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Course Code:GY7705
Published on: 25-08-2022

What is ERDAS IMAGINE?Geographic imaging professionals use specialized software in processing of a huge quantity of geospatial data on a daily basis. This software is designed for a specific roles as well as add-on applications through creation of the same number of problems as they can solve. Producer Suite of Power Portfolio normally offers the ERDAS IMAGINE. Producer Suite interface enables the user to gather information, process it, analyz...

Course Code:ENSC3014
Published on: 22-08-2022

What is a p-n junction?1. A pn junction can be used as a solar cell. Describe how this is possible. Describe the limitations to the conversion efficiency of solar radiation to electric power in a silicon pn junction solar cell. Explain how you would improve the pn-junction conversion efficiency  A p-n junction can be used as a solar cell. Describe how this is possible P–N junctions are the boundary or interface between the several...

Course Code:TC50300E
Published on: 19-08-2022

Importance of Strain GaugesDue to the increasing complication of systems in modern environment, there is a greater demand for monitoring and analysis of strains and stresses created in parts, as well as the ability to control from a distant location. For these kind of measures, several industry areas . The importance of strain gauges cannot be overstated. Devices with accurate measurements can determine the amount of strain generated in a vari...

Course Code:ELEC6210
Published on: 11-08-2022

Symptoms and Causes of Metal CorrosionAn undesired chemical or electrochemical contact between the metal and its surroundings causes corrosion, which is a process by which metals gradually deteriorate from their surfaces. Loss of metal, unsightly appearance, high maintenance costs, and eventual failure of service are all consequences of metal corrosion in construction (Piotrowska, 2018). Several different symptoms may be associated with elect...

Course Code:ELEC6840A
Published on: 11-08-2022

Trust Management Model and its importance for IoTThe aim of the project is to address the issues implementing the Trust Management Model. In order to address the issue, the appropriate existing pieces of literature will be reviewed along with discussing a proper methodology. The Trust Management Model is basically considered as a viable solution by which the IoT issues are addressed. By optimizing the protection, as well as process of the s...

Course Code:MP4706
Published on: 06-08-2022

Smart Buildings Enhance the Human ExperienceWe live in a world where smart technology has taken over every part of our lives. Breakthroughs are notable because they help people live better lives. Furthermore, smart highway and smart buildings are enhancing the human experience with their respective subsystems in infrastructure like motorways and buildings (Jerman et al. 2020). The smart building has several subsystems, such as smart light...

Course Code:3CO04
Published on: 05-08-2022

Task One: Standard Operations Guide for Technow RecruitmentFive department heads and Ten line managers are being sought by the fast expanding technology company, Technow. In order to formalize recruitment, the study focuses on the standard operational guide. Task One: Standard Operations Guide for Technow Recruitment Step-by-step instructions are provided in this section for partners and their organizations, and the analysis is based ...

Course Code:ECE6030
Published on: 03-08-2022

Current Trends in the Scaling of Integrated CircuitsLow-power gadgets have gained a lot of attention in recent years as the need for mobile computing has increased. Beginning with the advent of electronic wristwatches and handheld calculators, mobile technology has progressed to today's linked devices and the "internet of things," which are becoming increasingly widespread in our daily lives. Nodes for the internet might one day be found in ev...

Course Code:7ENT1112
Published on: 01-08-2022

Galvanic DO SensorThe methods used in the modern measurement of dissolved oxygen (DO) in the field or lab involves a meter connected DO sensor which is responsible for the recording of calibration  and data measurement. The design of the DO sensors can be for biological oxygen demand (BOD) tests, discrete sampling, as well as long-term applications for monitoring. Generally, there are two types of Dissolved Oxygen sensors including Optica...

Course Code:NHE2483
Published on: 28-07-2022

Project Requirement SummaryThe aim of the project is to familiarize on the using of Intel Quartus Prime for the digital system design and the ModelSim for the simulation. Within the Quartus Prime software, digital circuitry is designed and modeled using a hardware description language (HDL) called VHDL. VHDL is an industry standard programming language for quickly and easily representing complex digital circuits at various levels of abstractio...

Course Code:EEEN20051
Published on: 23-07-2022

ReviewThis paper will review Revolve Air wheelchair that is relevant to this engineering sector. The technology is incorporated into the wheelchair, which folds down for fitting inside the overhead section of baggage within the aircraft. Revolve Air wheelchair is the space-saving solution of mobility for commuters as well as avid travellers alike people who need a much better way for getting around, which is highly portable, supportive and com...

Course Code:EE505
Published on: 19-07-2022

Battery backup time and capacityGiven data from the solution: The voltage in the OV systems = 12 V Power of the LED=  8 of 10 W Number of batteries Ah for the 7 days of autonomy Load = 10 Watts Required Backup time for batteries = 12 hrs per day = 0.5 days Now the required Back up Time of batteries in Hours = 0.5 days Now for One Battery: 8Wh / 10 W = 8/10 hrs Therefore, 0.5/ (8/10) = 5/10*(10/8)= 0.8 Answer: Therefore ...

Course Code:NNM7005
Published on: 07-07-2021

How to effectively calculate the dip duration of voltage sag?How can we effectively calculate the dip duration of voltage sag? The measurement of the sag duration is quite difficult than what it seems to the entire world.  Right from recording the duration of the sag which is quite obvious but to complete it with the automatic way for better monitoring of power quality to obtain the sag duration which is not so straightforward. The thres...

Course Code:LB5229
Published on: 19-05-2021

Products sold by this companyJB Hi-Fi is known to be one of the Australian retailers associated with consumer products which specializes in the video games, Blu-rays, mobile phones and electronics. The company JB Hi-Fi has its Head office at Chadstone Shopping Centre, which is present in Melbourne. Although the company expanded in to New Zealand. This pubic type of company specializes in the production of consumer goods which comprises of v...

Course Code:EE 153
Published on: 15-02-2021

History of the Smart GridA smart grid is well-defined as a control system which is used in many electric and electronic devices. It is also called an electrical grid that involves the number of operational devices and apparatuses for example, smart appliances, smart meters, and energy resources. There are main two fundamental aspects of this advanced technology, for example, microelectronic power conditioning, and regulator of production. The ...

Course Code:201CDE
Published on: 31-10-2020

Wien Bridge Oscillator1. Wein Bridge Osciator: Wien bridge oscillator is one type of oscillator. The oscillator has a high resonant frequency, low distortion. The oscillator has no input (Lerner, 2016) .The Wien bridge oscillator was developed by Wien (ElProCus - Electronic Projects for Engineering Students, 2018). It is used to measure the impedance value. It has four resistors and two capacitors.   Figure 1 schematic of weinbridge o...

Course Code:ENG225
Published on: 12-08-2020

Understanding Genre in Film Industry: Sports GenreThe purpose of this assignment is to review the basics of "Genre" which has been discussed in Chapter 3. This assignment provides an opportunity to conduct a comprehensive discussion about “sports” as a genre, which depicts the story of the lead character as an athlete or other games of the competition. In the sports genre, I have selected “Rocky". All the information related ...

Course Code:POLI1066
Published on: 30-07-2020

Key Issue 1: Transparency and StakeholdersMy chosen ‘policy debate’ is -should the unemployed be compelled to “work for the dole” My position on this policy debate is that there is no better option than the unemployed working for the dole. Working for the dole is a life time opportunity given to these people by the government and it comes with a lot of benefits. Public policy can best be described as, the broad ar...

Published on: 10-06-2019

Challenges of Automation in the Food IndustryDescribe with diagrams an example “process control system” of your choice. The rate of adoption of industrial automation in the food industry has been recorded to take shape at relatively lower rates in comparison to the other industries, and manual handling and assembling of food tend to have wide coverage. This is attributed to the fact that food products have a diverse range of...

Published on: 04-05-2019

Advantages of Satellite Communication SystemDiscuss about the Quiet Revolution Of Numerical Weather Prediction. There is always diverse information that has to be collected on the earth’s surface from different distant places that have to make the various activities being handled in the earth’s surface to be a success. The stations are situated in different positions on the earth’s surface, and the satellites are always ...

Published on: 21-04-2019

Background of Automation in the Food Processing IndustryDiscuss about the Industrial Automation in Food Processing Industry. Industrial automation is a system that comprises the usage of all the systems that control production or handling of different types of tasks in an industry, including the computers or robots used in the process. Amongst all the industries around the world, the automation system in food industry has comparatively ...

Published on: 15-03-2019

About Dell EMCDiscuss About The American Journal Of Industrial Engineering? The digital infrastructure of DELL EMC is created by the wide range of products and services provided by this company. The company DELL provides various offers and this mainly includes the servers, storage and technologies related to Cybercrime. Besides all this the company is also associated with providing of various consulting services related to planning an...

Published on: 24-02-2019

Tools' Features That Are Important For The ScenariosDiscuss about the Overview Of The Commercial Cloud Monitoring. The report is prepared after analysis of the three scenario and learning the principles of data communication and networks. Research is made on the different tools that can be applied in the organizational network for monitoring the data flow in the network and identification of the status of each of the computers connected...

Published on: 16-01-2019

Hertzian Contact Stress in High-Speed Roller BearingsQuestion:Discuss About The Manufacturing Process Workshop Technology? Lightly loaded high-speed roller bearings are in most cases prone lubricant starvation and slip especially at the interface where the inner circle comes into contact with the rollers. The bearing life of the roller is affected therefore by these two factors, slip and starvation of the lubricant, as these factors affect the ...

Published on: 10-08-2018

Classes of Power Quality ProblemQuestions:1.What is Power Quality?2.What are Some Power Quality Concerns?3.What are Harmonics and what Causes them?4.What is the Effect of Harmonics Distortion?5.What are the Process for ttenuation of Harmonic Distortions?1.The grid’s ability or electricals’ network provide a stable and clean power supply is known as Power Quality. A perfect power supply which is always available, creates power supply....

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