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Ways of writing an Essay Plan

Have a look at some interesting ways which can tell you on how to write a perfect essay plan:-

Have a look at the Essay Question:

When you start planning the essay, make sure to look carefully into the question being asked. Many students misinterpret the question because of which they land up writing an unsuccessful essay. Looking at the keywords carefully within the question like “Evaluate”, “Analyze”, “Compare” and other terms will enable you to take the right approach and formulate the appropriate thesis statement in response to the essay question.

Conduct a Proper Research and find Proper References

The next thing to be carried out is the proper way of research. You can focus on the key texts to be used for the subject’s discussion and then you can jot down the references from these texts to use as quotes. These quotes can help you in supporting the points that you need to make within the essay. Students should also remember that the referencing within the in-text quotes or bibliography should be in the referencing style required by the institute. There are two kinds of referencing styles as follows:-

1. Reference List which identify a Parenthetical In-Text Quotes

2. Bibliography and Footnotes

The student will have to follow the style as preferred by his or her institute and adhere to it seriously. The library of the student’s institute should have a copy of the style guidance which he is going to consult during essay making. If such care is not taken then there are chances of a student losing out on marks.


Set a plan for the Structure of the Essay

After the research work for an essay is complete, the next step towards writing an essay is to plan a definite structure for an essay. The structure may vary according to the type of essay you may have been asked to write but here is the standard structure followed normally:-


The introduction of the essay should be to the point and not much detailed. The use of quotations should be avoided over here. It should consist of the Thesis Statement which responds to the essay question and states the Methodology you are going to apply. Further, this paragraph should end with a Hook statement which links to the next paragraph. This can carry on throughout the essay to avoid ending any paragraph abruptly.

Main Body:

Within the Main body of the essay, all the paragraphs must reflect different aspects of the same essay topic but must be linked to the main theme for developing the argument. At times, the student may find one aspect to be very interesting for discussing it in detail but it is important to always stick to the argument in every paragraph else the essay can invite deduction of marks. If an analyzed plan is followed then, all paragraphs made will be able to stick to the argument for answering to the essay question.

It is also important to use evidences within the Main Body carefully to support the points being made. Quotations that are being used should also be given proper credit by referring them to the authors behind them. If the ideas are being borrowed from certain texts rather than the direct quotes then also, they need to be referenced or else, this will be seen as plagiarism. Planning of these things is important as a strong body paragraph will lead to a definite conclusion.


Many students tend to believe that the Conclusion is to reiterate the Introduction in the last once again, but this is a myth. Conclusion is a summarization of all your thoughts which have been applied in the essay. It reflects that how well a student has supported his argument with relevant evidence and how can this data be utilized in the related area of study in the future. Remember to avoid inserting anything new within the conclusion as this paragraph only consists of a set of brief notes taken from each of the previously written paragraphs.


Set a plan for the Bibliography

The compilation of the Bibliography continues until the essay gets over. It should be constructed right from the Planning Stage of the essay. Bibliographies and References are considered as an important part of a well structured essay.
Such tips can prove to be a nice essay help for a student while planning an essay.


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