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Course Code:ENGL001
Published on: 02-08-2022

The Evolution of Art and the Emergence of Modern ArtWith certain works of art going back to 330 BC, it seems somewhat fair that we begin our exploration with a history lesson prior to moving on to modern art. Art is derived from Latin Ars, meaning skill or craftsmanship. We also have a Craftsman on staff, who is a talented craftsperson. And besides, the forefathers of their day may have thought they had what we now term modern art. Whoever ini...

Course Code:6ET005
Published on: 27-06-2022

Problem statementIn today's scenario, technology has become an integral and indispensible part of the individual’s life. In the world of globalisation, the importance of the advancement in the technology has enhanced. The role of engineering in increasing marketing has been discussed (Michalek et al, 2011). It can be said that technology has bought everyone more closely, specifically if the things associated with the cell phones are...

Course Code:EMT694
Published on: 27-06-2022

History of Artworks of David HockneyThe information system has been helpful for developing technology and devices for the improvement of operations and functions that are used at various sectors. The arts have been another major field that has seen huge development with the advent of technologies (Jackson 2015). The use of technological tools and devices had helped the artists for creating more suitable art and modifying them. The technology h...

Course Code:BIBM788
Published on: 23-06-2022

AestheticSubstitution phenomenon is process in which current material is replaced with another one because of its price or shortage. Wood is one of the most environmental friendly products that is received from the nature. Shortage is fact because of which wood material is replaced with non wood material in last few decades. Wood is renewable source of nature but at a certain time limited wood resources are available for consumption. This fac...

Course Code:ICT90003
Published on: 06-08-2021

Definition of Ethical HackingAn increase in growth of internet and technology has brought great things such as Net banking, Cloud Computing, Email, Social Media among others, but there is a Dark side known as Hacking, Back doors, breaching our right to privacy. It is the biggest problem faced by many organizations, people, government and private companies all over the world (Wilhelm 2009). Hacking can be in any form from abducting credit card ...

Course Code:MGMT20140
Published on: 12-07-2021

Knowledge GainedThe concept of design thinking is mainly used by all the designers majorly for solving complicated and complex problem and thus taking into consideration about the solution which is focused on the clients. The process which can be termed particular mainly based on the concept of imagination, systematic reasoning and initiation mainly for taking possibilities related to the outcome and creating the result which is desired from t...

Course Code:PSYCH101
Published on: 21-06-2021

Interact with others to improve communication skillsPositive physical and social development, including cognitive development, is vital for every individual who intends on leading a healthy and happy existence (Dadvand et al., 2015). The following are the things on my bucket list that I wish to do as much as possible, in order to ensure positive social, physical and cognitive development.  I wish to - 1. To interact as much as others a...

Course Code:ELEC3500
Published on: 02-06-2021

Ethernet LAN Simulation Model and ObjectivesSwitched based ethernet local area networks (LAN) are network cables which uses switches while connecting to other networks or segments. the switch acts as repeater for the case of individual network hosts. The ethernet switch allocates the device full network based on the speed of the host [1]. The switched based networks are sometimes called desktop ethernet networks.  When segments are used,...

Course Code:HUM304
Published on: 29-05-2021

Overview of the StudyThe purpose of the following paper is to describe the most important issues in the cultural history of the society and the world from the past. The aim will be to find out twenty significant cultural developments from the past that have been crucial to the growth and development of the overall world culture. The cultural developments are indeed very much important for their applications in the modern life (Zittoun & Gi...

Course Code:HC3081
Published on: 13-05-2021

Operating department practitioner (ODP) perspectivesBurn is an injury mainly caused by thermal energy. Scald is a burn caused by contact with hot liquid or steam. Few burns can be managed by simple management; however, few of the burns require complex treatment comprising of surgeon, STP, ODP and anaesthetic. In UK hospitals burn admission rate is 0.29 per 1,000. In UK approximately 250,000 people get admitted to hospitals and approximately 30...

Course Code:HIS4001
Published on: 14-04-2021

The Historical Importance of Visual LanguageIn today digital world, it is common to see photos that seem to express human feelings, thoughts and emotions in social media, magazines and other platforms of communication. However, the interesting fact is these are various means of visual communication. “Visual language has its roots in man’s first communication tools and humans have used this method since its first communication&rdquo...

Course Code:304JA
Published on: 22-03-2021

Overview of Urtii Duu Art and TechniquesThe existence of the current world of art performance is rooted from the ancestors in the back centuries (Kaye, 2013). These arts have however spread to all parts of the world. Due to the similarity in their origin, it is possible to find similar types of performance art among different countries. The work of music performance is not just wake and perform but requires a lot of training to gain the experi...

Course Code:PHIL100
Published on: 21-12-2020

The Problem of Evil in PhilosophyThe problem of evil is one of the most ancient question in the philosophy questioning the different theories that explain the existence of god and the problem of freewill in the mankind.  The problem of evil in the philosophy of the different types rises from the fact that the  existence of god is questioned by the presence of freewill in the society. One of the important situation in this context is ...

Course Code:NURS1103
Published on: 12-11-2020

Professional Practice ModelThe current study focuses on the importance of personal knowledge in nursing professionals. The nursing care professionals working in an acute care setup need to be developing a certain amount of expertise with regards to effective decision making and management of emergency and trauma care situations. The individual expertise can help in enhancing the overall productivity of an emergency and trauma care ward (Nagle ...

Course Code:H205
Published on: 10-11-2020

AdvantagesGreen Roofs in Construction Advantages The cost of construction is one major factor that one does consider before taking on the project (Kline and Rosenberg, 2010). The roof is a significant section of a structure that takes in much of finances. Hence, many will always desire roofs that will last for a longer period allowing for them to spend less making the management of the construction much easier (Kline and Rosenberg, 2010). Gr...

Course Code:HNN750
Published on: 01-10-2020

Professional Practice Models and Nursing StandardsThe current study focuses on the importance of personal knowledge in nursing professionals. The nursing care professionals working in an acute care setup need to be developing a certain amount of expertise with regards to effective decision making and management of emergency and trauma care situations. The individual expertise can help in enhancing the overall productivity of an emergency and t...

Course Code:CGEO 301
Published on: 12-02-2020

Retail Specialization and Desirable Retail DestinationsCf Markville Is Commonly Known As The Markville Shopping Centre. The Mall Has Over 60 Stores In Markham, Ontario In Canada. The Mall Is Situated At The Point Of The Intersection Of The Mccowan And Highway 7East. The Shopping Mall Was Developed By The Development Of The Jds And Has Been Under The Ownership Of The Fairview. The Process Of Ascertaining Or Having Proper Confirmation Of The Pro...

Published on: 15-07-2019

Pre-admission Clinic NurseDiscuss About The Comprehensive Thorough Health Of The Patient. The case study being discussed here is about a seventy year old female Gail, who has been admitted to the surgical ward following an incident that involved a mechanical fall. Mechanical falls are most commonly found to occur due to trips, slips, or loss of balance.  An x-ray scan confirmed the presence of femoral neck fracture in the right l...

Published on: 10-05-2019

The importance of creativity and critical thinking in achieving innovationDiscuss about the Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Psychology of Aesthetics. Innovation is considered as the tool that can be utilized by the entrepreneurs or the means and the medium through which the change is exploited and is considered as an opportunity for different business or different services (Parida, Sjödin, Wincent and Kohtamäki, 2014)....

Published on: 10-04-2019

Manipulating Sensory Experiences and Its Impact on Sales Discuss about the Sensory Marketing for Cultures, Economies and Aesthetics. The study of sensory marketing as a product of fast paced Globalized economy where consumers run after instant gratification, communication, filtered search regarding products of both necessities and luxury is crucial. Domain of sensory marketing craves to satisfy the five senses of the consumers in order to...

Published on: 09-04-2019

Importance of Clinical LeadershipDiscuss About The Development Model Of Situational Leadership. Nursing is one of the most compassionate and impactful professions that gives the professional the opportunity to provide care and support to the sick and ailing. However, in order to shine in the field of nursing or health care, there is a need for a few professional attributes such as critical thinking and clinical leadership (Bathurst, J...

Published on: 27-03-2019

Introduction to CognitionQuestion:Discuss about the Recent Evidence Implicating Subtype Of GABA.Cognition refers to the action or the mental process that involves acquiring an understanding and knowledge through experience, thought, and the senses. The term often encompasses attention, memory, working memory, evaluation, judgment, decision-making and problem solving (Pessoa et al. 2012). The branch of social psychology also uses cognition to exp...

Published on: 07-12-2018

Graph Visualization definition and related issuesDiscuss aboit the Graph Visualization Review Paper for Graphics. The review is done on the article “Graph Visualization and Navigation in Information Visualization: A Survey”. The review is done mainly to study briefly about Graph Visualization in Information Visualization. The main issue that is related with Graph Visualization is reviewed from the article and different l...

Published on: 26-10-2018

Introduction to The Orphanage and its socio-cultural approachQuestion:How does The Orphanage adapt Hollywood horror genre conventions to suit the fairy tale quality of the Spanish ghost story and to engage with Spain’s traumatic cultural history?With the time of introduction in the cinema, in 20th century, the horror genre has been mainly to evoke the anxiety and the visceral responses which comes from the audience. The prominent genre is ...

Published on: 27-09-2018

Management OperationsDiscuss about the Infrastructure Enhances Tourism movement. Hospitality is one of the sectors that is on an up word growth in many countries in the world. In every country, there must be some unique features that would attract tourists, these tourists may be domestic or foreigners. Therefore, people have taken this sector as crucial in developing economies or for income generating sources. The host country usually b...

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