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Course Code:NURBN3032
Published on: 16-08-2022

Theory to practice gap in the nursing practiceThe transitional phase in nursing practice is considered to be the remarkable changes which is faced by the newly graduate nurses in providing proper care. The primary reason for facing the challenges by the nurses includes lack of proper theory to practice knowledge. It is also stated that the new graduate nurses face challenges due to lack of proper knowledge which influences the superiority of...

Course Code:CIND3510
Published on: 12-07-2022

Background and Definition of the Problem/IssueIn the engineering profession, quality management is quite relevant because it is the engineers who actually develop numerous systems that are used by the wider population in the world. As a result, it is prudent for people who are in the engineering profession to have a proper time management training so that we can have a clear comprehension of the various tools that are used in quality managemen...

Course Code:CIS5200
Published on: 25-08-2021

Time Management PlanGoCatch is the organization that has been selected and it is a company that provides taxi and rideshare services to the people of Australia. The organization is locally owned and has been expanding rapidly due to the demand of transportation services from the customers. The primary users that are associated with GoCatch since its inception in 2010 are the drivers and the passengers. The company makes use of a web based appl...

Course Code:INFO6030
Published on: 17-08-2021

Task 1: Time Management PlanHCL Info system is a multinational IT organization which is known for its brand as well as quality in India. There are various ranges of products which are being provided by HCL Info system in India. Organization provide an infrastructure in which people could work properly also avails the employment opportunities to the people of India. In first assignment the research was done in relation with the market research ...

Course Code:UGB251
Published on: 13-07-2021

Leadership Role and QualitiesMy experience as a leader of the group was very interesting. My leadership role in this group focused on the various aspects such as ensuring that the team sticks together, living direction for each group member, ensuring that they undertake their tasks within the recommended time-scale and chairing the meetings after every two days. I had to deal with different categories of individual behaviors more so driven bas...

Course Code:JND323
Published on: 12-07-2021

The Need for Managerial Skills, Time Management Skills, and Team Leadership SkillsManagement skills help professionals evolve into efficient organisational leaders and managers in the future. Every manager including me on conducting a self assessment feel the need to have three important qualities namely, managerial skills, time management skills and team leadership skills. The managers are the actual business strategy and decision makers and ...

Course Code:BUMGT5920
Published on: 30-06-2021

TaylorismThe Concept of Management is used in several areas in the modern world; it can be used in the family context to refer to the management of family resources, in the school context to refer to the management of time by students and teachers among other broad areas of use. However, management in the business context is basically concerned with the creation of wealth through the use of specific ideas and concepts. Management dates back to...

Course Code:PEV205
Published on: 29-06-2021

Key personal skillsCorporate hospitality is the services provided to the clients from the organization for their entertainment and satisfaction. Many companies or organizations believe that corporate hospitality is the best feasible way to maintain cordial relationship with the employees. This hospitality is provided by inviting in events, giving refreshments at the events, etc. In this report I will mention about the event that we had organiz...

Course Code:ABPL90414
Published on: 28-06-2021

Educational issuesThe Saudi Arabian construction industry has been noted to face a boom in the last twenty years. Several contractors have been noted to rely on the significance of employing lean construction. The construction concept is based on the Toyota production systems which have been harnessed to a new method of construction which is highly systemized. The system aims at completing a project that meets the requirements of the clients t...

Course Code:CHCPOL003
Published on: 16-06-2021

Objectives for Nursing Research 1. While undertaking a research it is important to have defined objectives in order to work in a systematic manner and at the same time have a defined rationale so as to comprehend the feasibility of the research. I was working in the aged care unit with dementia patients. While conducting a research with dementia care patients, some of the relevant objectives could be; to effectively improve the quality of life o...

Course Code:FNSACC503
Published on: 28-05-2021

Budget Cycle PhasesBudgets are helpful for the business in tracking and managing their resources. Business generally uses numerous types of budgets to measure their spending and creating efficient strategies for increasing the assets and revenues. The below listed are the types of budgets that are commonly used by the business are as follows; Master Budget Operating Budget Cash Flow Budget Sales Budget Production Budget Financial Budge...

Course Code:ICSK3005
Published on: 23-04-2021

Explanation of findings from task 1The report is prepared for the development of the excel spreadsheet that helps in management of the time schedule for enhance the business management process for the increase in the productivity. The report is created for the demonstration of the use of excel for the management of the basic activity easily and it can be used for tracking the daily activity and generate graphs for the management of the schedules...

Course Code:ITECH4300
Published on: 15-01-2021

Overview of Reciprocating Gas ExpanderA reciprocating gas expander is an axial-flow or centrifugal turbine through which a gas of high-pressure is expanded to generate work that is normally used in driving a generator or compressor. The expansion is suitable by an isentropic process since work is extracted from the expanding gas of high-pressure and a gas exhaust of low pressure from the turbine is at a very low temperature which is less than ...

Course Code:MGT200
Published on: 05-01-2021

Disadvantages of cutting backTo save their financial resources and survive in today's harsh conditions with the least losses, companies should resort to cutting costs. It is a fact. First of all, many companies rush to cut middle level management, thinking that this is their salvation. But often, they do not think about the company's image, in addition to the other consequences listed above. The current economic crisis is only one of the stag...

Course Code:B01MARK210
Published on: 30-12-2020

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)Customer relationship can be defined as the combination of methods, people, and technology companies' use identifies their potential prospects’ needs. In the statement of Khodakarami and Chan (2014), it is more of an integrated technique used for organising relationships by emphasising explicitly on the concept of customer relationship development and retention considerably. The term customer relatio...

Course Code:APTE7105
Published on: 22-10-2020

Exploring Smart Home TechnologyQualitative research design will be helpful for me to develop a new product as I am going to study about solar panels tracking systems which particularly useful in order to come up with this new product (Maxwell,2012). This research will also help me to determine whether the product is going to be viable. The analysis for qualitative would involve: The data and the data collection process will be documen...

Course Code:BNS 604
Published on: 08-09-2020

DiscussionThe Dover Strait is known for the most congested and busiest paths for shipping throughout the world. In acknowledgment of it, the primary globally perceived Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS) was constructed in 1967. By far, the Strait has mostly experienced travels in either north-east or south-west direction. In 1972, The Channel Navigation Information Service (CNIS) was established in Dover with the motivation to screen the developm...

Course Code:PPMP20008
Published on: 28-04-2020

Reflections on Gathering and Documenting Lessons Learned The paper generally focuses on the involvement of the students within the course of PMP20008. The report mainly aims to showcase the experience that are mainly gained by the students by involving the course. The paper also elaborates the lesson learnt framework as well as the process of gathering lessons that are generally learnt. Moreover, the paper also clearly states the situat...

Course Code:MBA642
Published on: 16-04-2020

Issues Faced During the ProjectThis report defines and elaborates the crucial importance of using project management phases in order to deliver a proper initiation, planning and execution of a project. The purpose of the report is to show the progress and current status of “location shifting project.” Jeff has recently secured a new designation of Marketing director interstate and thus Jeff and Kelly along with their family started...

Course Code:MITS5002
Published on: 09-04-2020

Client Real-Time Notification and Account BalanceIn our software we should make sure that a client receives real time notification about the market improvement and their balance in the account. If they have less balance in the account then they should be notified so that they can deposit the funds to the account for the account managers to purchase the shares. This kind of notification helps clients in taking an advantage of the market by pu...

Course Code:TRM73001
Published on: 03-03-2020

The Role of Yield Management in the Hospitality and Tourism IndustryYield management is one of the key factors through which revenue and pricing strategy can be maintained in the hospitality and tourism industry. I have learned its important role in this industry where it is not easy to earn revenues. It is because there are a number of factors involved such as competition, political situation and holiday seasons among others which impacts the...

Course Code:IPEMBA
Published on: 20-01-2020

Definition of Capacity PlanningAccording to Georgiadis and Athanasiou (2013), capacity planning may be defined as the process of determining the overall production capacity that would be required by an organization in order to implement change or accommodate changing demands. The case study defines production capacity as the production levels of an organization as demonstrated within a period of thirty nine hour week. Capacity in terms of an o...

Course Code:2038MKT
Published on: 11-12-2019

Conflict resolutionIn the current era, the sales pitches are not only about selling. These are about initiating a meaningful conversation. I believe that pitches help to advance and accelerate the procedure of sales both in the online and the offline platform (Gounaris et al., 2016). It is the challenge that mostly the sellers or the team leaders faces while communicating with the buyers in the corporate while selling any product. To simplify,...

Published on: 27-06-2019

My Placement and GoalsDiscuss about the Proffesional Practice Placement Case Study Of Spice Route Restaurant. Restaurant is a type of commerce that provides foods and beverages to its clients. Food is mostly eaten in the restaurant while some restaurants provide either take away services or delivery of meals to the clients’ premises. They vary significantly in appearance and the type of services they offer, ranging from cheap fast...

Published on: 19-04-2019

Communication in Chinese Business WorldDiscuss about the Communication in Business for Chinese Business Etiquettes. Business to be conducted in any part of the world needs to follow a certain set of etiquettes so that the best of results are achieved in the business dealing. Communication is a major factor that has to be kept in mind in order to make sure that success is achieved in the business (Roth 2014). For Mary to deal with Mr...

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