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A Perfect Guide on How to Write a Philosophy Essay to impress your Professor Instantly

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Every student of the philosophy discipline has asked this question at some point in their academic life, “how to write a philosophy essay?”. It is because composing this piece of writing is a challenging task, even for the brightest students. As a student of philosophy, you are supposed to clearly comprehend the question and give an answer to that which is backed by logical arguments. And this is exactly what you should try to achieve in your essay also. In this blog, the right method to create a philosophy essay will be discussed.

What is the purpose of a philosophy essay?

Having a specific goal in mind before beginning with the essay can actually help you to carry out the task easily.

Usually, a philosopher gets motivated by the so called ‘Big Questions’ like, what is the purpose of our life? What truth is? etc. The arguments which are developed in a philosophy essay are supposed to take the reader to an unapparent conclusion from an apparent true ground through many indisputable logical steps.

In a philosophy essay, you will generally be asked to think about an argument or thesis which, usually, has already been established by another philosopher. You will have to do one of the following actions,

  • Elucidate it
  • Provide a supporting argument for it
  • Provide a negative argument against it
  • Oppose it
  • Stand up against an objection against it
  • Assess the supportive or opposing comments on it
  • Offer a discussion on its potential consequences
  • Decide if any other view can be constantly held with it

How to Write a Philosophy Essay: The Steps

Throughout the essay, you should always follow the four processes

  • Organise
  • Analyse
  • Summarise
  • Revise

These processes must be used in every step mentioned below to learn how to write a philosophy essay in the proper manner.

After knowing what the purpose of your essay is, you should follow the below steps to prepare the philosophy essay.

Step 1: Get a clear idea– Because you have to persuade your readers to believe into the argument that you are developing using justifications, you have to be completely clear about the point you want to make. You have to clearly express the exact thing that you are trying to establish. This way the essay will become more rational and thoughtful. If you don’t understand your point, you won’t be able to show it to your readers.

 Step 2: Create the thesis- Your argument or the thesis is the most important part of the philosophy essay. It has to be one, which is thoughtful and logical. In Philosophy, one does not seek for something to believe, one tries to find reasons for believing something. Once you know what you want to showcase in essay, you have to tell that briefly in a short sentence. Failing to do this will give out the idea that you do not clearly know what you want to convey. The thesis comes in the introduction and helps the readers to understand the goal of the paper.

Step 3: Write the introduction- Now that your thesis is written, you can go on with the introduction. This section will be very concise and to the point. Do not provide a long historical background before the thesis. You can define the complicated terms that have been mentioned in the thesis that the readers may not understand. You can also explain, in short, why the argument or the topic is important and how you will proceed with your argument. The introduction can consist of several paragraphs but it should not be more than a single page. It is suggested to keep some room in the introduction so that, if the essay takes a new turn, in the end, it can be included later.

Step 4: Write the first argument- Explain the first argument to support your thesis. You must start with a topic statement. In this paragraph, state and analyse all the chief philosophical points. You should elaborately discuss the points and give sufficient and relevant evidence and resources. To present a good argument, it is imperative to provide evidence for each claim made in the essay.

How to use the evidence?

In a philosophical argument, generalised practical evidence such as scientific result or data from other disciplines like physics, psychology, is used to make the argument strong. But, while doing so, you should not just presume that it will readily resolve the question at hand. You must elucidate for what reason that evidence is relevant to solving the question and precisely what can be deduced from it. And in case of a scientific result, the scientist’s explanation should be documented clearly. Using examples in your essay will be a good decision because most of the philosophical topics and arguments are usually abstract which make it difficult for the readers to understand them. Examples are also helpful in explaining the meaning of a specific term that has been used in the paper. Your example can either be real or hypothetical based on your requirement.

Step 5: Write the first counter-argument- To strengthen your argument, you must predict and state the possible arguments opposing your argument. This is a crucial part of any philosophical essay. Presenting counter arguments and giving the answer to them help to make your arguments strong and more convincing. While writing the counter arguments, you should also explain why you think them to be true. You must always remember that just by contradicting the thesis, you will not get a good reason for objecting it.

Step 6: Repeat steps 4 and 5 to establish your ideas- You should explain and discuss your points for supporting the thesis, as well as, the counter arguments in the same way as mentioned above.

Always remember that just by mentioning every single idea related to your thesis will not make your position or stance stronger.

Step 7: Write the conclusion- Here, you will reiterate your position on the topic and state the arguments briefly. But, make sure you do it in an innovative and different way than the one used in the introduction. You can highlight the point or argument which support your position the most. The implications of your arguments should also be mentioned in this part. Keep in mind not to introduce any new information in the closing paragraph of your philosophy essay.

Following these steps, you must revise the paper meticulously and edit it as required.

Now you know how to write a philosophy essay. By using this guide, you will be able to create impressive essays on this discipline easily.

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