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Course Code:ENGN3221
Published on: 29-08-2022

The Importance of Hydropower Plants in the 19th CenturyDuring the 19th century, the most reliable, inexpensive, safest, clean source of energy service & power has developed i.e. Hydropower, and the main important source (oldest and cheapest) of hydropower plant for energy production is ‘water’. It is the cleanest, abundant and most renewable source, although hydroelectric power from the source of water for energy production (...

Course Code:GEO4324
Published on: 24-08-2022

Various Forms of Energy and their Impact on EnvironmentEnergy management and planning is a long and complex process that includes various activities such as energy production, energy consumption, distribution of energy, and storage of energy worldwide. There are various forms of energy available for human beings all over the globe according to their usage (Calvillo, Sanchez, & Villar, 2016). Some of the major energy that is frequently used i...

Course Code:3301ICT
Published on: 16-08-2022

Industry Sector OverviewBriefly describe the industry sector: what major relevant entities are involved, what are their roles? (This means all industries and players / consumers – whether they are involved directly or indirectly). Note that you must be clever not to make this description too complex. The reason for this description is to identify the levels and types of entities that will have some role to play in the change. You do not...

Course Code:CUPU046
Published on: 09-08-2022

About Tesla Inc.Tesla is an automotive company based out in the USA and run by Elon Musk, the chief executive officer of the company. The company mainly manufactures electric vehicles and their batteries. It is one of the largest automotive companies with a market capitalization of over $1 trillion and the largest maker of electric vehicles ( 2022). Tesla was once a start-up in America named after Nikola Tesla as a tribute...

Course Code:POG230
Published on: 27-06-2022

AdvantagesThere has been a tremendous load on fossil fuels for energy production past many years. Since they are non-renewable source of energy, their degrading levels has enhanced the urgency of switching to other modes of energy production. This ever-increasing need of substitution of energy source has lead to the formulation of modern energy storage with the help of renewable resources prevailing on the earth by legislative bodies. Oil and ...

Course Code:MGMT205
Published on: 24-06-2022

Introduction to Siemens' global presence in the wind power industrySiemens AG is considered to be a global powerhouse of technology which is well known for its innovation, quality internationality, engineering excellence, reliability as well as quality for the past 165 years. The company already has its presence in more than 200 nations over the world and mainly focuses on various areas like automation, digitalization, along with electrificati...

Course Code:EDUC6048
Published on: 23-06-2022

Literature Review Introduction Rural electrification in Nigerian has been a long agenda and a program known as the Federal Government Rural Electrification Programme was initiated in 1981 which has not been very much successful? since the inception. The current research evaluates the rural electrification in Nigerian context. The chapter provides a background of the study. The research aim has been provided with the research objective...

Course Code:ECON8069
Published on: 22-06-2022

Impact on restaurant output due to penalty rate cut in NSWAccording to the decision of Fair Work Commission, the penalty rates paid to the workers engaged in retail and hospitality jobs in NSW is going to be slashed by a certain percentage. The consequent impact of such a decision on the output at the restaurants on Sunday in the locality of Sydney is shown as follows by the diagram below: Demand Supply 1 ...

Course Code:CVE80010
Published on: 20-06-2022

Course Code:STAT1300
Published on: 18-06-2022

Course Code:EMTH6013
Published on: 15-09-2021

Emerging ThemesIn the era of globalization and increased competitive market the taste and preferences of the consumers has undergone major changes. It is important for business organizations to meet their daily targets by achieving business objectives. It has been observed that the emergence of new trends in the way of business development disrupted the process of achieving business objective (Loorbach and Wijsman 2013). In recent world vari...

Course Code:HI5003
Published on: 14-09-2021

Why carbon pricing policies are necessaryClimate change can be described as a ‘market failure’ since the current measure of measuring economic growth do not account for the negative externalities to the environment and consequently, the cost of these externalities to the society. This is simply due to the fact that policy intervention is required to correct the possible harmful effects of climate change. If countries had to face the ...

Course Code:MMK224757
Published on: 13-09-2021

Building Specifications and FeaturesSummary of a custom hotel – Glasgow which is situated in Howard. The building is a 12 story building with 250 rooms. The entire building unit is approximated to cover an area of 8500 square feet. It will be primarily meant for hotel purposes and also as a conference facility. Note; all the dimensions of the size of the building are a rough estimate with reference to information (Azar, 2012) The buil...

Course Code:BS7578
Published on: 17-08-2021

CSR activities of MicrosoftCurrent generation businesses and social life is highly dependent on technologies. Technology is the key part of keeping the contemporary organizations on their feet. In this technologically driven market, Microsoft emerged as the leading technological giant in the world. They are having diversified product and service portfolio including computer software, hardware, electronic gadgets, operating systems and web brow...

Course Code:GEOU5022
Published on: 10-08-2021

SWOTThe major reason for the country for leaving EU was to handle its trade and business activities freely without any restriction resulting in Brexit. The word BREXIT means Britain exit. On 23 June 2015 through the process of EU referendum, 30 million people voted for the cause resulting in the acceptance of Brexit with majority of 59.1% votes. Through his process UK will now work on the renewable energy directives with autonomy. UK used to p...

Course Code:BEM3501
Published on: 03-08-2021

Advantages of Solar PowerSources of energy such as nuclear power, wind power, solar power, and geothermal power have the potential for use as alternatives to fossil fuels. However, solar power has the most potential for widespread use as alternative fossil fuels for generating electricity. While solar power has many advantages, and therefore, the most viable for this task, it also has several disadvantages and researchers are looking for pract...

Course Code:BUSS5100
Published on: 16-07-2021

Aspects of Sustainable LivingSustainable living refers to the lifestyle preference and choices which inspire minimal negative impact on the environment. In this lifestyle choice, an individual explores different methods and strategies through which sustainability can be enhanced in lifestyle. The primary aim of the sustainable lifestyle is to reduce the exploitation of the natural resources and personal resources (Winter, 2007). The proponents o...

Course Code:ECON1012
Published on: 06-07-2021

Analysis and discussion on Electricity Industry ReformsIn the contemporary challenging scenario of the Australian economy, energy sector can be identified as one of the most crucial industries that require suitable transformation. Precisely, modern society of a developed country has largely reliant on electricity. As a result of the state of affairs, electricity can be identified as the imperative prerequisite for social affluence and economic d...

Course Code:F1N21
Published on: 01-07-2021

Pros and Cons of Energy storage SystemsEnergy storage systems are used by many companies. In this report, the benefits of using these systems are discussed in detail and being a consultant  it is very important to understand the role of energy storage systems in oil and gas industries. There are many types of the energy that can be converted from one energy to another and make it useful for the companies. The different types of energies a...

Course Code:EAC4027N
Published on: 11-06-2021

Influence of Mechanical Speed on Generator VoltageThe increase in population and the pollution is the biggest issue that world is facing, the use of conventional fuels is the key problem of pollution around the world. Majority of countries ae moving to the non pollutant energy sources. The use of solar is on the top, while the use of wind is also increasing day by day. The sun is the main foundation of energy for the photovoltaic which convert...

Course Code:EECT009
Published on: 25-05-2021

Energy storage systems: the pros and consWith the growing environmental issues and the degradation of the environment, the world has started to look into alternatives and means that can provide sustainable growth and allow for more concrete development with lesser anthropogenic impact on the environment. Since the advent of time, the goal of necessary development has been dependent on energy extensively. The journey from non renewable fossils ...

Course Code:ECO3012
Published on: 20-05-2021

Shifts in the Energy SectorIn this document we look at the past, current data and future projections on the energy sector. Energy is a major driver of economic growth, technological development, and poverty alleviation to ensure that everyone has access to information on the ongoing and the challenges in the global development. The world energy outlook in 2017 is driven by shifts that have set the scene for demand, supply and even future pred...

Course Code:ENG93000
Published on: 19-05-2021

The Need for Engineers to Play a Leadership Role in Achieving a Sustainable FutureSubjugating global challenges, such as rapid population growth, environmental pollution, depletion of natural resources and destruction of ecosystems, requires engineers to play a leadership role by ensuring that they consider the environmental, social and economic impacts of their decisions. This necessity has prompted focus on the role of engineering management...

Course Code:BUS3005
Published on: 13-05-2021

Company OverviewThis report will aim to discover a new strategy for the organization Green Energy Plc. The report will initially identify the current business strategy used by Green Energy Plc. Strategic management tools will be used to analyze the operating market, their target consumers and the surrounding environment both micro and macro. The increases in the level of pollution and depletion of the natural resources, the resource dependent ...

Course Code:GEOG2139
Published on: 10-05-2021

Research ObjectivesTasmania is frontrunner in renewable power in Australia and provides a convincing locus for forward-thinking financiers who aspire to capitalise in the renewable power business. Tasmania has been a precursor in the advancement of renewable energy creation with over 10 decades of steady venture in renewable energy substructure and know-how (Ding 2013).  Years of skill have assisted Tasmania to advance an unequalled le...

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