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Audit Assurance And Compliance : Impulse Pty Limited

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Question: Discuss about the Audit Assurance and Compliance for Impulse Pty Limited.     Answer: Inrtroduction: In this given case study on Impulse Pty Limited, it is noted that Impulse is an entertainment system manufacturing company established in the year 2005. King & Queen considers as one of the independent auditing firm for the company Impulse Pty Limited starting from formulating policies (William, Glover and Prawitt 2...

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Utilizing The Work Of Internal Auditors

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Question: Discuss about the Utilizing The Work Of Internal Auditors.     Answer: Introduction  The internal audit department provides an independent and objective   consulting and assurance in order to add value and improve the performance of the organization. It assists the organization to achieve its goals and objectives by implementing an organized and systematic approach. It helps in improving the efficiency o...

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Auditing And Ethical Task Standards Board

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Question: Discuss about the Auditing and Ethical Task Standards Board.     Answer: Introduction: The section 110 is issued by the Accounting Professional and Ethical Standards Board (APESB), which is initiated by the institute of chartered accountants of Australia and CPA Australia. It is required by auditor to fulfill the fundamental requirements these are: Auditor should be open toward his professional relationship, not be bia...

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Auditing And Assurance

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Question: Discuss the changes to the audit reporting model.     Answer: Public Company Accounting Oversight Board proposed (PCAOB) various changes in the auditor’s report. These changes are proposed by PCAOB to make the report more reliable source for the investors. After the financial crises, investors need more explanation on every decision of the company. In August 2013 board of PCAOB make necessary proposals in the mode...

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Management Of Business Organization

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Question: Write an essay on Management of business organization.   Answer: Introduction             Management of business organization includes a set of activities and service that is used to maintain the level of services and operations. The services of administration department in business organizations is to maintain profitability and customer satisfaction, manage th...

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Auditing And Risk In Australia

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Questions: 1.Based on the background information contained in the case, explain whether it will be  necessary to use the work of an expert in the audit of DIPL.   2.Referring to the background information contained in the case, identify five factors that would influence your determination of the preliminary figure for overall materiality for the  2017 audit of DIPL.     Answers: 1.Assessing whether there is need ...

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Strategic Audit: Financial Position Or Performance

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Question: Discuss about the Strategic Audit for Financial Position or Performance .   Answer: Introduction This assignment of “strategic audit” aims to analyze the strategic audit system at Microsoft Corporation. During this particular assignment, the analysis has been done in order to identify the Brexit effect on the financial performance of Microsoft Corporation. The assignment has mainly two parts. In the first part, t...

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Audit Opinion

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Questions: 1. The Croucher company has been valuing its buildings using the fair value method  .Its  buildings are currently shown in the balance sheet at their current market value of 18.5 million. The buildings had originally cost 12 million.2. The Kaycee company values its inventory at LIFO and is unwilling to change it to  FIFO as required by the Australian accounting standards.The amount of the misstatement is known and is li...

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Crisis Impact On Sustainability Reporting

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Question: Discuss about the Crisis Impact on Sustainability Reporting.     Answer: Introduction This study aims to identify the actual liabilities of the auditors in the current as well as past business context. In the beginning, the study focuses on the liabilities of the auditors in the general context. After that, the discussion in the study moves towards the liabilities that the auditors in the business organizations had dur...

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Case Study: Auditing And Assurance

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Questions: Case Study 1:  As a result of work undertaken during the planning stage and audit evidence collected for the tests of controls stages of the audit, Robert Smith has determined that there is a low risk of material misstatement (low inherent and control risk) for the following account balances: Wages and salaries Electricity Repairs and maintenance Due to the expected reliability of these controls, Robert has undertaken ...

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