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Explanation On Draft Interpretation Article

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Question: Discuss About The Explanation On Draft Interpretation Article?   Answer: Introduction: Basic law is considered as national law and this law is defined by the constitution of the PRC, and this law is based on the factors of “one country” and “two systems”. It must be noted that basic law is considered as most important part of the Hong Kong’s fundamental structure. It is necessary for the gov...

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Australian Constitution And Evidence Act

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Question: Discuss about the Australian Constitution and Evidence Act.     Answer: Introduction Case law is a section of the common law that involves higher courts designed for appeals against the high court decisions. Clients seek the interpretation of constitutional provisions in these courts. Based on statutes, the precedents provide binding decisions done within the legal mandate. There are different types of case laws i...

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Human Rights Law : Members Of Organization

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Question: Describe about the Human Rights Law for Members of Organization.   Answer: The African Charter on Human and People’s Rights, which is called as Banjul Charter, was given approval on 27 June 1981 and it started working from 21 October 1986. It has been accepted by 53 States members of Organization of African Unity (OAU). In order to make a human right system which is regional, the African Charter has followed the Inter-A...

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Introduction To Legal Skills

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Questions: What are the two most important concepts you have encountered on W101? Explain why they have had a direct effect on your thinking. How will you change your own way of working, either in your studies or in your employment, as a result of your studies on W101?   Answers: Introduction: Studying is concerned with much more than the knowledge regarding the subject and that is the reason the skills are developed during the learni...

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Great Impact On The Legal Procedure Of The Court

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Question: What factors influenced each of these decisions? Read the dissenting opinions as well. Explore to what extent political ideology influences constitutional law. To support your points identify specific examples in the language of both decisions and dissents. Examine political climate when both cases were decided. Look at what philosophical underpinnings may have influenced the thinking of the court of the respective eras of these cases....

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Stabilization Clauses In Oil And Gas Contracts

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Question: Discuss the stabilization clauses in oil and gas contracts.   Answer: International developments in relation to oil and gas industries are carried out globally according to which various oils and gas companies and the host countries of oil and gas reserve contract with different governmental authorities and private parties for sale and distribution of oil and gas (Oshionebo 2010). The global market of oil and gas is very fluc...

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Property Law (Equity And Trust)

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Question: Describe about the Property Law (Equity and Trust).   Answer: 1a. The executor’s obligations are characterized by what is known as the executor's oath. This is set out inside Section 25 of the Administration of Estates Act 1925, and affirms that the executor is to: Gather and get in the genuine and individual bequest of the perished, and oversee it as per law. At the point when required to do as such by the court, dis...

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Courts Obsession With Precedent Blinds

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Question: Discuss, To what extent does courts obsession with precedent blinds them to achive justice?   Answer: It is very normal for the judges in the legal system across the globe to come to conclusions with regards the cases basis the decisions and pronouncements made in the earlier court cases. This is how are legal system across the globe has been built. The said system has become an indispensible part of the legal system and ther...

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Business Issues In The Context Of Human Resources

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Question: 1. Understand key contemporary business issues affecting the HR function within private, public and third sector organisations.2. Understand the main external contextual factors impacting on organisations and the HR function.5. Know how to identify and respond to short-term changes in the business and external contexts.   Answer: Introduction: In the present business environment, organizations will have to consider several i...

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Law Of Family Violence Policy And Practice

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Question: Discuss about the Family Violence Policy And Practice.     Answer: Introduction- The domestic violence is the violence or abuse by the one person against the other person. It refers to the family violence, intimidating behaviour in a relationship. The domestic violence involves the social violence, physical violence, sexual and the mental violence. It is not because of drugs, alcohol, anger and psychological problem....

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