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Course Code:KHA734
Published on: 30-08-2022

DiscussionEthics is an important part of life for any kind of organization or group rather than a community to serve others. The ethical principles and concepts in the community services in this case more specifically Australian community service will be discussed in depth. The idea is to give the basic concepts of ethics and principles. Also to show how ethical decision-making is an important part of the community services. Ethical decision-m...

Course Code:OL668
Published on: 30-08-2022

The importance of HR policiesIn regards to management of operations and that of employees there is an absence of scalability. While operating within the worldwide market, it requires an HR of an organization to practice as such that can help highlight the possible issues being encountered by the employees and thereupon be need to be resolved. As such, when operating in the global market, it requires identifying the concerns of employees while ...

Course Code:NCHNAP690
Published on: 25-08-2022

ContextOrganizations collect data in order to perform various analysis through which the management of the respective organizations are able to take an informed decision. This further helps the organizations is achieving a better position in the industry (Sedkaoui, 2018). Data Visualization: It is a method of representing the data. Statistical charts and graphs are used in data analytics in order to get insightful idea about the data. Wi...

Course Code:MGT602
Published on: 18-08-2022

Decision Making Process Tools and TechnologiesFor the past two years, I have been working as a manager in charge of account department at Torrens University. This has been a quite challenging duty I ever hold in my professional life. This is because I do face multiple challenges in my place of work particularly when making decisions that are meaningful to steer the institution forward in terms of all financial activities. Account department ...

Course Code:INFS5700
Published on: 12-08-2022

Key challenges faced by the retail industry and how Machine Learning can help a) Retail Industry In this case, Machine-learning analytics has been applied in the retail industry. The retail industry includes all the companies that are used to sell their goods as well as services to the consumers. Several types of retail sales are available worldwide, which include convenience, grocery, department stores, especially electrical, independents...

Course Code:SOCI10001
Published on: 11-08-2022

The framework of sociological imagination The sociological imagination was created by C. Wright Mills which provides the concept of social reality that defines the relationship between the society as well as the personal experiences to aware of the world. The framework of sociological framework provides a view of society that surpass the limitation of the social world. This concept evaluates the understanding of the historical process and biogra...

Course Code:INT204
Published on: 10-08-2022

Foundations of Management Practice Learning plays an integral role in the overall growth of an individual. Learning also helped in individual too gain an understanding of the professional world. The following paper will explain my experience of learning in this classroom. The first week of lectures enabled within me an understanding of the foundations of management practise. This mainly lays reference upon the fact that through this assessment,...

Course Code:7RY517
Published on: 03-08-2022

Learning Intervention BriefTopic: Strategic Decision-Making towards clean energy Development to Increase sustainability through solar energy in the United Arab Emirates.  What is the rationale in terms of the development needs of your doctorate investigation and also relevance to your organization or professional practice?  How will this intervention build on your current learning and development?   I have chosen this topic F...

Course Code:FNSINC504
Published on: 29-07-2022

Key facts of the ethical situation and stakeholders impactedGive an explanation of the key facts of the ethical situation and the stakeholders that are impacted by the decision.  The situation is such that the CEO of the company is using funds and resources of the office to address his necessities. That is quite unethical on the part of all of the staff working in the office. Rules and regulations are the same for everyone and when going...

Course Code:BUSI1550
Published on: 28-07-2022

Case Study BackgroundThis case study is related to the ongoing transport crisis in UK because of the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. Amid the crisis, National Express is considering a potential takeover of Stagecoach which will result in brining together two of the largest transport-based companies of the country. The deal value of this transaction has ascertained Stagecoach to be valued at £ 445 million and will result in Nationa...

Course Code:BSS0413
Published on: 25-07-2022

About Business Intelligence GlaxoSmithKline is one of the leading British companies providing pharmaceutical services globally. The company is in London, England, established in 2000 by the merger of Glaxo. The company has currently had 94000 employees with a revenue of GB£34.114 billion. The company focuses on prioritizing R&D and commercial investments in vaccines mainly in medicines which have the of growing around three-quarters...

Course Code:SBM3307
Published on: 18-07-2022

Project optimization methodsTitle: Sensitivity Analysis of Project Development and Optimization In order to increase the business efficiency and a guaranteed successful outcome of the business objectives, the competitive edge of the respective industries are needed to be secured from the external attacks. Most of the business organizations are currently searching different ways to enhance the business efficiency by developing critical busines...

Course Code:MNGT1001
Published on: 18-07-2022

Overview of DST GroupSignificant needs of this article are to comply with the course objectives to acquire basic and advanced knowledge with clear understanding of the technology of software engineering with respective practices of engineering based on components, web services based on service based engineering and software engineering in respect of task management and collaborative approach. This article will also emphasize on the basic skill...

Course Code:CORP5065
Published on: 18-07-2022

Purpose of the ProjectThe case study highlights the work or community based reflective case study for raising the gif-aid fund for the UK people. The association of few students made this initiative possible for the people who need it . The major focus of the project is to present the market research of UK dancing clubs, which are contributing to the development of the charity program and community development. Almost 30 dancing clubs took the...

Course Code:FNS50217
Published on: 01-07-2022

How Corporate Governance is attained and how it assists with the Structure Of Relationships, rules, processes and systems in an organizationEthical and Corporate Governance is referred to as the policies and process that a firm has in place to pursue with diverse issues that concern how it is managed and carry out day to day corporate operations. It is primarily significant that firms exists so as to create a service or product that is basical...

Course Code:MKT351
Published on: 01-07-2022

Situation Analysis of LamborghiniThis report is addressed to the Managing Director of Automobili Lamborghini for highlighting the key issues faced by the organization in various aspects of consumer behavior. Also, the report provides each detail ranging from the background of the organization to the various influences faced by the consumer for purchasing the cars by Lamborghini. It also specifies the strategies adopted for the purpose of marke...

Course Code:FIN80005
Published on: 29-06-2022

NPV and IRR ConceptManagement of the company has responsibility to take the managerial decisions that comprise of capital budgeting measurement to select the best option available from the given set of mutually exclusive projects. Capital budgeting decisions are most important and it is based on the cost benefit analysis of individual projects (Baker, 2011). In this report, various concepts of the capital budgeting and their use in managerial...

Course Code:HP4104
Published on: 27-06-2022

Levels of evidenceEvidence-based practices are practices in health that are not regularly provided in care delivery. However, the practices are available for a number of illnesses such as heart failure, asthma, and diabetes. The patient safety research has put a lot of emphasis on analysis of data to identify the issues regarding patients and demonstration of how the new practice will lead to improvement in patient safety and improved quality....

Course Code:ACFI1203
Published on: 27-06-2022

Identification of Different Sources of Finance for the EventThe overall assessment mainly focuses in identifying the overall viability of an event, which could help in increasing profitability of the event management company. Relevant identification of adequate location and overall expenses needs to be conducted for the successful completion of the event. In addition, the overall major event that needs to be conducted for the assessment is the...

Course Code:MGMT20001
Published on: 24-06-2022

Micro organizational behavior and macro organizational theoryOrganizational behavior is the study of behavior of employees within an organization. It is the study of behavior through varied viewpoints, including the behavior within the organizations also with respect to the other organizations. Micro organizational behavior is related to individual and group dynamics within an organization. The macro organizational theory are those studies tha...

Course Code:BAO2203
Published on: 25-10-2021

Regulation of Disclosing Entities under Corporations Act, Accounting Standards, and ASX Requirements Bellamy’s Australia Ltd posted a strong gross profit margin in 2016 as compared to the year 2015. An increment of 12.79% has been observed indicating a strong level of sales and strong control over the cost of goods sold.  This ratio is a strong indicator of the performance and going by the result it can be said that the o...

Course Code:HK2011
Published on: 24-10-2021

Background of the Holmes UniversityThe following assignment is about defining the consumer buying processes or determining the consumer buyer behaviors. In this assignment, there are two parts. The organization that has been selected for this assignment is the Holmes University that is situated in Australia. It is one of the most renowned business colleges in the world. The university began its journey in the year 1963 when they opened their b...

Course Code:ECO502
Published on: 05-10-2021

Question 1(a)Normal distribution Standard deviation   = 1.5 hours Sample mean = 6.5 hours Sample size = 100  99% confidence interval for the population mean  Z value would be considered as the distribution is normal and sample size is higher than 30. Z value for 99% confidence interval = 2.58 Confidence interval Lower limit Upper limit 99% Confidence interval = [6.113    6.887]  95% confidence...

Course Code:MGT501
Published on: 05-10-2021

Understanding Managerial Ethics Generally, all organizations in operation are guided by a body of morals that cut across all decision-making procedures. A group is sometimes likened to a single person in that it can be held accountable for its decisions as a single entity. Ethics refers to the values and principles that dictate the decision-making processes in an organization. The managers and top officials of any institution have to uphold t...

Course Code:AC502
Published on: 28-09-2021

Preparing Strategies to Meet Performance IndicatorsCurrent Assets: Cash                                                        52,000      &n...

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