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Course Code:TFE4230
Published on: 10-08-2022

Advancements in On-Chip Nanophotonic TechnologiesOn-chip photonics, also known as integrated photonics, is a discipline of photonics that involves the fabrication of planar dielectric waveguides on a chip. On-chip is a widely emerging sub-class of on-chip photonics whereby the waveguides are classified as either hybrid (i.e., composite waveguides- classical waveguides with nanoscale overlayers of nanoantennas, metamaterial overlayer, or sl...

Course Code:GPHL110
Published on: 06-06-2021

Descartes' Sixth Meditation and the existence of material thingsThe French mathematician and scientist is considered as the first modern philosopher. Descartes is well known for having made a significant relation between algebra and geometry which discovered ways of solving geometrical problems through algebraic equations. One of his work that is most famous is Meditationes de Prima Philosophia which is known as Meditations on First Philo...

Course Code:3315ENG
Published on: 05-09-2020

BackgroundAn energy audit is a process with viable and potential survey of inspection for the energy flows anlaysis for performing energy conservation, in a particular house or in a system. The objective of the audit system is to reduce the total energy input into the system with no negative output affects. The path of energy audit directs to the energy efficiency implementation. Inefficient and potentially huge energy consumed equipment has ...

Published on: 13-03-2020

Quantum Mechanical Model of AtomAfter  the  failure  of  the  Rutherford  model  of  an  atom  proposed  in  1911  which  was  not  able  to  explain  the  stability  of  the  atom; Niels  Bohr, a  Danish Physicist,   suggested  in  1913  that   the  electrons  could &nbs...

Published on: 19-08-2019

Job Design Dunkin’ Donuts is set for expansions in five different locations in the next two years. The learner which is recently being crowned as the district manager for the company has been provided with responsibilities to take care of the related processes. Structuring and staffing are the essential parts of an expansion which the learner will be responsible for. Hence, the study gives a full coverage to recruitment & selection pro...

Published on: 22-03-2019

The History and Development of LithographyDiscuss about the UV-Visible Spectrophotometric Method Development. Photolithography is the combination of photography & lithography which generates an image and which is useful for various applications. The word lithography is derived from Greek words lithos and graphia which means writing on the stones. This process is used in transferring geometric shapes to a surface or a film during m...

Published on: 04-01-2019

Introduction to Wire Length and ResistanceHow the different variables affect resistance in different types of wires. The aim of this experiment is to determine how the different variables affect resistance in different types of wires. There are several discussed factors that influence the amount of electric current transmitted from one point to another using the given wire. These factors are the cross sectional area of the wire, the len...

Published on: 27-12-2018

Methods of Acoustic Impedance MeasurementQuestion:Discuss about the effect of the material acoustic impedance on two major scenarios.The propagation of small sound pressure waves through a medium is termed as acoustics. The area has been of great interest to the scholars as attempts are made to scientifically uncover the key aspects of the propagation phenomenon. Notably, acoustic impedance is among the issues that research scientists have focus...

Course Code:NIT6130
Published on: 11-10-2018

Research BackgroundDiscuss about the Research Ethics on Nuclear Testing. The current international law establishment clearly sets out regulations and standards of nuclear testing as well as use of nuclear weapons. However, the law does not prohibit the testing and use of such weapons. It is for this reason that nuclear weapons are distinguished from biological as well as chemical weapons, armaments that are comprehensively banned as per...

Published on: 05-10-2018

Solar PanelsDiscuss about the Off grid Solar System. Solar powered frameworks infer pure and clean energy from the sun. Installation of solar systems on people's homes aids in decreasing our aggregate reliance on petroleum product and combating greenhouse gas emissions (Rehman & Al-Hadhrami2010). At the point when petroleum derivatives are singed to deliver power, they transmit destructive gasses that are the essential driver of global ...

Published on: 24-09-2018

Fossil Records What Is The Earliest Evidence For Life On Earth? Life on earth has been in existence since time immemorial based on plenty of evidences that are presented by scientists who in many occasions have devoted their energy to study about life on earth. Research done by most scientists indicate that the presence of life on earth is as old as man himself while others scientific studies suggest that life was not present so long. The prese...

Published on: 29-06-2018

History of Graphene-Semiconductor Schottky JunctionDiscuss about the Graphene - Semiconductor Schottky jucation? In modern electronics, the electronic properties of the material are controlled by the voltage applied externally. The carrier concentration is varied by the externally applied voltage causing an electric current to flow through the device and the effect is called the electric field effect (Bartolomeo and Di 1-58). The trad...

Published on: 14-03-2018

Historical and Theoretical BasisDiscuss about the Determination of Gravitational Acceleration. Historical and Theoretical Basis behind the Determination of Gravitational Acceleration Aristotle, the great Greek philosopher, believed that every motion or effect has a cause. The downward movement of heavy earthly elements is related to their nature which makes them to move downwards towards the center of the earth. Similarly, light ob...

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