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Course Code:COMP1140
Published on: 18-08-2022

Motivation Strategies for Driving ChangeAccording to Rosiana (2021), Change is a necessary thing in the perspective of an organisation to know about how the dynamics are working. Change can produce two realities either it will be positive or it will be negative. According to Rahardjo et al., (2019) state that motivation can be created by developing changes in an organisation and according to McClelland’s Theory of motivation state employ...

Course Code:MGMT1010
Published on: 16-08-2022

Significance of Employee Motivation in Today's Work EnvironmentIn any kind of small or large organisation, the word Motivation plays a vital role which not only increases productivity but also helps in establishing good employee management to balance a good work culture. The employees are the main pillar and the real asset of a company. There is always a need for proper growth of the employees based on their job roles and responsibilities in o...

Course Code:MGMT6059
Published on: 29-07-2022

DiscussionEmployment relations are the personal and professional legal link between employers and employees. It resembles the fact when a person performs duty or work under certain contains in return for remuneration. The workers have the full right and benefits associated with employment concerning major areas like social security and labour law. The constant effort by the organisation in making a positive relationship with the employees can ...

Course Code:EMPL4008
Published on: 21-07-2022

Stages of problem-solvingProblem Tackling Skills The stages of solving problems in organizations can be divided into four broad categories. The sole purpose of doing so is to ensure that these challenges are understood easier and properly divided into sections that would be easier to comprehend and solved as quickly as possible. A successful problem solver has to able to understand the stages to be followed during problem-solving occasions an...

Course Code:HI6008
Published on: 20-07-2022

Importance of job satisfaction in the workplaceJob satisfaction is the most important factor for an employee as the working condition and environment creates a great impact over the mind of an employee. Thus good workplace culture and resourceful workplace may attract employees to do their best in the organization. The level of productiveness employees’ have delivered will enhance if a good social relationship with other employees and le...

Course Code:COMMGMT7001
Published on: 19-07-2022

Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct for Professional AustraliaThis study deals with the topic on Professional and Ethical Conduct. In this particular assignment, proper emphasis has been given on the fact on what are the attributes that the employers look within the employees (Stredwick, 2013). The current segment explains Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct for Professional Australia that looks for networking 25,000 Australian exper...

Course Code:BUMGT5920
Published on: 18-07-2022

Content Theory vs. Process TheoryMotivation is the force that causes one to repeat a certain behavior or a person’s direction towards particular behavior (Ellliot & Covington, 2001). It is a goal directed behavior or a desire to do something. Motivation directs somebody to behave in a certain manner whether they are conscious of it or not. Motivation is an important factor that makes people to achieve their goals. It makes people sta...

Course Code:HC2101
Published on: 15-07-2022

Benefits and challenges of using Apps for employeesUsage of technology is gradually overtaking the workplace environment and the increasing use of Apps has changed the world of business to some extent already. The report identifies this trend and predicts the future of the workplace when employees will start to use the Apps extensively instead of doing works manually (Ally et al. 2013). The inclination towards using the Apps happens as th...

Course Code:STAT101
Published on: 15-07-2022

Relevance of Self-Determination Theory in Work MotivationThe report describes about the self-determination theory as work motivation and indicates the relevance with the organizational theory of behavior. Evaluation theory of cognitive theory describes the responses about extrinsic motivators and intrinsic motivation. The association between intrinsic and extrinsic motivates different types of work settings (Gagne and Desi 2005). This report ...

Course Code:HC1052
Published on: 13-07-2022

Week 1 Activity: PerceptionI have watched many movies recently but the one which I have liked the most is the 20th Century Women because I love drama movies. This movie is about a teenage boy, his mother and two women who took part in raising him among the freedom and love of South California in 1979. This fascinating movie is all about life, love, and struggles of a single mother as she raises a son during the end of the 1970’s. The m...

Course Code:HRM502
Published on: 08-07-2022

Reward System and Its ImportanceReward and performance appraisal is a part of organizational performance management. Performance management is process of influencing the employees to work together to achieve the organizational target (Andries & Czarnitzki, 2014). It boosts the employees to provide their best performance to establish a strong future of the organization. Organizational management often uses reward and appraisal policy to m...

Course Code:GSBS6040
Published on: 07-07-2022

Strategic human resource managementStrategic human resource management can be defined as the practice that is being used by an organization that will help an organization to attract the employees, train them and retain them in the organization so that it will be beneficial for both the employees and the organization (Wood and Kispál-Vitai 2014). As explained by Storey (2014), personnel management can be defined as the planning and organ...

Course Code:MPM735
Published on: 07-07-2022

Co-Workers RelationshipThere are many working relationships which exist within an organisation and these relationships can play a significant role in dictating the overall effectiveness of the business. Regardless of the nature of the relationship, there are a number of key factors which can determine whether these relationships are healthy, productive ones or whether they will have a detrimental effect on the business. Good relationships are ...

Course Code:LAWS6059
Published on: 02-07-2022

Brief discussion on legal structureThe policy regarding development of business taken by the Brazilian government has created certain negative effects on the foreign investment process. The policies have been taken from legal perspective and an attempt has been made to provide an overview on the legal structure relating to the business (Faúndez, 2016). Relationship between the employees is one of the core factors regarding the busines...

Course Code:BMA547
Published on: 02-07-2022

Critical AnalysisIntroducing the policies for motivating the employees is the major practice that needs to be conducted in the organizations these days. This is because it has been analysed that motivation factors drives the employees to perform better in the company. This present study aims at analysing the perception of the managers towards their employees in the manufacturing firm. The industry of manufacturing is selected to conduct the st...

Course Code:COMMGMT3502
Published on: 22-06-2022

Employment Relations and its Core ElementsThe report argues over the employment relation and how different aspect affects the relationship within the organization and the role of different attributes will be discussed. The situations of employees are discussed as well during the colonized period and current period. The three cases are quoted in support to the report for understanding scenario and exploitation taking place within the industry. ...

Course Code:UMAN3011
Published on: 19-10-2021

Importance of employee engagement in the hospitality sector Background of UK Hospitality The hospitality sector in the UK is the fastest growing sector providing enormous services to the customers in order to gain the customer satisfaction. The consumer satisfaction can be acquired only when the entire staffs are serving them with positive and generous feeling. A number of hotels and restaurants are opening up and jumping in the market wit...

Course Code:6HR001
Published on: 14-10-2021

Dispute Between RMT and Aslef on Driver-Only Trains and Subsequent StrikesThe union of RMT has called a deal to end the strikes posed by the fellow union Aslef and Southern Rail. The strike has crippled the south of England and London as a “shocking betrayal” of passengers and workers. Aslef was the representative train driver whereas RMT was representing the conductor and other fellow workers on the network. The dispute was detect...

Course Code:GSBS6192
Published on: 30-09-2021

Identifying the Key Motivational TheoriesThe HR managers and the human resource department of an organization both are playing an essential role to motivate and encourage employees (Torrington, Hall and Taylor, 2005). On the other hand, various types of motivational theories can influence employee's effective processes and behavioural process. There are different types of theories can influence motivation, but out of them, some important th...

Course Code:HRMT20027
Published on: 17-09-2021

The introduction of Better Off Overall TestThe better off overall test is an important test that needs more improvement given that it is the test used in the process of determining whether or not to accept a suggested enterprise arrangement. The better off overall test has constantly been used by Fair Work Commission when making important decisions of whether to reject or accept enterprise agreements. This test is still relevant and as such, it...

Course Code:HRMT20024
Published on: 09-09-2021

Impact of Participative LeadershipThis report explores employment relationship in a Top Truck Company in Wollongong yard in Australia under new management. The report further examines how a participative leadership impacts employee behavior as well as boosting productivity in the organization, giving it a new look. The focus also dissects in the risks involved in the case of organizational change to maintain sustainability. Employee relation ...

Course Code:PH311
Published on: 23-08-2021

Task 1: Explanation of different claims and their basis in lawThe common law in UK had three major sources for the employment law and these include the statutory laws, the laws of the European Union and the common law. The employment contract regulates the relationship between an employer and an employee, where all the details of the employment are provided and this is regulated through the common law (Tim-Russell, 2017). The employment contra...

Course Code:PSY618
Published on: 23-08-2021

About Sanderson Soaps“Sanderson Soaps” exists as a significant but small-scale home business absolutely monitored by the household associates and some peripheral participants. The functional procedures have been governed by the members of the commercial establishment founded in the land of “Portland, Maine”. The concern was instituted within the year, 1978 by Emily Sanderson accompanied by her partner, James, durin...

Course Code:MIS770
Published on: 07-08-2021

Summary Measures of Age of the EmployeesSuperPart Industries is a renowned and fictitious automobile parts manufacturer with 9800 employees and bears no resemblance to any existing organization. SuperPart wishes to study its full-time workforce by developing an employee profile that measures factors such as income, career progress and job-satisfaction. It is a survey of a random sample of 400 staffs conducted via inter-office mail. The execu...

Course Code:HRMT20026
Published on: 06-08-2021

Factors That Require Flexibility at WorkFlexibility at work places is not a new concept and in real sense some of the past and current working methods can be considered to be flexible. This trend can be viewed from different points relating to employers, laborers and some of the professional employees (O’Connell  and Russell, 2005). Some factors require this form of flexibility and they include changes in technology, sectorial ...

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