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Implication Of Waensila Decision

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Question: Discuss about the Implication Of Waensila’s Decision On Petra’s Case.     Answer: Letter of Advice To Mrs. Anh Australia Sub: Application for permanent residence Respected Madam The matter related to visa is one of the most essential things in Australia. Every year many people come to this country and apply for visa for several purposes. The nature of visa can be temporary or permanent. The processes ...

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Mergers And Acquisition

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Question: Write an letter for advising James Kine to take over the scheme under the Mergers and Acquisition Law and Practice  and link it to the theory of effective operation management.   Answer: To Mr.James Kine, Predator’s office 14 Malkin square, London EC4N8CH,   Dear Sir, Predator Plc has proposed to Target Plc to acquire all the issued share capital for cash. As both, the company has their share and capita...

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Right To Privacy

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Question: You have a right to privacy but do you have the right to 'hate speech?' Laws in Europe are much tighter on allowing this kind of speech.   Answer: The right to privacy is defined as the concept where personal information of an individual is protected from the public scrutiny (Pafko & Mach, 2013). Therefore, every individual of a nation possesses the right to privacy. However, they do not possess the right to ‘hate s...

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International Law

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Questions: 1. Identify relevant sources of international law.2. Demonstrate a knowledge of appropriate case studies.3. Demonstrate a familiarity with key current or historical debates in international law as reflected in scholarly works.4. Understand key theories of international law.   Answers: In the international scenario, the issues and the concerns of human rights are ones that are debated broadly in modern world. The reason for t...

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Migration Law: Administrative Appeals Tribunal

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Question: Discuss about the Migration Law for Administrative Appeals Tribunal.   Answer: Introduction Lily Lee can file appeal in Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), against the decision of cancellation of Visa. In case of refusal or cancellation of Visa appellant can file appeal in AAT, because from 1st July 2015 AAT is the only merit review tribunal which can make a decision. AAT is an independent organization, which r...

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Applied Australian Migration Law And Practice

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Question: You are a registered migration agent. Ronny, aged 24 and a citizen of Canada, and Steve, an Australian citizen aged 34, approach you for assistance in responding to a letter they received from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). They have lodged a partner visa application for Ronny as they have been living together in a committed relationship for 3 years. Ronny came to Australia with his family when he was age...

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Immigration Law: Immigration Controls And The Fashioning

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Question: Part A: Answer at least one question from this Part Advise the following of their right to live in the UK under EU law: Hans, a German national, who wants to come to work unpaid for a charity in the UK; Federico, an Argentinean national, who came to the UK four years ago with his wife, Alicia, an Italian national, who was working as a doctor. Federico and Alicia have just divorced. Federico is a PhD student and works ten hours p...

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Business Practical Implications: Change Immigration

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Question: Describe about the Business Practical Implications of Change Immigration.   Answer: 1. In order to discuss the practice implications of the Waensila case, it is imperative to state the key facts related to the case. The case deals with the visa application of a Thailand citizen (Weansila) who arrived in November, 2007 to Australia on a visitor visa.  Considering the turmoil in Thailand, an application was files for a prote...

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Significant Implications: Practical Implications

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Question: Discuss about the Significant Implications for Practical Implications.     Answer: Introduction: Explain in plain English the practical implications of the decision of the Federal Court in Waensila v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection [2016] FCAFC 32 There are certain significant implications attached with the decision given by the court in this case, particularly related with partner visa. In this case, i...

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Federal Court Of Australia: Protection Visa

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Question: Discuss about the Federal Court of Australia for Protection Visa.   Answer: 1. In this question, the effect of the decision given in this case by the Federal Court of Australia has been considered. Before discussing the impact of this decision, the brief facts of this case also needs to be mentioned. In this case, a citizen of Thailand had arrived in Australia on a visitor visa. This person applied unsuccessfully for a protec...

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