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Advanced Taxation: Income Tax Assessment Act

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Question: Discuss about the Advanced Taxation for Income Tax Assessment Act.   Answer: Introduction According to the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997, TR2012/D1 income from the trust estate is distributable to the beneficiaries as per the clauses mention in the trust deed. As contained under section 53A, income generated from the trust estate is computed according to the terms and conditions of the trust deed. Such distributa...

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Accounting For Tax Purposes In Australia

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Question: Discuss about the Accounting For Allowable And Non-Allowable Expenses For Tax Purposes In Australia.     Answer: Australian Tax Office recognizes and allow expenses and cost that relate directly to activities relating to revenue generation to be the only items eligible for tax deduction deductible. John Smith by virtue of being a veterinarian officer generates his revenue from the services he offers at his own consulti...

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Taxation Law : Seperate Business Tax

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Question: Describe about the Taxation Law for Seperate Business Tax.   Answer: Capital Gain Tax The Capital gain Tax (CGT) are the tax that are paid by the taxpayer on the capital gains made in case of a CGT event. The Capital Gain tax is not a separate tax but a component of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.  The Section 100-10 of the ITAA 1997 states that the Capital Gain Tax affects the income tax liability of the taxpayer. ...

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Commercialization Of Professional Football In The Global Market

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Question: Discuss about the Commercialization of professional football in the global market.     Answer: Introduction The research proposal aims to evaluate the impact of commercialization of professional football through various marketing and promotional activities in the global market. The proposal will allow for understanding the need for marketing and advertising of the professional football and make it successful in the glo...

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Depreciation Available For Matthew Financial Year

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Questions: 1. Discuss the deductibility of the $70 000 expense for Paper Co. 2. Explain, citing sections, whether or not the following expenses can be incurred in the cost base for each of the following situations. Note that all assets are post CGT. 3.Showing workings, calculate Claude’s net capital gain or loss (assuming he has no other CGT events) 4. Calculate the highest deduction for depreciation available for Matthew for the fina...

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Australian Tax Office On Personal Exertion

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Question: Discuss about the Australian Tax Office On Personal Exertion, Car Fringe Benefit, Capital Gain And Loan On Interest.     Answer: This paper is seen to test the tax aspect and qualification of personal service income under different test evaluation steps, capital gain or loss on land and building property, car fringe benefit calculation using statutory method for Australian residence for tax and finally it analyses the a...

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Accounting Tax

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Questions: 1. Does Femme really have to file Federal income tax returns and pay Federal income taxes, or is Femme’s coworker who refills the water coolers and vending machines correct that filing income taxes is voluntary since taxpayers can refuse to pay income taxes based on moral grounds by invoking the First Amendment. Why or why not?2. Besides the Federal income tax, what other taxes will Femme pay on Femme’s Old School Software...

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The Impact Of Tax Avoidance On The UK Economy

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Question: Describe about the Taxation PhD research topic in tax avoidance and then write the proposal.     Answer: Background A number of direct and indirect tax liabilities upon individuals and corporations attribute developed countries. In contrast to this, developing countries encounter various political, administration and social difficulties while establishing a sound public finance system. As a result, these countries beco...

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Report On Paying Of No Corporate Tax

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Question: Discuss about the Paying Of No Corporate Tax.     Answer: Statement of the problem: The main problem regarding this report is to find out the problems and issue relating to the non-payment of corporate tax by many companies. In order to state any clear statement on the topic, it is important to evaluate the norms of paying taxes and the aspects of non-payment of corporate taxes to this effect (Dyreng, Hoopes and Wilde ...

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Employment Tax In U.S.A.

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Question: Discuss about the employment tax in U.S.A.     Answer: Introduction According to the United States’ Federal Law, the government imposes federal employer tax  This tax is imposed under the FUTA which is called Federal Unemployment Tax Act. It provides relevant funds to the workforce agencies at state level. (Accountingcoach, 2016).Amount collected through this process is used for payment of unemployment comp...

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