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Course Code:700137
Published on: 09-08-2022

The primary idea of New Labour education policyCritical analysis and examination of research help estimate the quality of the research and allow assessment of the evidence culminated for research (Evplova, 2019). In this paper, a critical analysis will be undertaken by Gewirtz (2001), titled "Cloning the Blairs: New Labour’s programme for the re-socialization of working-class parents". The paper analyses the education policy placed by the ...

Course Code:SOC101
Published on: 29-07-2022

DiscussionThe role of democracy has proved to an essential part in any religion of the world. It acts to be one of the best frameworks for the establishment of freedom for conscience in religion in order to exercise the practice of faith as well as pluralism in the religion. The religion, with the help of its moral as well as ethical commitment upholds its values, the critical approaches and expression can be the assistance of the democratic s...

Course Code:EST515
Published on: 15-07-2022

Objectives and Rationale behind the SyllabusThe English Syllabus running in Maldives is supposed to provide a detailed knowledge of English in the schools. For that reasons, this report has been formulated to calculate the overall effectiveness of the syllabus upon the teacher, students as well as school. In addition, the report is such prepared that it should definitely contain all the details of the indicators and the assessment guidelines...

Course Code:F6011271
Published on: 26-06-2022

Unitary and Pluralistic Frames of Reference1a. The different frames of reference explaining the implications of each of the perspectives as a means for handling employment relations Unitary frames consists the assumptions and values which state that occurrence of dispute amongst the employer and employee in the workplace is not anticipated. Though, disputes arise from the unique behavioural factors of the employees and employers of the same o...

Course Code:HIST1700
Published on: 24-06-2022

The American Revolution and the Ideals of Liberty, Life, and HappinessThe American democracy has a long history as it encompasses the American Revolution (Force 9). The Americas are brought up today knowing that they stand for liberty, life, and happiness. However, nobody seems to pursue these stands because life has remained debatable among the Americans (Martinez-Carter 1). For instance, many Americans blatantly say that everyone is ent...

Course Code:SM5065
Published on: 18-08-2021

The relationship between media and democracyMedia and journalism is often referred as a fourth pillar of the democracy along with the other three pillars of the judiciary, the executive and the legislature (Gehlbach and Sonin 2014). However, in the theocracies or the kingdoms, media has not been treated in the similar fashion (Gehlbach and Sonin 2014). Freedom of speech and expression plays an important role in the freedom of press (Gehlbach and...

Course Code:BUMGT1501
Published on: 19-07-2021

Management PrinciplesOne of the challenges that face the modern brick and mortar or “box” stores is the increased competition from online stores which threaten to consign such stores to the dustbin of oblivion and obscurity. The modern store has to be innovative in order to attract clientele to its stores and give them an experience that will endear them to keep on making repeat visits. Such repeat customers are instrumental to the...

Course Code:POLSC101
Published on: 01-07-2021

Thesis StatementThe paper aims to analyse the role of women in Pakistan’s democracy. Women in Pakistan are playing an important role in the electoral process, managing campaigns and running for the elected posts. In the general elections of 2013, 147 women contested for the National assembly in Pakistan and 300 women has sought for the provincial assembly seats in Pakistan. The number of female candidates in the general election has incr...

Course Code:CSBP491
Published on: 11-06-2021

The Lebanese Intelligence Community and its Vital RoleThe foremost determination of this paper is to focus on the Lebanese intelligence community. Lebanese intelligence community has four different departments and each of the department is headed by an authorizing body. The structure of this intelligent organization changed significantly after the French retreated from their mainland. The governmental and the jurisdiction of this country is ma...

Course Code:POLI202
Published on: 09-06-2021

DiscussionThe aim of the essay is to shed light on the elections and political parties of Canada and analyze whether the current system is suitable or not. Political campaigns have been an important part of elections in the democracies of the world including Canada. These are the organized efforts made by the people looking for public office to secure nomination. However, in the recent past, some commentators have questioned the need for such ...

Course Code:INLS201
Published on: 20-05-2021

Entities and RelationshipsThere are different stages in information model that can compare the basic structure for deleting information objects. This essay would also present the same taking the basic structure as the book called "The Power of the Powerless: citizens against the state in Central-Eastern Europe" and different ways of modelling the relationship between the book and other related books will be established through the examples of ...

Course Code:ENGLISH101S
Published on: 31-03-2021

Essential Information About the BookThe title of the book is Long walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela written by Nelson Mandela (President, Rep of South Africa).It is an Autobiography published first in the year 1995 by Macdonald Purnell (PTY) Ltd, Randburg, South Africa. The journey of the Nelson Mandela from prison to President of South Africa, his contribution against the regressive system of apartheid and its abolishm...

Course Code:BUS 520
Published on: 25-08-2020

Background of Iraq Ethnic and Religious DiversityIraq had serious ethnic tensions prior to the U.S. invasion of 2003 the regime of one Saddam Hussein didn’t give way for establishment of sectarianism. Consequently, there was a well existence of Shias and Sunnis in Iraq mostly in large cities. Iraq religion had considerable population of ethnic, Christians and other religious minorities. Marriage in Iraq was mostly between members belongi...

Course Code:PHIL 220
Published on: 16-05-2020

Plato's Views on DemocracyPhilosophers all around the world have given their theories and idea related to various aspects of ethics and moral concerns (Calabresi & Vickery, 2014). It is very important to interpret their idea in a better way so as to have a society where most of the people are satisfied. Plato was one of the first of his own kind who did not appreciate the democratic form of government. This report highlights the two dif...

Course Code:HUSO2073
Published on: 05-05-2020

The Role of Liberal Democracy in Protecting Public InterestsLiberal democracy is a type of government that caters to the interests of the majority. This type of government attempts to cater to these interests by having a state that is guided by the principles of all men having equal rights, opportunity, power, and so on. All of the traits above collectively contribute to a society that is considered democratic (Rodrik, 2016). Through these t...

Published on: 03-06-2019

The Evolution of Accounting Theories through MarxismHow Marxism has been applied in the Accounting Literature  Accounting is one of the phenomenon, which has been accepted in Britain during the nineteenth century in order to deal with the financial performance of the firms, which cannot be captured with the then economic framework (Xiao-Xue & Press, 2015). Principles of accounting became one of the vital issue of the firms to ...

Published on: 26-05-2019

The importance of the concept of State in Political ScienceDiscuss about the Political Science for History of European State Formation. The essay deals with the concept of state which forms an important component of political science, owing to the fact that it deals with the existence and inter-relation of different classes, the rights of citizens, the socio-economic relationships that citizens share with each other. The essay deals ...

Published on: 06-05-2019

Core features of democratic ruleDiscuss About The Lectoral Accountability Success Democracy. A democratic rule entails an institutional setting that permits free participation through a free, fair and inclusive electoral process. As explained by Robert Dahl, a democratic deal must follow two fundamental principles- political contestation and participation. In political participation, all the citizens who are eligible to take part in t...

Published on: 19-04-2019

The Emergence of Open Data in BusinessDiscuss about the EJournal of eDemocracy and Open Government. Business innovations have characterized the modern corporate world which has rapidly increased because of the recent advancement in technology. Information plays a very vital role in business development and provides a full scope of the business from the business products, strategies and their interaction with their customers as well as t...

Published on: 20-11-2018

Madison's argument on the ways to eliminate the negative effects of the factionQuestion:How would Rousseau and Burke respond to Madison's arguments in Federalist #10 about the causes and cures for Political faction?Madison in his essay, Federalist #10, argues about the ways that may be used to eliminate the negative effects of the faction. According to Madison, faction refers to a number of citizens who may form either a majority or a minority o...

Published on: 02-11-2018

Nature of Human Beings and WarQuestion:Write about the Causes of War for British, American and Canadian. While looking at the history of humanization, one can decide that the war seem to always present as a method to conquer the territory along with desired amount of resources or showing elevated level of dominance over other country. Mostly, reasons like Greed, Hate and religion are considered as the main reason or causes of the war. But t...

Published on: 30-10-2018

Origin and base of WikiLeaksQuestion:Discuss about the Popular Culture to Political Economy.The present debate is based on the impact of wiki leaks on the society. It has been alleged by many countries that web site is harmful to the national security of the national security of any country. However, this debate will make one thing clear that the web site is not harmful to the society; rather it establishes the frame work of freedom of speech an...

Published on: 24-08-2018

Introduction to Government by the PeopleDiscuss about the Government by the People for Politics & International Relations. Over 150 years ago, “the government by the people” term| came along as the then President Abraham Lincoln addressed an audience of over 15000 citizens. The term just meant that the primary government interest was to safeguard all the interests and demands of their citizens. This concept mean...

Published on: 01-08-2018

Benevolent LeadershipQuestion: Discuss about the Leadership Skill Theory and Practice.Leadership is the ability of an individual or organization to mobilize or influence people, organization or teams for the achievement of certain goals in a given situation. In an organization, the leadership role is mainly concentrated on the top executive but also draws down to the managers and other senior leaders. The leaders have the responsibility to ...

Course Code:KSA702
Published on: 25-07-2018

Literature ReviewDiscuss about the Evaluation of the Achievements in the Implementation of Millienium ? The increase in population especially due to the uncontrolled family practices has equally resulted in various associated challenges which include sicknesses as well as increase in child mortality rates. As deduced from these studies, the challenges associated with high population are mostly felt in developing continents for instance ...

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