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Data Warehouse In A Simple Language By Dirk Herreman

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Question: Give a review on Data warehouse in a simple language by Dirk Herreman.   Answer: Data warehouse is a vital source for converting the data into the information form which further can be used for making intelligent decisions (Herreman, 2016). He provides a strong base for the various techniques of data analysis. It is a useful source for accessing the information in a quick and easy manner. The success of any business depends o...

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Applied Databases (Fall 2016)

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Discuss about the Applied Databases (Fall 2016).


Identified relations

ER diagram of Dane County Airport

ER diagram of Dane County Airport

ER diagram of Dane County Airport

Figure 1: ER diagram of Dane County Airport

(Source: Created by author)



Ashford, N., Coutu, P. and Beasley, J., 2013. Airport operations.

Coronel, C. and Morris, S., 2016. Database systems: design, implementation, & management. Cengage Learning.

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Logical Data Model: Database

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Question: Describe about the Logical Data Model for Database.   Answer: Logical data model   Data dictionary Name PatientID Firstname Lastname Address Contact number CVisitID DOB synonym Patient serial number Patient name Patient Surname The location of patient  Phone number Serial number  data of birth Definition seri...

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Acme Garage

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Question: Analyze the current structure of the system used by Acme Garage to maintain the stock, purchase, vendor and transaction details and provide the updated structure with new proposed solution.     Answer: Introduction The purpose of this report is to analyze the current structure of the system used by Acme Garage to maintain the stock, purchase, vendor and transaction details and provide the updated structure with new...

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Business Entity Relationship

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Question: Discuss about the Essay for Business Entity Relationship.   Answer: Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) Figure: ER Diagram “ChenOne” fashion stores (Source: Created by Author) How Prototyping can be used in Requirements Engineering? Making software is a very critical task which is carried out by performing several methodologies over the entire development. In the process of software development, the first proc...

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Data Science: Worldwide E-Business

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Question: Discuss about the Data Science for Worldwide E-Business.    Answer: Introduction The company is looking to enhance their business and move on to e-business as they are inspired by the worldwide e-business and their growth. They are looking forward to transferring their present business scenario to online business so as to increase the sales figure and accessibility. The overall idea is to have online shopping system for...

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E-R Relationship For The Cooking Show

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Question: Discuss about the E-R Relationship for the Cooking Show.     Answer: Introduction: Explanation Cooking show has been explained with this Entity Relationship diagram shown above. We have taken 5 entity named as () 1. Administrator 2. Chef 3. Viewer 4. Recipe 5. Show After that, it has been explained by their attributes The attributes are the one which describes the entity with their name, id, ph.no. , ref.id,...

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Database Concepts: Design, Implementation And Management

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Question: Discuss about the case study Database Concepts for Design, Implementation and Management.     Answer: Entity Relationship Diagram Figure 1: Entity Relationship Diagram (Source: Created by author) Business Rule In a database system, business rules are used to describe the attributes property. Every database system maintains the business rule at the time of database creation. In this case, the business rule is manag...

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Entity Relationship Diagram For Normalisation

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Question: Discuss about the ERD for Normalization Functions.   Answer: ERD: Normalization: First Normalization Form: Eliminating repeating groups VIPStatus (VIPStatusID, VIPStatusName, DiscountPtge) Company (CompanyID, CompanyName, Address, Phone, Fax, Email) Customer (CustomerID, FirstName, LastName, Address, City, State, CompanyID, Mobile, PostCode, Email, CustomerTypeName, FFDiscount, VIPStatusID) Staff (StaffID, StaffName...

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Database Management System : System For CQ-Council

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Question: Describe about the Report for Database Management System of System for CQ-Council.   Answer: Entity relationship diagram of information system for CQ-council Figure 1: ER Diagram of information system for CQ-Council (Source: Created by author) Business rules and assumptions The business rules define the organization objective and regulations, which include a complete outline boundary for access for some specific users. ...

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