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How to Write a 5-Paragraph Essay

The 5-paragraph essay consists of a specific format that essentially includes five paragraphs. The five main paragraphs represent the introduction as the first, the body is constructed with three paragraphs and the last paragraph comprises of the conclusion. Considered as an effective model for writing compositions, the 5-paragraph essay also helps the students to enhance their composition skills. The chief objective of a five paragraph essay is to precede with an argumentative approach and synthesis the given matter.

How to Write a 5-Paragraph Essay

Format of a 5-paragraph essay

• Introduction (First Paragraph):

Commonly known as the introductory paragraph, it involves the reader to the essay in various ways. The thesis paper is outlined with the essay statement in order to analyze background information of the topic. Moreover, the introductory part represents the brief description of the entire essay subject. Most importantly, the first set of paragraph should instill a connection which will assist the reader to link the second paragraph.


• Description (Second Paragraph):

This is the part where a clear narration of the entire topic is done. The subject of thesis is elaborated in accordance to the thesis statement provided in the First paragraph. Needless to say, this paragraph as well is formulated in a way to form a transition to the next one i.e. Third paragraph.

• Assertion (Third Paragraph):

This part mainly includes the follow-ups of the previous paragraph. The second paragraph primarily focuses on initiating the point along with the implementation of supportive arguments, intellectual illustrations and relevant examples. The final statement should be presented in a way to link it with the preceding paragraph.

• Contradiction (Fourth Paragraph):

This again includes relevant follow-ups from the previous paragraph. This part emphasizes on challenging the thesis statement and hence includes illustrations and strong arguments to oppose. This being the final part of the essay, no more transition is necessary. The fourth paragraph is followed with a conclusion of the entire thesis.

• Conclusion (Fifth Paragraph):

The fifth or conclusion paragraph encompasses the following factors:
1. A brief of the blueprint used in the first paragraph
2. The thesis statement is recapitulated focusing on the topic
3. The body consisting of three main paragraphs are summarized in fifth part
4. Synthesis of the thesis is presented with a final statement
The students can improve their essay writing skills with the help of five-paragraph essay writing model. Needless to say, this model will definitely help the students to improve their writing skills and help them to modify the format as per requirement.

3 tips to write an essay

• One of the most often error caused during essay writing is the vocabulary errors. Thus it is essential to keep a track of these ‘not so easy to spot’ errors in essay writing.
• Another common mistake in essay writing is, the adjectives ending with –ing and –ed (examples: presenting vs presented). It is suggested that students should denote quality by using –ing and denote a state by using –ed.
• It is extremely important to maintain a proper structure while writing an essay. To make the essay comprehensive, it is important to break it into necessary paragraphs as shown.

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