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Course Code:ELE00129M
Published on: 26-08-2022

Advancements in Electric VehiclesInnovation is one of the most crucial factors that may land any business establishment to the doors of heavy profits and execute the daily work with utmost efficiency. Espousing different technologies gives any company the opportunity to transform its operational style and align them towards the best of opportunities for the stakeholders and the company as a whole. Although there are various ways that any compa...

Course Code:RSCH600
Published on: 20-08-2022

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Canadian Automobile IndustryAll across the world automobile industry is suffering considerable losses since the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Closure of borders and lock-down of factories have become the reason for major volatility in the early stages of the pandemic as it left the manufacturers without essential parts. Many of the auto manufacturers in Canada were also forced to shut down their plants not just...

Course Code:B207A
Published on: 19-08-2022

Toyota's History of Innovation in the Automobile IndustryDue to the advancement of various businesses the competition among the companies increases as a result they have adopted different business strategies so that they can compete in the market. The businesses have been shifted towards the adoption of innovations for enhancing their marketing and operations which not only help them to have greater performance and productivity but also provid...

Course Code:ECON90015
Published on: 15-07-2022

Measures of Project Success and FailurePredominantly, timely completion of projects within the allocated budget is considered successful. However, different measures of success and failure of projects have been devised by different people (Macleod 2012).The automobile industry is part of the Australian economy. Noteworthy, high fuel prices shifted  customer preference to smaller imported cars in the year 2013-2014 as compared to locally m...

Course Code:SIT50416
Published on: 20-09-2021

System SubjectiveRoyal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) has started its journey in 1903. The idea to establish a club has been arrived more than a century ago. Three motorcycle enthusiasts have dreamt of making a unique club to provide quality hospitality service to the people. They have designed their organizational structure according to their passion. The founders of RACV Printer Sydney Day, James Coleman and Henry “Harry” Bar...

Course Code:MENG5005
Published on: 02-09-2021

Electricity GenerationA Technical Report on Electricty Generation from Geothermal Energy Source Geothermal energy is perhaps a classical manifestation of the exciting fields of Thermodynamics, Electricity and Geoscience being merged to design and develop a system that is very critical to the existence of humanity. Notably, without energy, societal progress of any form may almost be impossible. Traditionally, the fossil fuel sources have bee...

Course Code:HRMT20024
Published on: 30-07-2021

Recruitment in the Automobile IndustryThe motor industry is made by almost all the global leaders. The names start from Holden, Toyota Australia, Kenworth Australia; a subsidiary of Paccar Inc. Iveco and The Ford Australia. The industry employs workforce to work in manufacturing plants, administration, sales, and marketing. The industry is sophisticated and requires personnel that highly qualified. The workforce who are employed in the indust...

Course Code:GSBS6060
Published on: 18-05-2021

Background to the StudyAccording to Hanawalt and Rouse (2017), with global economy developing fast MNCs, in particular car manufacturing industry are opting towards arranging the productive activities in international market for capitalizing on the global resources and market potentials. However, since 2013 the car manufacturing industry in Australia is witnessing a shrinking period with key players like Ford, Holden, and Mitsubishi pulling ou...

Course Code:E84
Published on: 11-02-2021

Key Challenges in Staffing WeldersTo The CEO, Subject:  Hiring for the position of welders Date: Wednesday, October, 10th, 2018. Over the last few decades hiring for the position of welders have become an increasingly challenging tasks. It is presumable that these challenges will go on increasing in the future, and there will be an acute shortage of skilled welders in the market, leading to a very high demand, reduction in retention ra...

Course Code:BMO5501
Published on: 02-02-2021

Case DescriptionThe modes of reconciliation in terms of business disputes arising from fraudulent activities can range from arbitration, mediation to usual court procedures. However as fraud would have to be established through due process of law it would be more appropriate to use court procedures to determine such a dispute. It would also be essential for the various modes of recovery within the framework same. It can thus be determined that...

Course Code:HI6005
Published on: 21-01-2021

The Evolution of the Automobile IndustryThe report gives an overview of management and organizations in the global environment of Automobile Industry. In United States, the industry started in the year 1890 which was overtaken by one of the largest automobile producers of Japan in the year 1980 followed by China in the year 2008. Presently, the United States, ranks second amongst the largest producer of the world in terms of volume and an ap...

Course Code:SOC 3116
Published on: 22-12-2020

Relevant groups in the documentary Who Killed the Electric CarA group of people who have the same level of understanding and they are connected to a particular entity is called a relevant group. As per the documentary, the relevant group is a collection of people who have the same views for electric cars. Following eight relevant groups have been discussed in the documentary (DocumentaryHeaven, n.d.). Car companies: the car companies that p...

Course Code:EMT695
Published on: 10-12-2020

Task 1The personal and professional training plans help the new trainees in order to increase the skills and qualities of them in an organization. The general need of these training programs are visible for the new employees in every service based organization. The required quality and skills in order to provide the service for a given organization is significant because the reputation for a service based organization lies in the quality of th...

Course Code:ITC508
Published on: 20-10-2020

Functional/Non-Functional Requirement of the Parking SystemThe automated car system (ACS) is a mechanical system, which is designed for making the parking system better and minimizing the area of parking system. Collin has car parking system but the system is not automated. The car parking system for Collin should be automated so that the system becomes better and the space for parking is minimized. The Collin parking system now has manual wor...

Course Code:N302
Published on: 17-09-2020

Trends in the Automobile IndustryStrategic planning is made according to goal definition of the organization. Latest trends and developments along with industry analysis are taken into consideration for forming strategies that can easily be applied (Spaeder, 2007). Automobile industry within U.S. is highly competitive with large number of companies and varied types of automobile models. Innovation has been the key to growth of the industr...

Course Code:KB5005
Published on: 08-09-2020

Flow through pipeA flow is said to be pipe flow if the flow is under full depth condition. In pipe flow there tre two different types of losses generally takes place:- Major losses:- They are due to viscous resistance through the wall. They have high magnitude and there occurrences are more. They are also known as constant velocity loss. Minor losses:- They are due to change in momentum of the fluid i.e. due to velocity either due to mag...

Course Code:MD4064
Published on: 02-09-2020

Background of the ResearchIn the modern era of marketing techniques it has become quintessential for the business organizations to determine new and innovative techniques through which the needs and wants of the customers can be satisfied. Hence the companies are searching for avenues through developing brand loyalty through the creation of consumer value and brand identification (Tomczak et al., 2018). The previous and traditional research wo...

Course Code:16072
Published on: 28-07-2020

Economies of scale and scope in Automobile Industry(1.1) Economies of scale is the production condition of a firm under which the firm has the opportunity to increase its production because with every unit increase in production the average cost of the firm will decline (Baumers et al. 2016). Theoretically economies of scale occurs when a firm operates at the downwards sloping portion of long run average cost (LAC) curve. Economies of sc...

Published on: 10-09-2019

The SurveyThis report drafts a broad evaluation of the particulars of the employees at TechnoMart automobile. Whilst the most important focus of this report is on providing a detail estimate of the employee’s of the company, attention is mainly concentrated on the wider impacts of company policies. The three important characteristics of the Human Resources department have been primary enveloped in the present project. Working hour read...

Published on: 31-05-2019

Background of Ford Motor CompanyIdentify the main challenges that Ford Motor Company. According to Jeyarathnam (2008), the success of any business organization depends on factors such as finances, environment, and competition. Some organizations tend to do better than others in the same industry depending on the strategies that they put in place to ensure that they remain relevant in the competitive market. This report, therefore, aims ...

Published on: 16-01-2019

Overview of DC DesignQuestion:Discuss about the DC Design is Automobile Customizing.DC design is an automobile customizing company founded by Dilip Chhabria in 1983. The automobiles are highly priced such that even the founder cannot customize his own car (Chhabrria, 2016). It is located in India. The company rose very fast in the market due to the quality design of cars they provide and is currently one of the most famous automobiles manufactur...

Published on: 15-01-2019

Organizational Change: Process and ImpactQuestion:Discuss about the Organisational Change in Various Sectors.Organizational Change is indicative of the process by taking recourse to which an organization makes suitable changes in relation to the structure, operational methods and that of technology. It is necessary in order to cope with the changes taking place in the present age and significantly affects the organizational performance. The proc...

Course Code:BUSM1227
Published on: 14-11-2018

Factors Affecting Growth in the Host CountryQuestion:Discuss about the Report on Business Of Tata Motors.Tata Motors, earlier known as TELCO (Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company) is one of the Businesses that the Tata group is into. Tata motors has it’s headquarter at Mumbai India and it manufactures passenger cars, military vehicles, trucks, vans etc (Spokesperson 2016). Tata Motors as said in the introduction paragraph owns manu...

Published on: 20-03-2017

Uses of oil and its family of productsHow has the evolution of the automobile as the major terrestrial type of transportation gone hand-in-hand with petroleum? Non-renewable resources are the resources that cannot be readily replaced by natural means. Few non-renewable resources are fossil fuels such as coal, oil or natural gas. These resources are also called depletable resources as they are depleting and leading to a worldwide power cri...

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