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The Bento Rodrigues Dam Disaster

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Question: Discuss about the Bento Rodrigues Dam Disaster.     Answrer: Introduction The Bento Rodrigues dam disaster which happened on 5th November 2015. This incident involved a catastrophic failure of the iron ore tailing of a dam in Miriana. The incident led to flooding in the area and destroyed the whole village of Bento Rodrigues. The disaster is considered to be the worst environmental disaster to have hit Brazil. In the d...

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Key Elements In Aviation Safety

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Question: Identify and explain the key elements in aviation safety.   Answer: Introduction Safety Management System or SMS is fast becoming a norm in the industry worldwide for the aviation sector. It is recognized by, Joint Planning Development Office (JPDO), Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and service/product providers as the improved stage in ensuring flight safety. To regulator...

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Aviation Safety: Technical Description

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Question: Discuss about the Aviation Safety for Technical Description.   Answer: Introduction Aviation safety is defined as the term that encompasses the hazards, failures and technical description related to flights. This is actually concerned with the safety management system (SMS) of the aviation industry (Chittaro and Buttussi2015). The safety measures explained with respect to some key elements in case of the aviation safety. Th...

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Hardware And Software: 2D CAD

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Question: Discuss about the Hardware and software for 2D CAD.   Answer: The minimum Hardware and software requirements for using  2D CAD depending on the latest version of the applications available are. S.NO ITEM DESCRIPTION 1 PROCESSOR Intel Pentium IV or AMD Athlon 64 2 RAM 1 Giga Byte 3 STORAGE 2 GB 4 OPERATING SYSTEM Windows XP, win...

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Principles Of CNC Machine Operations

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Question: Describe about the terms for the Principles Of CNC Machine Operations.   Answer: Computer Numeric Control Computer Numeric Control (CNC) is the automation of machine tools. These tools are operated through programming and encoding. Automation here replaces the mechanical or manual operations done either by levers, wheels or hand, etc. (Reintjes, Francis, 1991). The major application for the automation of the manual or mechan...

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Mechanisms And Dynamics Of Machinery

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Questions: Write a report concerning the planar mechanism. In your report, you must:   1. Describe the links and pairs and calculate the mobility.   2. Draw a fully dimensioned drawing of the mechanism shown, making reasonable estimates of all dimensions necessary to define the location of all points A to G.   3. Estimate the mass of the door. You may assume that other mechanism components are massless.   4. Plot the ...

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Mechanisms And Dynamics Assignment

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Questions: A typical jamb-type tilting garage door opening mechanism is illustrated below:  Point G is the centre of mass, and point H is the fixing point for the garage door opener. q is the angle between AC and horizontal, w is the corresponding angular speed.  Tasks  In this assignment you are required to write a report concerning the planar mechanism in the figure above.  In your report, you must:  1. Descri...

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Continuing Professional Development

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Question: Explain about the Process Construction and Technical Services Pvt Ltd.    Answer: Since my childhood, I was always curious about how things worked. I had an affinity towards physics and mathematics throughout my school days. This interest motivated me to take up Mechanical Engineering course at Toc H Institute of science and technology which is affiliated to CUSAT (Cochin University of Science and Technology). The differ...

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PHI Lab Worksheet

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Question: The aim of this experiment is to find the ultimate tensile strength, density and other parameters for different materials.    Answer: Introduction Ultimate tensile strength (UTS), more often than not condensed to inflexibility or serious power is the cutoff of a material or structure to withstand masses tending to amplify, on the other hand than compressive incredible, which withstands masses tending to diminish mea...

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Power Generation Using Coal

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Question: Discuss about the Power Generation Using Coal.   Answer: Differences Between Renewable and Non-renewable Energy Resources Renewable energy refers to energy that is obtained as a result of various natural processes that are continuously replenished. Examples of such sources include wind, geothermal, hydro-power, solar and energy from biomass. However, there exists some controversy on the categorization of some energy re...

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