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Course Code:BUST08015
Published on: 25-08-2022

The Situational Leadership TheoryLeadership Theories Contingency Theory This is one of the few leadership styles that are applicable in most situations. This theory states that effective leadership revolves around striking the appropriate balance between the needs of the company, the behavior of the employees, as well as the context of the situation (Bake 2019). Therefore, even when a leader within an organization might not have the right ki...

Course Code:MG3009
Published on: 24-08-2022

The UK Market and Enterprise Culture The UK market is considered one of the top spots for venturing into new startups as the entrepreneurs are clocking towards the major cities of the United Kingdom. Eventually, London has become one of the known centres for enterprise cultures, and thus, London has been accountable for large numbers of businesses, and it has risen to 18.7% of the total number of a startup in the country. As per the data of 2018...

Course Code:BM7019
Published on: 19-08-2022

Background of SlayKKSlayKK is an affordable copy of a top-performing store run by AliDropship, bought by Karlos kay at the price of 300$. His website includes few successful niches, that been tested by the Alidropship team. The store’s catalogue is already packed with proven bestsellers, plus a life-long IT and marketing support. The owner of SlayKK “Karlos Kay” completed his Master’s degree in International Business Man...

Course Code:BUSI1600
Published on: 18-08-2022

Market PotentialDiscovering home food in a distant land is a tough task. It has been often observed that individuals are deprived of their comfort food or sometimes termed soul food, in a foreign land. The desire for much-treasured home food in its authentic form increases with time when stay becomes longer, and foreigners begin to lose interest in the meals whenever they cannot get their preferred traditional and authentic food. It also gives...

Course Code:BMGT4305
Published on: 10-08-2022

Core Elements of Entrepreneurial ArchitectureThe concept of corporate entrepreneurship is necessary for the growth and enhancement of innovation within organisational set up (Tseng and Tseng 2019). Again, Urbano et al. (2022) commented that, Corporate Entrepreneurship, otherwise known as Entrepreneurship is the scope that the company develops for new business, services or products. The study by Göcke, Hülsebusch and Menter (2021) T...

Course Code:ENT10002
Published on: 04-08-2022

Componential Theory of CreativityInnovation refers to adapting knowledge and innovative ideas to the organization's benefit. It is the process that transforms different ideas into marketable values (Amabile 2011). Innovation in entrepreneurship leads to creative development because it enhances a brand's creativity, nature, and design innovation. Entrepreneurship opens various doors for opportunities, and it gives durability to the organization...

Course Code:LUBS2045
Published on: 02-08-2022

Gaining consent of the interviewee and finalizing the time planAn interview can be undertaken as a basic conversation format done to gain a piece of varied information, consisting of discreet details helping the interviewer in terms of analysing and interpreting the information (Slade and Sergent 2018). Based on the provided subject topic, intuitive research would be conducted in the likes of a conventional interview process with highly succes...

Course Code:SCIE2001
Published on: 30-07-2022

Tuckman's stages of group developmentAccording to Tuckman’s stages of group development, any group within an organization (irrespective of its size and industry) goes through five different stages [1]. These are forming, storming, and norming, performing and adjourning. This model is also helpful in developing team maturity and ability changes in styles of leadership in order to develop more collaboration and shared leadership throughout...

Course Code:MM379
Published on: 29-07-2022

Difference Between Social Enterprise And Business EnterpriseThe main aim of the paper is to talk about the difference between social enterprise and business enterprise. The differences between the two kinds of enterprise will be critically highlighted, along with the similarities. The differences and the similarities will help in the understanding of the way in which these kinds of enterprises work. Real-life examples will be connected to the ...

Course Code:BUS302
Published on: 26-07-2022

DiscussionAn entrepreneur is an individual who utilizes commercial innovation or idea to develop an enterprise or business while bearing the risk, profit, and loss. There are many more aspects that define the entrepreneurial journey of a successful entrepreneur. It could be educational background, support for the family, individual ideas characteristics, and more.  There are various theories of Entrepreneurship that can help in under...

Course Code:QAB020X613A
Published on: 26-07-2022

Business ObjectivesBuying and selling domains is a lucrative investment opportunity that is very promising to generate good returns on investment. The world is shifting from analog to digital, meaning most businesses have shifted their operations online (Anderson et al., 2019). Thus the advancement of technology has enabled I.T. to be integrated with businesses. The target customers are small to medium enterprises that have an opportunity to e...

Course Code:ENTREP7046
Published on: 25-07-2022

Creativity, Innovation, and EntrepreneurshipCreativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship are related to each other at the same time very much different from each other. Creativity is the raw idea or concept of an individual that exists inside them, the unique special idea that is completely different from the others are creative ideas. When these ideas are given life as a practical approach is given, when concepts and creative ideas turn into ...

Course Code:MGT607
Published on: 23-07-2022

Hotel Background: Royal SuitesThe main purpose of this report is to structure and create a business plan which provides a solution to an opportunity that the entrepreneur has identified. The business venture selected pertains to the hotel business as the entrepreneur wishes to potentially enter the hospitality industry with an intent of creating value for the final customer. Sydney is the most happening city in Australia which has a bit of ...

Course Code:LCBB5001
Published on: 22-07-2022

Theoretical knowledge of entrepreneurshipEntrepreneurs are found to be crucial for market economies as entrepreneurs can act as a wheel of the country's economic growth. Thus, the following section is going to interpret the contribution of entrepreneurs to the development of a country's economic growth. In addition to this, the way entrepreneurs in the UK have been enhancing their market position and contributing to strengthening the country's...

Course Code:CIND3000
Published on: 18-07-2022

Naomi Simson: Brief OverviewIn this report, an attempt is made to analyse an Australian Entrepreneur who have accomplished success in business venture. Entrepreneurship is a method of scheming and operating a business in the unique way to gain profits in the most effective manner. Entrepreneur is an individual who commenced a business operation that usually assisted by small amount of fund that is the capital of the business to run the whole o...

Course Code:POG303
Published on: 16-07-2022

Motivations behind the joint venture60 well program Tesoro will provide a capital carry exchange for 50 % of EP energy’s working interest in joint venture wells. Tesoro will purchase all the oil production of the joint venture wells According to the share distribution EP Energy’s net share of capital is expected to be around $64 million, the working capital interest of EP energy is 80% and 20 % of Tesoro Corp. EP Energy wil...

Course Code:UMSCUJ15M
Published on: 15-07-2022

Understanding Innovation and EntrepreneurshipInnovation can be understood as a successful introduction of a new method or thing. Innovation is combination and original knowledge synthesis along with valuing processes and new products with services. Entrepreneurship is deemed to be a process that includes two process including effective opportunities and existence of enterprising individuals. It is observed that the food and beverage manufactur...

Course Code:MGT2900
Published on: 14-07-2022

Traits of Successful EntrepreneursThe case study is a real life entrepreneurship story of two friends Buthaina Al  Mazrui  and Alamira Noor Bani Hashim who started their business in the  year 2010. They had the idea of doing business from many years but they were waiting for the right opportunity. They were clear that they will be doing something innovative in the food and beverage industry. Both Buthaina and Alamira Noor Bani H...

Course Code:CIND3000
Published on: 08-07-2022

Business OverviewThe business of tourism is facing vivacious change, which is shocking in nature all through the latest time of separation. It has all around have a possible result for region of a world that has no certain borders and expanded data spreading on stunning scenes globally, with the Australian zone considering a common case. The present case towards a change in measure of voyagers taking entry within the country exhibits open ent...

Course Code:BUSN11075
Published on: 27-06-2022

Topic 1: Introducing CreativityThis reflection report presents the different activities that were performed by me during this lecture. It also depicts the skills that I have improved in lectures, while undertaking the topic/session. It also defines the certain aspects that I have learned from this lecture. It evaluates my interest in engaging in lectures. This report demonstrates the ways by which I and my team members have organized the tasks...

Course Code:2043IBA
Published on: 23-06-2022

Advantages of the Collaborative EconomyWith the rapid evolution in the lifestyle of the customers and with having technology advancements, several business organizations are initiating initiative and distinctive way of creating value to their customers ( 2017). Majority of them are not directly competing with the traditional players in the particular industry, rather than they have implemented innovations in their business activities...

Course Code:16074
Published on: 22-06-2022

Objectives of the ResearchThis research focuses on the joint venture in the construction industry in the world and its significance to the international industries of construction. It also covers how data were collected in a different country and their comparisons about their joint venture in the construction industries. The paper focuses on the different technologies in different countries and how the people accepted them. The term joint vent...

Course Code:BBM310
Published on: 20-06-2022

Course Code:BUS3ENT
Published on: 12-10-2021

Products and MarketThe LA super store is a start up retail store that will be established and set up in Melbourne, Australia. Business will deal in providing customers with interesting options of merchandizing at negotiated prices. Financing of the business will be done by way of private investment. Such financing will help the business to carry out their operations smoothly for almost two years. Contribution toward the business venture will b...

Course Code:9002ENT
Published on: 08-09-2021

New VentureEntrepreneurship is the method of designing, running and launching a new business. Entrepreneurs start a new business with a notion to earn profit from the business (Drucker 2014). The types of ‘sustainopreneurship’ practices have strategic purposes and objectives that respect the social boundaries and also earn a profit. Moreover, these types of businesses can be defined as ‘businesses with a cause’. In this s...

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