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Course Code:INF335
Published on: 20-08-2022

Background and Goals of Open Government PartnershipOpen Government Partnership also known as OGP started in the year 2011. This initiative started globally by the active enthusiasm of leaders across the world and the civil society as a whole. The goal of this initiative is to reinforce the democratic values in the modern society and all around the world. Several governments around the world have taken an active part in this initiative. To buil...

Course Code:LAWS11030
Published on: 03-08-2022

Part AThe website in connection to federal government regulator of New South Wales (NSW) is The website in connection to federal government regulator of Australia is The particular law in the above said source of NSW can be said to be the partnership law, which can be identified as The Partnership Act (NSW) 1892, which can be said to be a statute law. It should be noted that the jurisdiction of the...

Course Code:LST5CCL
Published on: 21-07-2022

Criteria for determining the existence of a partnershipThe partnership Act 1963 (the Act) deals with all business entities coming under the definition of partnerships in Australia. A fixed criterion is followed in order to determine that a partnership exists or not. In order to be termed as a partnership a business needs to prove that the agreement between its partners is valid according to the law of contracts. Further a partnership must be d...

Course Code:TAX305
Published on: 18-07-2022

Partnership Business OperationsThe partnership involves doing business with the sole aim of distributing the gain or losses between the parties. The business nature allows smooth and efficient running of operations since the control via decision makings as well as gross liability misfortunes are directly felt by the parties. Most of the operations in a partnership business are mostly guided by a partnership agreements that stipulates each and ...

Course Code:MA506
Published on: 15-07-2022

Partnership Act and Its ApplicationIn this case, the question that needs to be decided is related with the possible liability of Violet and Sonny regarding the loan taken by Busy Bee Florist Shop from Friendly Bank. For this purpose, it needs to be seen if both of them can be treated as the partners in the business and as a result, liable to Friendly Bank for the loan. In other to deal with this issue, section 1 of the Partnership Act (Vic)...

Course Code:700254
Published on: 17-09-2021

Question 1 The issue in this case is to identify whether a partnership exist between Billy and Sasha In addition it also has to be determined weather Billy is liable to pay Ooh orchids for the purchase made by Sasha The liability of Billy with respect to the negligence caused by Jacob The liability of Billy for starting a new business is also to be determined. According to the Partnership Act 1963 a business between two or more partie...

Course Code:LAW220
Published on: 02-09-2021

Can Caltex sue Tina for the actions of Brad? Is Paul is in breach of his duties as an agent against Tina? Scenario 1: Tina and Brad's Business RelationshipThe above two issues are resolved by applying the laws relating to actual express authority and apparent authority and the relevant duties of an agent. The relationship of a principal and an agent is very unique and works on the principal of agency. A principal is a person who emp...

Course Code:LAW6000
Published on: 26-08-2021

Case Study 1Lance is a partner in the herbal product partnership business. All the three partners have come to an agreement to purchase a car for the business and Lance was instructed not to spend on the purchase beyond $ 20000. Lance purchases a car from the seller Lynton, who was selling the Ute car for the company Mighty Motors Pty Limited. The car which was bought by Lance amounted to $ 25000 which was beyond the amount as agreed upon by t...

Course Code:M100
Published on: 23-08-2021

Task 1In the United Kingdom, as per section 1 of the Partnerships Act 1890, partnership is defined as a relationship that exists between persons who carries on business in common with a view of profit. In other words, any person who carries on common business activities with the intention to earn profit is said to have carrying on a partnership form of business. The definition comprises four essential elements, which are as follows: Relatio...

Course Code:LAWS10210
Published on: 30-06-2021

Joint liability for unpaid invoices1. Issue: Is Billy liable to pay Ooh Orchids the outstanding of fifteen hundred dollars for the purchase of flowers by his partner Sasha? Partnership law in Australia is governed by the statutory provisions of Common Law of Australia. It can be stated that each of the states in Australia has its own separate statute which govern the provisions of partnership in that particular state. However the Feder...

Course Code:2PE102
Published on: 11-05-2021

Organisational ContextWong Partnership is a legal firm based in Singapore and it promises an exceptional approach for the legal problems using the own brand of unique thinking. Wong Partnership established itself as a leader; it has a reputation as a major provider of legal services in ASEAN, Middle East and China. Wong Partnership does not believe in the traditional limitations of the competitors and it has regional law network. Wong Partners...

Course Code:LAWS20059
Published on: 28-04-2021

PartnershipThere are number of business structures that the parties can choose in operating the business. There are separate characteristics that are necessary in identifying the parties to ensure that they are selecting the most suitable business for their business. It has been evaluated that legal characteristics that has enabled the parties for ensuring the key factors that assist them in fulfilling the objectives in managing the business. ...

Course Code:NURS2006
Published on: 22-04-2021

Project AimAim- The aim of the project is to build the intervention of interdisciplinary partnership in nursing practice for risk assessment of falls based on two most suitable risk assessment tools among the elderly patient. Relevance of Clinical Governance to your project Falls prevention in the older adults is a fundamental safety and quality health care area. Clinical governance of the falls prevention in elderly is a combined component ...

Course Code:10353
Published on: 21-04-2021

Reforms under the Smarter Schools National PartnershipThe Australian education system has undergone through the major changes in the last few decades through the education policies. These policies put implication on the school for the improvement. The Australian government is also offering significant funds to improve schools and for implementing systematic and sustainable education reform. The schools are adopting new policies for the improve...

Course Code:ECE2001
Published on: 10-01-2021

Nature of PartnershipA partnership can be rightfully defined as a formal agreement which takes place between two or more parties in order to manage the business or a particular task in hand. There are a large number of partnership agreements available at hand like the partnership where the liability of the partners is limited or where the liability of the different partners is unlimited. The report will be discussing various facets of the part...

Course Code:BHB2005
Published on: 31-12-2020

Significance of Collaborative Partnerships for ChildrenCollaboration entails a mutually well-defined and beneficial relationship between two or more organizations with the commitment of setting common goals, developing a joint structure, mutual authority, shared responsibility and accountability (Davies, 2005). The relationship is maintained based on trust and shared a vision with the potential to enhance both parties’ ability to attain ...

Course Code:BUMAN103A
Published on: 30-12-2020

Partnership in Restaurant Business1.Issue: it has to be seen if there is a partnership between Michael and Kate. And as a result, Kate is bound by the liabilities of the business that have been incurred by Michael. Rule: the relationship of partnership is present between the persons who are carrying on a business; in common; and with a view to profit. In case of a partnership, there is an agreement between two or more parties performed legall...

Course Code:LAW6000
Published on: 15-12-2020

Case Study 1The legal issues Does a decision to contract made by a single partner in a partnership bind and amass liability to the other partners? Can the other partners take action against Lance? There are three notable legal principles stemming from the foregoing case in relation to partnerships. First is the question of partners as agents of partnership, then unlimited liability and finally the nature of partnership agreements. ...

Course Code:BX3112
Published on: 01-12-2020

Net income of the partnership1. Particulars    Amount ($)  Amount ($)  No capital gain or loss on sale of car  Shares gifted to son:    Market value of shares as on the date of gift        50,000.00  Less: Cost of shares      75,000.00 &n...

Course Code:PACC6009
Published on: 24-11-2020

Liabilities of Partners under Partnership Act, 1892 of NSWThat section 9 of the Partnership Act, 1892 of NSW deals with the liabilities of the partners. As per section 9 of the said act, every partner of the partnership firm is jointly liable along with the other partners for every debt and duty of the partnership firm till the time he is the partner, and after the death of that partner, his legal heirs is also liable severally for the debts. ...

Course Code:BO1CLAW314
Published on: 20-11-2020

Definition of Partnership under Partnership Act 1963IssueDetermination of whether there is a partnership between the three parties involved in the situation RuleMeaning of partnership is provided under the rules of section 6 (1) of the Partnership Act 1963. The relationship which exists between people who are carrying out a business in common having a view of profit has been termed as partnership. The rules of determine the existence of part...

Course Code:BAA215
Published on: 30-10-2020

The Advantages of a Partnership CompanyEssence is an apple farmer living in Judbury in Tasmania. After a recent bad experience where she attempted to work with an apple juicer to expand her business opportunities she wants to take a cautious approach in business and correctly document any future business dealings that she may enter into. A neighbour – Scarlett has recently purchased a small commercial building in Judbury. This building ...

Course Code:LST5CCL
Published on: 30-10-2020

Definition and elements of a partnership in AustraliaWhat is the business structure in which the business is running and the statue of each party involved in the business? Rule Two or more parties can enter into an agreement to form a partnership which is a common business structure in Australia. It is governed by the Partnership Act (Vic) 1958. Section 5 of PA describes partnership as an agreement to carry out business in common between two...

Course Code:MOD003379
Published on: 26-08-2020

Different Business Structures in UKThere are different modes in which a business can be run in UK and these include sole trader, partnership, company, LLPs, and limited partnerships. Each of these business structures have different features, and are marked with different merits and demerits (Rush and Ottley, 2006). When two or more people form a business and run it in a common manner, along with sharing the profits/ losses, a partnership is ...

Course Code:MKT607
Published on: 27-07-2020

Present Marketing SituationJohn Lewis Partnership is a popular retail company at U.K. targeting business markets and consumers. Their core marketing principles and practices involves meeting the necessities of customers (Knowledge, 2018). The following report intends to identify the usage of marketing segmentation, advertising and research as an integral part of their productive areas. The report analyzes primary goals and recommendations, pr...

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