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Business Law

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 Corporation Law Assignment

IntroductionThe regulation and proper operation of any company or corporation is completely dependent on the nature and manner in which the directors and other offi...

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 Employment Law Assignment

Employment LawExplain the constitutional basis for the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) with reference to the Australian Constitution and discuss the relationship with Au...

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 Taxation Law Assignment

John was an architect and was employed by a small firm in the Melbourne CBD. He worked part-time. On his days off, he enjoyed designing and printing T-shirts. He st...

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 International Business Law Assignment

Question 1The International business law is concerned with the rights of business with each other and with international organizations. Domestic law is within t...

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 Capital Punishment Is A Good Measure To Ensure Less Financial Cost On Government, Public Safety And Deterrence Of Future Crimes.

 IntroductionCapital punishment is punishing of a person by the state as a discipline for wrongdoing. Law violations that can bring about capital punishmen...

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 Internet Law (3B05) In The Context Of The EU Legislative Proposal On Net Neutrality

Question-Differentiated services which allow for different consumer experiences of network delivery based upon paid access or similar access control provisions pose a...

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 Case Study Over Australian Corporation Law

 Table of ContentsRule ApplicationSolution ISolution IIReferencesRuleSection 180 (1) of the Australian Corporation Act (ACA) requires that t...

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 Introduction To Law

 Table of ContentsQuestion 1Question 2Question 3Question 1 -Over the first nine weeks of the course, reflecting on what you have written in your journa...

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 Assignment On Commercial Law

Question -Hamid is a refugee from Afghanistan who was recently released from the detention centre in PNG and is currently living in Adelaide. While walking in Rundl...

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 Assignment On Commercial Law (IRAC Method)

Question - Use the IRAC (Issue, Rule, Application & Conclusion) method to answer below given question?  Mark, Peter and Mary were out on a Saturda...

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