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  • Course Code: N201
  • Course Title: Business and Management
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

Completion of this work will satisfy the following learning outcomes: • LO1 Critically evaluate the impact of innovation and digital technologies on organisations. • LO2 Determine the use of innovation and digital technologies on organisational development. • LO3 Analyse the impact of innovation and digital technologies on data and knowledge management for analysing business decision-making. Scenario In today’s ...

  • Course Code: 7AAD0059
  • Course Title: Manufacturing Information Systems
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

This Assignment assesses the following module Learning Outcomes (from Definitive Module Document): Explainand assess the role of Information Systems within the manufacturing  Examinethe requirements of inter-connected computer  Apply analytical tools relevant to the design and implementation of information ...

  • Course Code: IFSM 304
  • Course Title: information systems management - assignment report
  • Referencing Styles : APA

TaskCurrent Events Instructions Paper CE: Analysis of a Current Events article. The purpose of this assignment is to analyze a current events article (i.e., only one) that you may choose from any online current periodical, trade magazine, or other electronic publication about a global digital ethical issue. While this assignment will increase your knowledge in that subject area from a corporation viewpoint and enable you to analyze digital...

  • Course Code: INF11109
  • Course Title: security audit and compliance
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Selected Topic and Its RelevanceThis is a formal piece of work covering all LOs in the Module Descriptor. You are a newly recruited information security expert at Napier Partners LLC, an international firmof consultants with offices across the world. Existing and prospective clients include commercial companies, public sector organisations and the third sector. In the light of the recent high profile of poorly-handled information security inc...

  • Course Code: CIS0453
  • Course Title: distributed service architecture
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

Assignment RequirementsDifferentiate and critically question the reasons, context and basic principles of a variety of programming architectures and paradigms relevant to industry standard software solutions. Develop, implement and critically appraise software solutions using different strategies, paradigms and architectures This assignment asks you to reflect on various concepts, paradigms and architectures related to Software Developme...

  • Course Code: INRS7311
  • Course Title: introduction to research
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

BackgroundExploring The Roles Of Financial Managers Towards Maintaining The Records Of Business Expenses And Its Necessity For Smme’S In The Gauteng Province, South Africa. Small, Micro and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMMEs) are the drivers of economic development for several countries (Chimucheka & Mandipaka, 2015:783; Karadag, 2015:26; Ndweni et al., 2019; Bushe, 2019). The survival of the SMMEs is of greater concern as most SMM...

  • Course Code: CS8300
  • Course Title: software reliability and safety
  • Referencing Styles : Not Selected

Task: Lessons Learned1. Tools and operating systems used in safety-related applications should be well chosen and industry proven. Using Visual Basic to develop a safety-related application running on Windows 3.0 was not a good idea, especially since safety in this case depended on speed of execution. Running a Windows operating system where speed is a concern is not recommended due to its non-preemptive environment. On top of that, the developm...

  • Course Code: QAC020N251A
  • Course Title: mobile app design and development
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

How will your work be assessed?On successful completion of this module students will be able to 1. Build a mobile application for business purposes using the android platform. 2. Apply understanding of mobile user experience UX and implementation of accessibility features. 3. Identify properties and capabilities of modern mobile devices and the specific issues relating to software development for them. 4. Demonstrate cross platform choices...

  • Course Code: MSIS2103
  • Course Title: business data science technologies
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Task:The Student must do all 5 Security breach write-ups on separate Security breach incidents to earn 25 points of extra credit (up to 5 points per write-up. therefore, you can earn up to 25 points of extra credit for this class by completing 5 security breach assignments (up to 5 points each depending on completeness and quality). We learned about security breaches in the third week of class. Your job is to do some deep research on the case...

  • Course Code: CP50004E
  • Course Title: theory of computation
  • Referencing Styles : Vancouver

Question 1: LExtensions will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Documentary evidence will be required. Extensions must be agreed before the deadline. A student who fails to submit course work or dissertation by the applicable deadline shall be deemed to have failed to submit to assessment. 1. Understand the concepts and applications of finite automata 2. Understand and reason about the concepts of language grammars, and regular ex...

  • Course Code: CS5809
  • Course Title: digital innovation and strategy
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

Main Objective of the AssessmentImportant Notice: You should note that this assignment is learning-outcome based. This means that in order to pass this assignment you should demonstrate the accomplishment of all 3 learning outcomes for this module in the essay. The reflective essay aims to test the accomplishment of the learning outcomes at an individual level. 1. Describe and discuss the state-of-the-art in digital business improvement an...

  • Course Code: COMP1589
  • Course Title: computer systems and internet technologies
  • Referencing Styles : Open

About the TaskYou are working for a local General Practitioner (GP) practice and have been asked to provide a dashboard that visualises key data and statistics of the pandemic, serving as business intelligent platform for this GP practice. This has been requested by the Practice Manager who wants to digitalise the practice. Firstly, she wants to explore more about what digital health actual means, what benefits it might bring or what challenges....

  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

ScenarioYou need to do a layer-wise component and security analysis of a selected IoT application and make a report of process. CyberHealth Ltd. is a Teesside based cybersecurity solution provider, where you are working as a cybersecurity expert. Your company provides Networking & Cybersecurity solutions for the business environment. They currently offer managed, professional, and hardware & software services.  Recently, few co...

  • Course Code: MIS204
  • Course Title: management information systems
  • Referencing Styles : APA

St. Luke's Episcopal Health System: A Pioneer in Wireless Healthcare ApplicationsHospitals have been some of the earliest adopters of wireless local area networks. The clinician user population is typically mobile andspread out across a number of buildings, with a need to enter and access data in real time. St. Luke's Episcopal Health System in Houston, Texas  is a good example of a hospital that has made effective use wireless technologi...

  • Course Code: 7COM1084
  • Course Title: advanced research topics in computer science
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

Introduction of Research SpecialismThis Assignment assesses the following module Learning Outcomes (from Definitive Module Document): LO1 Have a conceptual understanding of how established techniques of research are used to create and extend existing knowledge in computer science. LO2 Be able to identify a research problem from synthesizing problem definitions from relevant literature. LO3 Demonstrate originality in proposing alternative ...

  • Course Code: INFO8705
  • Course Title: content management systems
  • Referencing Styles : Not Selected

Background and ScenarioThis is an independent assignment. Each student is responsible to maintain the integrity of their own work. Sharing/Copying/Crowdsourcing will result with academic penalties. Each student is required to upload to eCoenstoga:1.A Word document outline their response to the instructions   BACKGROUND AND SCENARIO:In Week #10 we have been introduced to the CMS Implementation and all the different parts to it. &...

  • Course Code: ISSC481
  • Course Title: IT Security
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Project TopicsStudents will apply the learnings from the class participation through a project and present their findings to the class at the end of the course. Students will choose one topic from the three announced in the first week and will apply all the principles learned in the classes as well as supplement it with individual research. The student will submit the paper in the thirteenth week. There will be discussions on the projects in...

  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

Literature ReviewThe coursework for the Ethics and Governance module is an individual analysis and critical reflection on the use of AI algorithms in hiring decisions made by organisations. AI applications are the subject of considerable debate, in which one group says that ‘AI will help to create a more ethical world by bringing objectivity and fairness, and the other accuses AI of committing ethical violations such as racism, sexism, a...

  • Course Code: CS301
  • Course Title: computer architecture
  • Referencing Styles : Open

Lab 3b: Memory LabThe CPU lab will consist of two or four questions regarding memory system features and is worth 50 of the 250 points total for this lab. The questions in this lab will come from material and will be about virtual memory and cache systems. These questions will be very similar in feel to the floating point questions in Lab 2. In other words, they will not be design questions, rather, they will help you to develop your understan...

  • Course Code: COMP 120
  • Course Title: excel project
  • Referencing Styles : APA

TaskYou are the owner of a small music store called Melody Music Supply.  You have decided to put all your invoices onto a spreadsheet so you can use Excel’s features.  Here is a purchase order from the Arcola High School:  April 14, 2021 Item Department Qty Unit Price #10 Tama Drum Stick Drums 4 $   &Aci...

  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

Statement of the ProblemIntroduction The improvement of the metropolitan social economy, the transport demand of urban inhabitants keeps increasing, and the challenge of getting a taxi is becoming more intense. Taxi is one of the significant players in metropolitan rush hour gridlock, be that as it may, the transport capacity and request at off-peak and peak hours do not often match. Because of the huge operating expense, taxis are often empt...

  • Course Code: EG7312
  • Course Title: systems engineering
  • Referencing Styles : Open

Task DescriptionThis guide describes the Systems Engineering Mini-project that forms part of the assessment for EG7312 Systems Engineering. This guide contains the background and administrative information you need to complete the project, but you will need to research components and make appropriate assumptions in the absence of perfect data, because this is what Systems Engineers do!The mini-project is to produce systems engineering document...

  • Course Code: IMAT5166
  • Course Title: business intelligence systems concepts and methods
  • Referencing Styles : Open

Alignment with Corporate StrategyThe school wishes to at least maintain its reputation for outstanding exam results and potentially push for greater academic performance. With the introduction of the new GCSE grading system and more challenging content (, 2017), achieving those top grades will be harder than ever for students so the school needs an excellent understanding of all of the factors that could affect students’ results. T...

  • Course Code: ENGL250
  • Course Title: the workplace in fiction
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Report StructureWriting a formal report is the important, final step of completing a major project. The report needs to follow the Technology Report Guideline of Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT, 2017). The purpose of the Technology Report is to demonstrate the candidate’s technical problem solving abilities; specifically, students must demonstrate their abilities to: •   &...

  • Course Code: CYBR320
  • Course Title: operational security
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Summary of the 'Operation Get Rich or Die Tryin'' caseRead the attached case study “Operation Get Rich or Die Tryin”. Write a one-page (at least 250 words) paper addressing both points below. It is okay to use first person for this assignment: In your own words, summarize the case. Pretend you're telling your non-technical cousin about it. What is the most important lesson of this case study and how does it relate to se...

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