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How to Write the Introduction for an Assignment?

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How Steve Jobs introduced Technology?

“Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.”

Steve Jobs
Some would say introduction is a guidebook, some would characterize it as the context list of a magazine and some would define it as a map of the assignment. Whatever you call it, the function of the introduction remains the same. It must reflect the purpose of writing the assignment, consist of the important terms and signify the findings of the assignment. It requires too many criteria to make it perfect.

Grace Fleming’s

“How to write a strong introduction?” aptly summarizes the importance of introduction.


This is why students get to think the most, while composing an assignment introduction.

Writing persuasive introductions that seize the reader’s attention is what our assignment expert writers excel in.

Strategies to write an assignment introduction

Remember that the introduction varies from one subject to another. You cannot take the same approach to write an introduction for every subject. It solely depends on the topic and quality of your intellect level. To make things easier for you, here are few effective strategies to formulate a persuasive introduction.

Try to find an answer to the assignment question


Sometimes your entire assignment should be built around the response of the assignment question and your introduction is the first step towards it. Your direct answer to your assignment question is your thesis statement that should be included in your introduction. Your assignment question always starts with a broad perspective and narrows down to a certain subject area. You can follow a similar model while assembling your introduction.How do you start an introduction example?

Start the introduction with

  • Quote
  • A surprising statistics
  • A personal anecdote or story that relates
  • A rhetorical question

Note: Remember the first line of your introduction must be ATTENTION GRABBER

Determine between general and broad perspective

Remember, your ‘big opening’ needs to be related to the topic. For example, an opening sentence that describes, ‘Human beings, more than any other creature on the earth, are capable of learning’ would not be ideal for the subject of ‘slavery and education’. Another example, in an assignment where the topic is on the city or state, the opening statement should not deliver world perspective.

Try to do your introduction at the end

You may think that introduction is the first step of assignment writing, but you can alter the order according to your necessity. The best way to write an introduction is to craft the content at the end.

The reason is when you are writing the introduction, you may have a vague idea about main argument points. But when you finish the content, you have clear ideas to what you have included in your writing so far.

Remember to make sure your evidence, introduction and conclusion reflect the same argument that you intend to present.

Give your creativity a chance

Don’t be afraid to compose a tentative introduction in the first and alter it as you progress with the topic. Writing introduction is always the most difficult part for every student because this is the first thing that readers will scan. This is why sometimes you face a writer’s block situation. What you can do is write an average introduction in order to get started with the work. Finish the work, return to the introduction part once again and review it closely. If there is need to rewrite it, don’t hesitate to do it.

Pay prior attention to your opening sentence

You can start with a quote, concession, paradox, short anecdote, analogy or even a statistics related to the topic. Make a good impression before your audience by providing them some useful facts. Don’t forget, ‘First impression is always the last impression’. This is the place where you have to think out of the box and use creative skills. Reader won’t be interested to read the facts that they already know. You have to find unique ways to present the information or opinion in newer package.

Be Confident

Avoid statements like, ‘In this paper, I am going discuss about Fredrick Douglas valued education’, even if this points out your topic directly. These kind of sentences do not interest the reader’s mind. First, you have to do is take a leap of faith towards your writing. If you don’t believe in your own writing, eventually the readers will find it difficult to relate with your writing. So be convinced with what you are writing, then only the readers will be interested to read further.

Things to remember before writing an introduction

Good documentation of introduction makes your life a lot easier. It relieves you from the burden of thinking whether the readers would be interested to go further with your writing. If you want to lure more readers, you need to maintain few parameters before composing the introduction part.

Know your audience

In order to present effective message to your readers, you must use audience centric language rather than writer-centric. Ask yourself what the readers want to know from your writing? Are readers likely to have an emotional response to your work? What do you want the readers to do, feel or think? All of us, no matter, how educated, face difficulties to get into someone’s shoes. Audience awareness is one of the major keys to effective success.

Think about the thesis statement

Thesis statement is the most important sentence of your paper. So you have to go over and over to get it right. Make sure you answer the research question clearly while composing your thesis statement. Your point of view should be clear within the sentence of the thesis statement. Avoid long, wordy and confusing thesis statement.

Avoid explanation

Remember, do not try to explain anything to make your argument in the introduction part. You should leave the explanation part for the main body. Simply mention the main points of argument that you intend to make later in the paper.

Size matters

The length of the introduction undoubtedly depends on the topic, the format of assignment and research work. But it must be concluded within one paragraph. Keep in mind, your introduction paragraph should be more or less half page long so the readers have the chance to finish it one go. An introduction should be preferably one-tenth of the whole assignment.

2000 word assignment – Introduction (200 – 250 words)

3500 word assignment – Introduction (350 – 400 words)

Don’t play in dark

 In academic writing, nothing much comes as a surprise. Academic writing is not like fiction writing where the readers can be held in suspense. In academic writing, the whole assignment should be outlined in introduction, following by details in the main body. An introduction must consists of the following points,

  1. Relevant background information
  2. A Concept map
  3. A thesis statement
  4. Your point of view

Structure of the introduction

Always try to keep a simple structure for your assignment introduction. An effective introduction should begin with broad and general statement and gradually narrowed down to the specific thesis statement. Here is the pattern of how introduction should be built:

  • General statement about the subjects
  • Specific points about the topic
  • Become more specific
  • Main points
  • Specific thesis statement

Remember, this is the thumb rule of writing assignment introduction. But there is no hard and fast rule of writing introduction. You have to be sensible about the requirements that you need to fulfill. The above mentioned guidelines will, however, definitely help you to compose an effective introduction.

How do you write a Good Introduction?

Some other noteworthy points…

  1. Ensure that linking sentences are present in the first paragraph
  2. Ensure that precursor to the background and argument is present
  3. Ensure that it is of rational number of words
  4. Ensure that creative prompts are induced
  5. Ensure that a single theme is addressed

And many more…

Avail help from to create great introductions.

An effective introduction prepares readers for the information that will come next and help them to decide whether the content is worth their time. On the other hand, poor introduction always leave the readers disoriented and confused, and eventually they stop reading.Experts at help students craft effective introduction by providing them online assignment help at reasonable price.

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