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This genre of essay writing explains the cause and effect of an event. Cause and effect essay is not a critical area but needs prior information before you start writing one. So read this article to gain comprehensive knowledge about cause and effect essay writing. But do remember to review our expertly written cause and effect sample to gain full information on how to write cause and effect essay.

Cause and effect essay structure

There are three types of structure in cause and effect essay writing:

1. Multiple causes leads to one effect

For example: Topic is ‘causes of air pollution’
Thesis statement: Air pollution is caused by different reasons; the primary ones include exhaust gases from cars, uncontrolled factory releases and burning of low-quality coal.
A. Exhaust gases from cars
• Government does not implement controlled plans
• Citizens are not conscious enough to take action

B. Uncontrolled factory gases
• No regular checks conducted on factories
• Factories are built within residential area
C. Burning low-quality coal
• No governmental control
• Other forms of energy are too expensive
These three main points should be discussed in the main body. Introduction should propose these three main points, and summary should end with the outline with these three main points.

2. One cause and its multiple effects:

For example: The topic is ‘effects of watching too much TV’
Thesis statement: Watching too much TV leaves many effects on the physiology and psychology of people.
A. Eating disorders:
• TV meals
• Obesity
B. Less Communication
• No interpersonal talk
• More violence
Allot these two major effects of watching television in three paragraphs of main body. Introduce your opinions under the introduction part and summarize the mentioned points in conclusion, and you have good quality cause and effect essay.

3. Casual Chain/Domino Effect:

This organization pattern of cause and effect essay is described while taking the example of the topic ‘using of deodorant can cost the whole world’
Thesis Statement: The usage of deodorant with chlorofluorocarbon can cost the whole world.
Here is how the chain effect should be explained in the essay —
A. Using deodorant will release chlorofluorocarbon gas into the air
B. This gas will affect the ozone layer, make it thinner and finally consume it as whole
C. The ultraviolet rays will directly get in touch with the earth surface and overheat the poles of the earth, where icebergs start to melt
D. The huge amount of water released from the poles will eventually give rise to the sea level
E. The sea will cover the land and this will be end of the world.

Cause and effect essay format

1. Decide your direction

Determine whether you want to discuss causes, effects or both. 

2. Generate a thesis

Here you should discuss about your intention. Choose a focus, causes or effects.

3. Maintain certain organizational pattern

Depending on your topic, you can choose any of three organizational patterns mentioned above.

4. Draw a conclusion

Restate the thesis in other words. Reach a conclusion while considering the causes and/or effects.

Cause and effect essay topics: Suggestions from experts

Here are few cause and effect essay topics that would inspire you to come up with new essay topics. Review it closely.
1. What makes video game popular?
2. What is the reason that Google has become the most popular search engine in the world?
3. Does the poor water quality in some countries influence social development?
4. Do rich and famous fathers influence their children?
5. Causes of stress.

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Our mission is to help every student who don’t feel confident to create good quality cause and effect essay. Numerous students around the world feel relieved by availing our essay writing services. You can do the same as it is affordable and easy to reach. Here are some key benefits that everyone gets by ordering from us:
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If you want to get started with your own paper, don’t worry, we have a glossary of sample essay. You can refer to those sample cause and effect essays as your references and learn how to create good quality cause and effect essay. Here you find information about all aspects of essay writing.

Cause and effect essay sample

Topic: Happiness

For decades, people could not find the answer of a simple question ‘what makes a person happy?’ Experts in the fields of sociology and psychology are still finding and evolving strategies that can facilitate happiness in human lives. Some studies have come with intriguing answers of what makes people happy. Surprisingly, they all support one hypothesis that says ‘money cannot buy happiness’.
One of the chief obstacles to happiness occurs due to social comparison. It is obvious that when people compare themselves with others, they want to see themselves in superior position. An experiment conducted by a group of scientists, asking people to choose between two scenarios. In one, they would earn $50,000 per year while their peers earn $25,000 per year. In the second, they would earn $100,000 in compared to their peers’ average earning of $250,000. Even though, people would earn much more in second scenario, most of them chose the first option as they wanted to see themselves in superior position to others. Thus, it is clear that a simpler way to increase happiness is to reject the urge to compare themselves.
Another way to increase happiness in personal life is to be true to themselves and keep their personal sense of respecting people around. Studies revealed the fact that people who respect and follow their passion are happier than people who do not. As Martin (2012) explains, ‘At its core, authenticity implies discovering and pursuing what we care about deeply’. He also explains how authenticity and happiness are related to each other. ‘As much as authenticity contributes to the pursuit of happiness then happiness in return contributes identifying our authentic selves’ (p.55). It is evident that when people limit their desires to achieve certain, they may achieve it but remain unhappy.
Finally, studies found that sometimes social rules that encourage better living make people happy even if it is costly. In the study of smoking and cigarette taxes, Gruber and Mullainathan (2006) conclude that ‘taxes may affect the happiness of former smokers (by making it easier for them to stay away from smoking) and prospective smokers (by making it easier to never start smoking in the first place)’ (p.139). This is a logical example that contributes to improving lives through the apparently negative practice of increased taxation.
Scholars find three mere strategies that people can employ in order to enhance their personal happiness. People should quit comparing themselves to others. They should seek to live as their authentic selves in their personal and professional lives. They also should welcome rules and taxes that improve the quality of lifestyle. The studies related to happiness are helping students to lead better lives rather than passively expect happiness to find them.

Things to remember in cause and effect essay writing

1. Language:

To explain reason and effects in cause and effect essay writing, you can use words like ‘as a result’ ‘consequently’ ‘so’ ‘since’ ‘as’ ‘because’ etc.

2. Transition:

Don’t forget to use transition phrases and words in order to interweave your whole piece and make your cause and effect writing coherent. When you use transition, it becomes easier to follow your ideas. But don’t overload them. Use it wisely in your cause and effect essay.

3. Selection of topic:

While selecting a cause and effect essay topic, you should consider these questions,
• What is the end effect?
• Is there one primary effect or several effects?
• Is there one primary cause or several causes?

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