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Dimensions Of Physical And Mental Health

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Question: Discuss about the Dimensions of Physical and Mental Health.   Answer: Introduction Anxiety is body’s way to respond to danger, it is an alarm that goes off automatically when we feel threatened or are under pressure. Usually people have anxiety in moderation, which is not a bad thing as it helps us to stay focused and alert but if anxiety starts interfering with daily life, then the person may be suffering from a...

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Multidimensional Features Of Rehabilitation

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Question: Discuss about the Analysis To Define The Multidimensional Features Of Rehabilitation.     Answer: Introduction: The primary of this paper is to use the case presented by Judy, a 60 years old pakeha woman who lives alone with her pet dog Rufus to submit a detailed literature review on stroke. To do this, the background of Judy is essential. Judy worked part-time as a retail assistant and enjoyed mountain biking with fri...

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Discussion On Nipah Virus Infection

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Question: Investigate about the impact of different higher and lower intensity interventions that can prevent Nipah virus infection.     Answer: The following assignment focuses on the Nipah virus (NiV) outbreak and its transmission to humans in the state of Kerela, India that are traced to the fruit bats (Pteropus) localized in districts of Malappuram and Kozhikode. It claimed about 17 lives and this outbreak raised alarms among...

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Air Pollution And Its Impact On Public Health

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Question: Discuss about the Air Pollution and Its Impact on Public Health .   Answer: Introduction Air pollution is a global issue, confronting the humanity nowadays, and is worsening every minute.  The contamination of the atmosphere, subsequent to the accumulation of air pollutants, creates far reaching health hazards to humans and other biodiversities, changing the climatic conditions altogether. The primary air pollutants and...

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Theories Of Self And Academic Learning

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Question: Discuss about the Theories Of Self-Regulated And Academic Learning.     Answer: 1st Reflective Journal What is learning?   I believe that a lot of our learning happens randomly throughout life, from new experiences, gaining information and our perceptions, for example; reading a newspaper or watching a news broadcast, talking to a friend or colleague, meetings and unexpected experiences. In my opinion, lea...

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Interventions For Childhood Obesity Program

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Question: Develop a strategy with the aim of preventing obesity in children and youth in a community setting.     Answer: One of the most important interventions that would bring out the best benefit for the health of the children is changes in school activities and initiatives. Developing knowledge about obesity, its impacts on health and future complicacies should be included in the education curriculum. Development of their know...

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Prevalence And Associated Statistics Of Diabetes In Australia

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Question: Discuss about the Prevalence and associated statistics of diabetes in Australia.     Answer: Prevalence and associated statistics of diabetes in Australia There is high prevalence of type 1 diabetes in Australia with almost 280 Australians developing type 1 diabetes every day. Reports have shown that at least 1.7 million Australians have diabetes, out of which up to 500,000 goes undiagnosed (Huxley et al. 2015). The to...

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National Strategic Framework For Chronic Conditions

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Question: Critical review of the National Strategic Framework for Chronic Conditions.   Answer: Introduction A critical review refers the summarization and evaluation of information and ideas that are presented in different articles, journals, books or policies. Critically reviewing an article or policy helps in expressing the point of view in the light of knowledge that is gained on the subject (Singh 2013). In addition, critiqui...

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Academic Skills For Health Science

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Question: Discuss about the Academic Skills for Health Science.     Answer: Academic skills in Health Science Health Science encompasses numerous subjects like biology, nursing, psychology and other application based biological sciences. All these branch of Health Science demands periodic completion of assignments, essays, reports and dissertations based on certain critical topics. One of the prime factors that must be taken in...

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Health Psychology : Biopsychosocial Interactions

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Question: Discuss about the Health Psychology for Biopsychosocial Interactions.     Answer: Introduction The behavioral and psychological factors are closely associated with the wellbeing and health of an individual. According to Edlin & Golanty (2012), the impish link in between lifestyle, social factors and psychological wellness determines the constant transformation within an individual. This discourse will explain the b...

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