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Essay: Hip Hop

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Question: Discuss how hiphop was able to transcend borders and serve as a vehicle to discuss political issues beyond America.   Answer: Hip Hop is more than music, it is a culture, which goes beyond the border to serve as a vehicle to discuss various political and social issues (Robertson et al.). Hip Hop started to become more popular to the world during late 1970. Following that Hip Hop started to create new trends for the way people...

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Hip Hop: Oppression And Inequality

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Question: Discuss many aspects related to this theme. Applying lyrical content to your analysis and incorporating readings, discuss the power of hiphop in discussing oppression and inequality as it relates to police.   Answer: In the words of Martin Luther King Jnr, the theme of oppression with regard to race and its application to the Negros in connection to the Montgomery bus sanctions. There are ways, according Martin Luther King Jn...

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Rap Artists Focus Heavily On Race In Music And Music Videos

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Question: Discuss why rap artists focus heavily on race in music and music videos.   Answer: Introduction Over the years there have been number of research on content analysis of rap music and music videos. These researches have mainly focused on the controversial contents of music mainly used by rappers and hip hop music artists. The present report will take an opportunity to discuss why rappers and singers use race and racialisation...

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Illuminating Renaissance Obscurities

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Question: Discuss about the Illuminating Renaissance Obscurities.     Answer: Introduction Music was an indispensable part of religious, civic, and courtly life in the Renaissance (1400-1600). The change and interchange of rich ideas in Europe, including political, economic, as well as, religious events led to the development of new music composing ideas and styles. Major changes were observed in the methods, styles, and composi...

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The Beatles Revolver

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Question: Discuss about the the Beatles Revolver.   Answer: Introduction: In North America, Oceania and Europe, 1960s has been the decade that has been particularly revolutionary in terms of popular music (Shepherd and Horn 2012). The year saw the evolution of rock music. The beginning of the decade saw the emergence of the rock and roll and pop trends. In the early 1960s, the rock and roll in their purest form was gradually overtaken...

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Film Studies: Holocaust

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Question: Discuss about the Film Studies for Holocaust.    Answer: Introduction The Holocaust has been one of the most significant historical incidents that resulted in the genocide of at least 6 million European Jews, and consequently considering its importance, a variety of Holocaust movies were being produced, among which The Pianist of 2002 deserves special mention. In the article Introduction to Film, Trauma and Holoca...

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Business Entertainment Management

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Question: Discuss about the Business Entertainment Management.   Answer: Discussion: As the technology accelerated, transformation of the music industry has become evident. Significant changes have already been noticed in the music industry due to rise of streaming, proliferation of digital distribution along with marginalization of terrestrial radio. The emergence of cloud based music personalized with artificial intelligence fed by...

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Sonification And The Concept Of Song And Lyrics

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Question: Discuss about the Sonification.     Answer: Sound and Music People often spent their leisure time in entertainment joints where the film is shown, or music played as a way of making them feel relaxed. Both film and music affect people across cultures and geographical regions because of the expression of humanity that they carry. The designing of beats to connect with the words and rhythm and words in music plays a cruc...

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Media Campaign

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Question: Discuss about the Media Campaign.     Answer: Introduction Woolworths is the leading supermarket chain in Australia, held by Woolworths Limited and competing only with Wesfarmers. The company was set up in 1924, opening the first store in Imperial Arcade, Sydney(Woolworths Supermarket 2017).Their first advertising campaign put forward the message that Woolworths was needed by every city and everyone to get good things ...

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Music During Jacobite Rebellion Or Rising

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Question: Discuss about the Music During Jacobite Rebellion or Rising.     Answer: The Jacobite Rebellion or the Jacobite Rising was highly romanticized in songs and music. However, in reality the rebellion was much more a bleaker affair that was marked by divisive and bloody uprisings, battles and rebellions. The Jacobite rebellion was unsuccessful in restoring the Stuarts of throne and this had ultimately lead to one of the mos...

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