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Ethical And Legal Issues In Withdrawal Of Life Sustaining Treatment In Infants

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Question: Discuss about the Ethical and Legal Issues in Withdrawal of Life Sustaining Treatment in Infants.   Answer: Introduction Ethical dilemma is the situation, where the healthcare professionals have two choose between, what has to be done and what is correct to do. The ethical dilemma can be very stress for the healthcare professional providing acute care to the small infants. This paper is based on the case study of the ba...

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Case Of Mental Illness And Services

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Question: Discuss about the Mental illness Services.     Answer: A lived experience is defined as any incident that a person encounters directly by enduring it and later discloses about it. The similar context can be applied in case of mental illness, people who have suffered for a long time in mental illness and recovered as well as lived to tell the truth (Van Manen, 2016). Mental illnesses are probably the most stigmatized of ...

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Implementing Evaluating A Plan Nursing Care

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Question: Discuss About The Implementing Evaluating A Plan Nursing Care?   Answer: Introduction The actual problem in Mr. Pope’s situation is that she is highly malnourished to an extent that she may potentially encounter muscle weakness, dizziness, and may also be at high risk of contracting diseases (Verlaan et al, 2017). However, the most prominent potential problem to be encountered by Mrs. Pope is an unintentional loss ...

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Use Of Balance Orthotic

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Question: Discuss about the the impact of use of balance Orthotic that helps in elevating the measures of balance and movement in case of older adults.      Answer: Introduction The improvement of quality of life of the older adults should be recognized as one of the prime priorities of the health care services. Studies have shown that in the recent years the nature of the medical services that is provided to the older adul...

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Creating Effective Communication Among Nurses

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Question: Discuss about the Creating Effective Communication Among Nurses.     Answer: The current study aims to describe my experience based on a real-life incident that I faced as a registered nurse within the critical care unit (CCU). I will provide the details of the events and the stakeholders, who are involved in the same. I will also describe the internal and external factors that are involved in the incidents. As I recoll...

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As If The Patient Can Hear You

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Question: Discuss about the As If The Patient Can Hear You.     Answer: Reflection The scenario ‘As If the patient can hear you’ by Clarke Doty is significant for me as it helped me to learn about the concept of advocacy in nursing practice. The story was the account of a nurse who was caring for a patient with stroke. She described about her experience of charging back at a clinician for not following appropriate p...

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Nursing Assignment Based On A Case Study

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Question: Discuss the Nursing Assignment Based on a Case Study.   Answer: Introduction The advancement of the medical science with simultaneous rise in the impacts of globalization in every sphere of life has hugely affected the healthcare service as well. The changes and modifications existing in the healthcare sectors are evident through references available from evidence based practices. The healthcare working community recognizes ...

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Nursing And Healthcare

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Question: Discuss about predispose factors for domestic abuse and role of the public health nurse to prevent domestic abuse.   Answer: Predispose factors for domestic abuse: Domestic violence is a form of behavior which involves conflicting violence against another person within the purview of different domestic relationships in the society such as marriage and intimate partner violence (IPV). As stated by Goldstein (2013), there are ...

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Determinant Clinical Outcome Of Uptitration

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Question: Discuss About The Determinant Clinical Outcome Of Uptitration?   Answer: Introduction Congestive heart failure mainly refers to the situation when blood moves through the heart as well as the body in a much slower rate resulting in increase of pressure of the heart. Heart becomes unable to pump sufficient amount of oxygen as well as nutrients for meeting the needs of the body. Although the chambers of the heart tries its...

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Daily Interruption Of Sedative Infusions

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Question: Discuss about the Daily interruption of sedative infusions.     Answer: Sedation is an important aspect of healthcare for the patients receiving intensive care, as it helps them to reduce their stress and depression related to the healthcare practice and minimizes their response to the external environmental factors (Shebabi et al., 2012). Therefore sedation holds an important place in the care process for critically il...

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