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Essay Questions commonly asked:

1. Account for: This directive tells us to clarify the essay content by stating reasons wherever and whenever possible.

2. Analyze: Here, the content can be divided into parts. Each part can be critically examined.

3. Assess: This directive is similar to evaluation. Here, content values are determined.

4. Compare: In this case you can list out the differences and similarities. Later, you can determine that that of these points are better to describe.

5. Criticize: Here, you can write a judgmental content but it should be backed by reliable evidence.

6. Define: You will have to state the exact meaning of a phrase or word used in the content. At times, you may even have to examine the multiple meanings of such a word.

7. Describe: In this case, a vivid account is illustrated through the content. It should make the reader form a graphical analysis of the essay within the mind.

8. Discuss: First the issue needs to be explained. Then two or more views of the matter can be provided along with the implications if any.

9. Evaluate: This directive is similar to assessment. Here the usefulness or validity of something needs to be focused upon in its pure light.

10. Explain: Here, proper reasoning is provided along with interpretation and accountability.

11. Illustrate: In this style, the content needs to be explicit in tone. The examples that can be considered should be chosen carefully.

12. Interpret: Here, judgmental content can be provided by explaining meanings explicitly.

13. Justify: While you are answering to the main objective, always be sure of proving the grounds for your conclusion.

14. Outline: Here, your content can be more summarized in nature. Minor Details can be omitted over here.

15. State: The content to be presented here should be brief in form. Clarity is the key issue over here.

This directive is meant to write an essay in a form similar to Outline. The major factors need to be explained clearly, and minor examples can be omitted.

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