taking over traditional values.
  • Artificial Causes of global warming and how it will affect future generations?
  • Elaborate on the cause and effect of legal abortion.
  • Elucidate why working from home is getting huge attention now.
  • Discuss the cause and effect of abuse in relationships.
  • List down the good and bad side of owning a smartphone.
  • Cause and effect of negative public opinion on social media individually.
  • Describe how hormonal changes cause mood swings and what affects them.
  • Elucidate how the experience changes in elementary, middle and high school and why?
  • Why are some parents extremely strict, and the effect it has on the child.
  • Explain the cause and effect of schizophrenia in children.

Which Topic Is Too Broad For A Cause-And-Effect Essay?

When selecting cause-and-effect essay ideas then, then there are certain topics which students should omit:

Too broad

Too broad topics are not ideal for cause and effect essays. This calls for lengthy research, which is time-consuming and those who cannot do justice to it end up submitting poorly researched papers.

Will exceed the word limit

Exceeding the word count is not a good sign at all times. In most cases, it does not show much information but also depicts a lack of organizational skills and paying no heed to guidelines instructed.

Lack of concrete information

Topics with no concrete evidence should be omitted. Offering wrong data is worse than offering no information at all. While researching find out authentic data and only include valid and legit points in your work.

These are the three reminders which students should follow while writing cause-and-effect essays to stay on the right track.

Most Frequently Asked Questions By Students

How do you write a cause-and-effect essay?

To write an effective cause-and-effect essay, one needs to research the causes, effects and state future possibilities. Following this, they must also state the solution to ending this problem.

How to structure a cause-and-effect essay?

Cause and effect essays can be structured by starting with an introduction, followed by the body, which can be cause focused, effect-focused or focusing on a chain of events, and finally ending with a conclusion.

How to start a cause-and-effect essay?

The best way to start a cause-and-effect essay is by starting with a hook on the topic. State astonishing statistics, intriguing facts and unique information to keep the readers hooked. Follow it with a thesis statement.

How to write a cause-and-effect essay outline?

Start your outline with the introduction, which has a strong hook to interest the readers. Next compose the main body and pour in all the essential information here. Add transitions to create a flow between different paragraphs. Finally, end your paper with a conclusion to leave readers on a good note.

How to end a cause-and-effect essay?

The perfect way to end a cause-and-effect essay is by restating the main objective of the paper without making it sound repetitive or monotonous. State the main thesis along with stating a solution or your final opinion on the entire case.

How to conclude a cause-and-effect essay?

A cause-and-effect essay should be concluded by restating the main thesis, adding the final opinion, main facts summarized and overall implication. No new argument should be added here, as it can be confusing. The conclusion calls for summing up all points and reflecting on the overall work.

How to write a good cause and effect essay?

To write a good cause-and-effect essay start by searching on the topic. Then refine your research material and organize them into sections of cause and effect. Add in real-life events as it resonates with the readers and strengthens your viewpoint. Finally, edit and proofread your work before submission.

How to start a cause-and-effect essay?

The best way to start a cause end effect essay is with an intriguing question or a bold paragraph. The introduction creates the main hook that readers relate to. Building momentum by briefly introducing the story also creates a good flow which keep readers on the edge of their seats until the end. Or one can also start with analytics and unique facts which are quite unknown about the case.

How could you organize a cause-and-effect essay?

Here are two simple ways of organizing a cause-and-effect paper. One can either start with the cause or end with the effect, or one can mention the effect and end with a cause.

How to write a conclusion for cause and effect essay?

The conclusion for a cause-and-effect essay should be written by restating the thesis, summarizing all the points, answering the question with which the topic started, stating future possibilities and broader impact or final thoughts on the overall topic.

How to write a cause and effect essay examples?

Cause and effect examples should be written in the following way:

  • Introduction
  • Body paragraph(causes)
  • Body paragraph ( effects)
  • Conclusion

One can switch up the body paragraphs by focusing on more effects or causes or creating chain of causes and effects simultaneously.

How bullying affects victims, Cause and Effect Essay?

Bullying is an act that can be experienced in school, workplace and wherever group of people are involved. Common causes for bullying can be rage, trauma, jealousy etc. At the same time, the effects on the victim can be long term leading to self-destructive habits, experiencing depression and anxiety too.

How long should a cause-and-effect essay be?

Cause and effect essays usually only cover about 2-5 paragraphs. Just like other essays, it follows the same length.

What are good cause-and-effect essay topics?

Some of the good cause-and-effect essay topics would be:

  • Why do students cheat in exams?
  • Effect of Divorce on Child
  • What impacts productivity and the effects of it?
  • How do vacations help one’s mindset?
  • Long-term effects of bullying
  • Influence of body Positivity on self-esteem
  • Is intermittent fasting promising?

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