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Course Code:FIN3160
Published on: 30-08-2022

Market Capitalization and Issued Capital of Portfolio StocksThe purpose of this report is to analyze and present the performance of a portfolio of stock consisting of five stocks listed on The London Stock Exchange. Stocks were chosen randomly from different sectors and thus the resulting portfolio is a diversified portfolio with representation from various sectors. The report contains the discussion about the market capitalization, issued cap...

Course Code:HRSTA82
Published on: 29-08-2022

The Behavior of South African PPI Before and During COVID-19Various factors have been hypothesized to influence the performance of an economy. Such factors include availability of natural resources, labor, capital i.e., physical and human capital, technology, high investment rates, and entrepreneurship (Upreti, 2015). According to (Wijaya, 2017), high economic growth, as well as the underlying country’s sustainability, make up the m...

Course Code:MNGT3012
Published on: 26-08-2022

Strategic PositionThe main purpose of this essay is to evaluate the strategic business management of the company Tesla. Strategic Position Along With The Current Strategies Of The Organisation Will Be Analysed In Order To Understand The Present Condition Of The Selected Company. Tesla is a North American based company, which was founded in the year 2003, by Martin Eberhard and Tarpenning. The former name of this company was Tesla Motors, and t...

Course Code:ECON110
Published on: 26-08-2022

Algorithmic Trading System FeaturesTitle: The Role of Algorithmic Trading Systems on Stock Market Efficiency Automated trading systems utilize algorithmic trading in buying and selling orders on the stock market. The orders are placed based on the strategies and set guidelines programmed within the algorithms. The automated trading systems can accommodate anything from technical analysis to innovative mathematical calculations. Upon complet...

Course Code:PSYC1000
Published on: 26-08-2022

The Different Phases of Bipolar DisorderThe paper is going to discuss about the bipolar disorder and its different phases. The bipolar disorder is one kind of mental illness that causes mood fluctuations to the people suffering with the disease. It is consists of three episodes like the mania episode, hypo mania episode and the depressive episode. The paper is also going to discuss the various types of signs and symptoms of the disorder like ...

Course Code:ENGT5214
Published on: 26-08-2022

Causes of Flash Floods and Storm RunoffsThe green spaces in urban areas are slowly being replaced with car parking lots and walking pavements. This has led to an increase in flash floods and huge amounts of surface runoff. The increase in surface area of waterproof surfaces such as the car parks and walking pavements has greatly reduced the amount of water that seeps in to the ground through the soil leading to an increase in the amounts of wa...

Course Code:BI1BM12
Published on: 25-08-2022

The Biochemical and Physiological Responses of Consistent ExerciseThe exercise involves running, swimming, cycling, skiing, and other aerobic activities. The biochemical and physiological needs of consistent exercise induce muscle and system-based responses. Regular exercise increases muscle tensile strength and stiffness. According to a study by Tung et al. (2019), the rabbits found out that in 40 weeks of running on the machines, roughly 10%...

Course Code:ENG687
Published on: 25-08-2022

Importance of wings in aircraftAn aircraft is made up of many parts that work together to propel the aircraft through the air; each part serves a specific purpose, the most important of which is to generate lift again for aircraft and control its movement according to the pilot's instructions. A significant number of moving parts are used for turning, climbing, and landing operations. The Analytical method has provided an easier way to study t...

Course Code:ISC3523
Published on: 24-08-2022

Captured file in WiresharkThe aim of this report is performing the lab on Kali-Hunt VM and Win-Hunt VM. The pcap file will be analysed. For the analysis tools like Network miner, Wireshark and Snort will be used and the given questions will be answered along with screenshots. From the analysis the story of captured file will be written as well as the captured file will be run through snort so that any triggered alerts can be triggered. For ...

Course Code:PSYCHX106
Published on: 24-08-2022

Understanding the Effects of Poor Quality SleepGosselin et al., (2019) stated in his paper that the poor quality sleep affects the immune system of the body. It also affects the cognitive abilities of the body and weight management. Sleep can affect the psychological wellbeing of every person. Disturbed sleep affects the brain health of the elderly mainly creating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) which causes sleep apnea and has neurocognitive co...

Course Code:MNGT1001
Published on: 23-08-2022

Factors Affecting Labor Productivity in Construction IndustryThe contemporary construction issue which is being investigated here is labor productivity and the lack of proper models to show labor productivity. For several decades there have been numerous researchers who have reported chronic problems in the productivity of labor in the construction industry. It is extremely challenging to make the issues easier because the productivity of the co...

Course Code:HRDVA82
Published on: 23-08-2022

The Importance of Electricity in Modern SocietyElectricity has become one of the most important things in the modern world. The need for electricity and power has been growing ever since it's discovery. Every day a new technology is discovered however without electricity most of them becomes useless. Electricity has become the backbone of the modern day society(Kambule 2019). The availability and the use of electricity has become the benchmark...

Course Code:RSMT3501
Published on: 23-08-2022

Objectives of the studyFormal short survey on gauging the level of satisfaction with the program for prison wardens to gaining skills and knowledge in General Education Development (GED) All of the population of Massachusetts are the subjects of this research, but to complete the research within the stipulated time, the researcher has narrowed down the search to prison wardens of Massachusetts. The samples would be selected through probab...

Course Code:EDSE101
Published on: 23-08-2022

VariablesThe height and the arm span of an individual are thought to be statistically correlated. The height of individual measures is believed to be directly proportional to the arm span of such an individual. Scientists and other researchers have concluded that the height of a particular student is directly proportional to their arm span. The arm span can be used to predict the height of an individual. How tall an individual depends on their...

Course Code:ENGG5006
Published on: 23-08-2022

Case Studies and Cost-Benefit Analyses of Hard-Facing ApplicationsFollowing the previous research carried out by Abrasion Resistant Materials Pty Ltd found online at indicates that Abrasion Resistant Materials (ARM) Pty ltd is a Brisbane based entity with the aim of providing hard-facing products or services to mining based sector. Following the company’s web-site, information based on particular hard-facing ap...

Course Code:BSM777
Published on: 18-08-2022

The Relationship between Employee Engagement and Employee Well-BeingEmployee well-being is a crucial factor in human resource management for any organization. Employees are one of the most important resources that our organization has. The level of commitment an employee has towards their organization is directly related to the productivity of the organization. And employees well being is a key lookout for all the management and administrative...

Course Code:BLDG4010
Published on: 17-08-2022

The Problem with Plastic Waste DisposalNumerous waste materials are generated from different industries in the world today. The disposal of the generated degradable wastes especially plastics has been a major topic of discussion in all corners of the world. This is because plastic wastes do not decompose at all, therefore it is a major environmental concern (Basha 2020). Plastics when disposed of they are normally bulky and occupy a lot ...

Course Code:ENVT4422
Published on: 16-08-2022

Benefits of New Trail ConstructionRecently, trail development and management issues has being given solutions due to complaints that arose a decade ago. Most researchers have therefore looked for vital information that would help to improve trail developments and management in the country.  In this particular journal, individuals will be provided with the appropriate practices for development and management of new trails for use instead o...

Course Code:HLSU216
Published on: 16-08-2022

Definition of FriendshipAs a person transits into the young adulthood, they begin to experience of loosening of emotional ties with parents, friends and family member as the immediate environment of the individual undergoes dynamic changes (Berndt, 2018). Changes such as job opportunities, persuasion of higher studies, opportunities for professional development often leads to changes in residence, preferences, priorities and commitments. These c...

Course Code:BUS330
Published on: 16-08-2022

Benefits and Risks of Cryptocurrency InvestmentsTopic: What factors would motivate customers/investors to invest in Cryptocurrencies A cryptocurrency is a converted data string that eventually represents itself as a type of currency. It is basically examined by a peer-to-peer link that is also referred to as blockchain (Boonpheng, et al., 2020). Moreover, it is also required to mention that this blockchain also serves as a secure ledger of tr...

Course Code:BA5004
Published on: 12-08-2022

Aim and Research QuestionsIn this part, you are asked to refer to and familiarize yourself with the research article entitled “An examination of users and non-users of self-checkout counters” and respond to the requirements below. Explain briefly, the aim of this research article and state the research questions chosen by the authors of this research paper.  The research aims to examine the consumers’ adoption of s...

Course Code:EAL211
Published on: 12-08-2022

What are inclusive practices?The general belief in modern-day teaching in schools and the belief in society is that no two people are the same and needless to say no two children are the same. Different children have different ambitions hence teaching different students requires different methods and strategies. This is done to make sure that every student has access to education and education materials. Hence every lesson that is taught is ta...

Course Code:PSY5012
Published on: 11-08-2022

Common Causes of StressStress is considered a normal routine in human life. This is because people must think and meet daily experiences that result in stress (Michie, 2002). Therefore, it is said that stress leads to motivation which translates to efficient working such as emerging the best in class, getting a promotion, and even achieving success in a marathon (Bhui, 2016). It is, however, worth noting that when stress exceeds the ...

Course Code:CIS4011N
Published on: 10-08-2022

Understanding the Phenomenon         The current study delves deep into the phenomenon of digital inclusion while considering the older adults. The older adults are not as familiar with the digital technologies as the younger generation. People belonging to this age group have a communication gap, as well as risk of missing out from the society. As per the statistics provided by World Economic Forum Glob...

Course Code:K2101
Published on: 09-08-2022

ETL in Credit Card Fraud DetectionETL mainly denotes extracting, transforming  and loading data from various data sources into a  single data source that is loaded into a data warehouse and other target systems.  Prior of data analysis , the main function of extraction is to extract data sources from various websites and  other online sources to conduct data analysis (Alshurideh et al 2020). After data extraction, data is f...

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